This game is about the Birds disapearing...and never appearing again! A bit like they die. It proves that the birds can read.


Red Bird was reading a Book and suddenly...something pulls him away! The other birds dont know where he went.


  • Red Bird - Disapears in 3-5, Returns in 7-3 and Stays
  • Blue Bird - Disapears in 4-5, Returns in 5-5 and Stays
  • Yellow Bird- Stays
  • Bomb - Disapears in 6-3, returns in 6-12, Disapears again with White Bird
  • White Bird - Disapears in 7-3
  • Boomerang Bird - Disapears in 9-1, Returns in 11-1, Disapears again with Terence
  • Terence - Disapears in 11-1, Returns in 14-16 and stays
  • Orange Bird - Stays
  • Purple Bird - Disapears in 17-1, Returns in 17-3, and Stays


Mighty Eagle only.


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • Mustache Pig
  • King Pig
  • Fat Pig


  1. Poached Bird
  2. Hoax of Disapearing (Coming Soon - Brings message saying "Coming Soon!")
  3. Danger of the Pigs (Coming Soon)
  4. A Bird Setup (Coming Soon)
  5. Cowpigs Rule (Coming Soon)
  6. Mine for Gold (Coming Soon)
  7. Bird Return Party (Coming Soon)
  8. Beachball Surf (Coming Soon)
  9. The Final Battle (Coming Soon)
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  11. Rovio Website (Takes you to Rovio Website)
  12. Google Chrome (Takes you to Angry Birds Chrome)


Coming Soon!

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