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Angry Birds: Harry Potter is a new game by ISM .  Template:Fanon Game


When Harry Pidgeon learns he is a wizard, all kinds of stuff happen! This game is based on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


    • ​Click once to use Expelliarmus, which disarms an opponent.
  • Hermione
    • Click once to use Petrificus Totalus, which freezes an opponent.
  • Robin Weasley
    • Click once to use his Deluminator, which absorbs light which can shoot at enemies.
  • Albird Dumbledore
    • Click once to use Incendio, which shoots flame at an opponent


  • Lord Voldepig
    • When hit, he splits into seven pigs. These pigs must be popped otherwise Lord Voldepig cannot die.
  • Death Tweeters
    • Continuosly shoots Avada Kedavra curses at birds. If the birds get hit by the birds, they explode.
  • Pigus Thicknesse
    • Apparates after being hit.
  • Fenrir Greyback
    • Howls, sending birds back.