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Each episode is named after each of the Harry Potter books and movies.

The birds:

Red bird: Harry Potter (He is a bird despte having the surname Trotter.)

Big Brother Bird: Hagrid

Yellow bird: Ron Speedsly

Blue bird: Hermione Granger

White bird: Albus Dumbaldore

Black bird: serious Black bird

Green bird: Professor Mcgreenagle

Orange bird: Nevel Longbottom

Ice Bird: Proffesser Lupin

Mighty eagle: the mighty Patronus

Buck Beak (Has the power to Vibrate like Blu from angry birds rio)

Phoenix (Has the power to burn wood, but only wood, and all other materials on the structure will get minimal damage when hit.)

Occasionally other birds such as Luna Lovegood (yellow bird) and Arthur Weasly (black bird) and others may appear in several levels.

Pigs (in order of stength):

King pig: Lord voldamort dont mention his name

Mustache Pigs: Death Eaters

Helmet pigs: werepigs

Average pigs: slytherin pupils

Dementer pig: it floats about randomly

All the levels are based on harry potter based things such as classrooms in Greenpigwarts, rooms in the ministry of magic and the Burrow and creatures such as the dragons.