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Angry Birds: Heat In Anger is a fan fiction game made by a secret user.


Fiery Bird - Shoots 10 fireballs in an exploding effect. All 10 fireballs revolve.

Ability Bird - Needs a click on a bird to activate it's ability that is copying the bird's ability.

Sharpshooter Bird - Speeds up in launch; fires 5 Black Birds from itself towards the nearest material which causes it to deflate.

Jet Bird - Speeds up and leaves a cloudy and fiery trail that burns the pigs it hits. Corpse retains the trail.

Cymbal Bird - Makes a big cymbal on the air, goes back and hits it, causing an earthquake.

Super-fiery Bird - Shoots fireballs (amount depends on how many pigs) toward all pigs.

Secret Bird - Unlocked by an Angry Birds: Heat In Anger plush toy's code. iPhone 4S detects it. Released in 1/4/12.

Detector Bird - Detects the nearest pig. Goes heavy and lands down, which makes an effect that makes a keyboard and a computer. The bird then turns into a Comm (from Club Penguin) and types, which throws snowballs at the detected pig.

Sensei Bird - Shoots a fireball, a water balloon and a snowball. Then scares pigs with a shadow. Similar to Sensei from Club Penguin (as elements were Fire, Water, Snow and Shadow).

Released in[]

1/1/12 - iPhone (Secret Bird is not made)

1/3/12 - iPad (Secret Bird unlocked within typing a code)

1/3/12 - iPhone 4S (Secret Bird unlocked by detecting code)

1/4/12 - iCloud (Secret Bird unlocked by paying 99 cents in a store that contains Payment Zone for Angry Birds: Heat In Anger)