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Angry Birds: High Tech Robot Forms was announced on June 8th, 2014, and was released in August 20th, 2014 for the 3DS, Apple, and Android. Three months later it was released for the PC, but with less levels, like Angry Birds Fritos.

The robot forms for the Angry Birds were also released, with a very cool transformation scene when the Angry Birds turn into robots, along with some robots that aren't robot forms...


The Angry Birds were just chillin' out, when suddenly, a human-like pig came outta nowhere and stole the eggs! Luckily, a golden ring fell out of the sky, and when any of the birds slip it on, they turn into robots! Now they have to defeat the robot-pigs and get the eggs back!


Red: Screams (Debut: 1-1)

The Blues: Splits into three (Debut: 1-5)

Chuck: Speeds up (Debut: 1-12)

Bomb: Goes BOOM! (Debut: 1-20)

Matilda: Drops an Egg Bomb, which also goes BOOM! (Debut: 1-29)





Golden Rings


  • Sometimes the robot form isn't related to the bird that it's a robot form of.




For those who like Firena's theme song, press A, X, the up button, then shut off the DS and restart it. Congrats! The song now plays wherever you are! To revert it to normal, simply shut off the DS and turn it back on.



Blind Guardian Battlefield

This always plays when you summon Firena.

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