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The Loading Screen For Angry Birds: Hungry,Hungry Piggies.

Angry Birds: Hungry,Hungry Piggies Is A 2.5D Game Taken From The Video By TomLG1992. Rovio Will Announce In April 20th.The New Bird Is The Purple Bird.


World 1- The Red Bird Found A Note In The Nest Instead Of The Eggs. He Brings It To The Other Birds. The Angry Birds Was So Angry That The Eggs Are Gone And Talked About It Until The Red Bird Came. The Other Birds Read The Note And Gets Mad Again. They Have To Get The Eggs Back!

World 2- After World 1, The Pigs Begin Making A Translator That Can Suck Birds Into The Hurricane And Get The Eggs Back While The Birds Enjoying With The Eggs A Wind Came And The Blue Bird Got Sucked After He Was Knowing What It Is. The Red Bird And Yellow Was Trying To Save Him But They Got Sucked As Well.The Other Birds Then Discovered The Purple Bird. While The Pigs Were Tooking The Eggs. The Other Birds Were Angry And Its Up To Them To Save The 3 Birds And Defeat The Pigs One For All!

Level Packs[]

Pack 1- First Battle

Pack 2- The Hurricane

Pack 3- The Doom Trap


Red Bird- Screams Like "Sqwwwaerrkk!"

Blue Bird- Mulitiplies Into 3 Birds

Yellow Bird- Speeds Up!

Black Bird- Blows Up

White Bird- Throws A Egg When Touched.

Big Brother Bird- Destorys Heavy Blocks

Green Bird- When Touched, It Goes Backwards

Purple Bird- When Touched, It Bounces Onto Heavy,Strong,Wood.


Mighty Eagle- 1.99

Super Seeds- 1.99

Time Warp- 1.99

Posion- Limited: 200,400,800,1600 And Forever.


Apple- April 26th

Android- May 3rd

Nook-May 15th

PC- May 15th


  • The game is a pun of the name "Hungry Hungry Hippoes".