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Angry Birds Ice-Mint Bubble Gum is a product made by Rovio and Wrigley's.


  • Lime-Hal
  • Minty Berry-The Blues
  • Mint Currant-Bomb
  • Orange Mint-Bubbles
  • Raspberry-Terence
  • Lychee-Mighty Eagle

Tv Advertisement[]

  • Announcer: Hey, Hal!
  • Hal: What…
  • Announcer: Do you need a refreshment?
  • Hal: No, but I think you'll tell me anyway…
  • Announcer: Introducing An-(Cough) ice! (Cough) Angry Birds ice-mint bubble gum!
  • Jim, Jay And Jake: Yay!!!!
  • Hal: Lime!
  • Announcer: Don't bite to hard into th-
  • Hal: (Bites into it and loses teeth) My teeth…
  • Jim, Jay And Jake: Minty Berry! (Bites and Chews)
  • Bomb: Mint Currant!
  • Announcer: Where'd you come from!
  • Bomb: I Smelt Pancakes…
  • Announcer: Ah…
  • Bubbles: Never tried orange mint.
  • (Loads Of Birds Appear Out Of Nowhere)
  • Terence: (Chews into bubblegum) (.;>%#~#>|<}…
  • Text: Raspberry
  • Mighty Eagle: Huh?! Lychee???
  • Announcer: And finally loud noise bubble gum
  • Bomb: Oh dear…
  • Hal: (Chews into the loud noise bubble gum) Hmph, not ba-(loud noise) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • Announcer: In Stores Today
  • Terence: (In background) ,.)(.?~|~\~}£,|£%
  • Text: My ears!
  • (Rovio logo)
  • (Wrigley's logo)
  • (Song ends)


Blooper One:[]

  • Hal: No, You Can't Do That!
  • Crew Member #1: Yes I Can.
  • Hal: No! I've Had Enough Of Your Sh--
  • (Static)

Blooper Two:[]

  • Red: Eh...Bubbles, Did You Pee On Set?
  • Bubbles: I COULDN'T HOLD IT!!!
  • Crew Member 2: Oh! That's Disgusting!
  • Red: (Flies Into Camera)