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Angry Birds: Island Expedition (Commonly just referred to as AB: IE) is a large, content-filled Angry Birds game that released on March 28th, 2020, and it costs $1.99 USD.


The gameplay combines the typical slingshot gameplay with quick-time events at the end of every fifth level, where the last rooms of said levels contain a miniboss (except for real boss levels) where once hit, you must tap on the highlighted area on the screen, and it keeps moving, and you must press all 7 of them before the 3 second timer is up. Then you will gain a machine part that the miniboss pig was holding, which will be used to build a fog-clearing machine. Once the machine is complete, it will clear fog (duh) and the second island will be unlocked. After the first island is completed, the machine will stay intact, but all the minibosses after island 1 will hold batteries instead of parts, used to recharge the fog-clearing machine.


The birds wake up on an unusually foggy day, but receive a message from an unknown location. A purple bird in a Pilot hat, Harvey, warns them of the pigs' next plan. The pigs stole his planes and are modifying them for use against the birds, they created a super thick eternal fog cloud separating all the islands, and that the birds should take action before it's too late. The birds then glance at their nest to see it is unsurprisingly empty. The pigs have hidden on a far, far away island, and it will take more effort than usual to take down the pigs this time.


Platinum Matrix


Bomb sprite short fuse (the blue part of the fuse is unofficial

Shockwave Bomb



Megant (Keithy)

Keithy Tutorial (By clicking, falls with much, much force)

  • Red (Replaces Terence in Insanity Levels)
  • The Blues (Unlocked at Bird Island level 16 and replaces Marc in Insanity Levels)
  • Chuck (Unlocked at Bird Island level 22 and replaces Platinum in Insanity Levels)
  • Bomb (Unlocked at Bird Island level 34 and replaces Shockwave in Insanity Levels)
  • Silver (Unlocked at Bird Island level 48 and replaces Keithy in Insanity Levels)
  • Matilda (Unlocked at Bird Island level 57)
  • Hal (Unlocked at Bird Island level 69 and replaces Ramses in Insanity Levels)
  • Terence (Unlocked at Bird Island level 81)
  • Bubbles (Unlocked at Bird Island level 93)
  • Harvey (Unlocked at Isle Aviano level 7)
  • Tony (Unlocked at Isle Aviano level 32)
  • Marc: Splits into 9 copies instead of 3 (Unlocked at Isle Aviano level 66)
  • Sensei (Unlocked at Isle Aviano level 89)
  • Stella (Unlocked at Golden Island level 3)
  • Poppy (Unlocked at Golden Island level 25)
  • Keithy (Megant, small version) (Unlocked at Golden Island level 37)
  • Willow (Unlocked at Golden Island level 43)
  • Platinum Matrix: His power is like Laser bird in the space version, but it is more powerful, and has more speed. (Unlocked at Alien Island level 14)
  • Shockwave Bomb (Unlocked at Candy Island level 54)
  • Ramses (Unlocked ar Tundra Island level 1)
  • Ice Bird (Unlocked at Tundra Island level 18)
  • Hockey Bird (Unlocked at Tundra Island level 36)
  • Joshua (Unlocked at Sand Island level 3)
  • Flappy Bird: It can bounce 2 (two) times. One bounce for each tap on the screen. (Unlocked at Player's Choice)
  • Imitater Bird: This generates a clone of the current bird in the Slingshot, or the bird that was used last (Like Star Wars Clone Bird)

Birds Prices

  • Red: x10 costs 70 coins, x30 costs 210 coins, x100 costs 699 coins, permanent costs 999 coins
  • The Blues: x10 costs 80 coins, x30 costs 240 coins, x100 costs 750 coins, permanent costs 999 coins
  • Chuck: x10 costs 500 coins, x30 costs 800 coins, x100 costs 1500 coins, permanent costs 2500 coins
  • Bomb: x10 costs 500 coins, x30 costs 1500 coins, x100 costs 2000 coins, permanent costs 2500 coins
  • Silver: x10 costs 99 coins, x30 costs 250 coins, x100 costs 799 coins, permanent costs 999 coins
  • Harvey: x10 costs 625 coins, x30 costs 1875 coins, x100 costs 2355 coins, permanent costs 3000 coins
  • Marc: x10 costs 199 coins, x30 costs 399 coins, x100 costs 799 coins, permanent costs 1499 coins
  • Platinum Matrix: x10 costs 1000 coins, x30 costs 1750 coins, x100 costs 2250 coins, permanent costs 3750 coins
  • Shockwave Bomb: x10 costs 1225 coins, x30 costs 2150 coins, x100 costs 3075 coins, permanent costs 4000 coins
  • Sensei: 1000 coins, x30 costs 1500 coins, x100 costs 2500 coins, permanent costs 3700 coins
  • Flappy Bird: x10 costs 800 coins, x30 costs 1500 coins, x100 costs 2000 coins, permanent costs 3000 coins
  • Imitater Bird: x5 costs 15 crystals, x15 costs 44 crystals, x50 costs 146 crystals. x75 costs 218 crystals, x100 costs 290 crystals
  • Red Mighty Feathers: x10 costs 625, x30 costs ..., x100 costs..., permanent costs 3000
  • Hologram Red Mighty Feathers: x10 costs 825, x30 costs ..., x100 costs..., permanent costs 3500
  • Ramses: x10 costs 1000 coins, x30 costs 2250 coins, x100 costs 3000 coins, permanent costs 3700 coins
  • Keithy: x10 costs 750 coins, x30 costs 1500 coins, x100 costs 2250 coins, permanent costs 4000 coins
  • Joshua: x10 costs 1100 coins, x30 costs 1900 coins, x100 costs 2300 coins, permanent costs 3000 coins






Achivevements v2





Used for buy power-ups. Can be bought.

Price Quantity
$4.99 18
$9.99 40
$24.99 110
$49.99 240
$99.99 600
$199.99 1400
$499.99 4000


Used for buy birds (Like Star Wars II). Can be bought, buy 300 for 20 crystals, buy 625 for 40 crystals, 2800 for 175 crystals and 3700 for 230 crystals, 32000 for 1989 crystals, 65536 for 4000 crystals, also you can earn coins with achievements


Used for unlock levels. Can be bought, buy 5 for $4.99, 15 for $9.99, 40 for $24.99, 100 for $49.99, 225 for $99.99, 500 for $199.99, 1500 for $499.99

Price Quantity
$4.99 5 B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133
$9.99 15 B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133
$24.99 40 B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133
$49.99 100 B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133
$99.99 225 B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133
$199.99 500 B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133
$499.99 1500 B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133


Each island has 100 levels plus one extra level, Jelly Island has 40 levels plus one extra level (3-starring all 100 levels of the island unlock extra levels), totaling at 101 levels per island.

  • Island 1: Bird Island
  • Island 2: Isle Aviano, (Can be unlocked by 200 artifacts B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133)
  • Island 3: Golden Island, (Can be unlocked by 400 artifacts B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133)
  • Island 4: Alien Island, (Can be unlocked by 600 artifacts B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133)
  • Island 5: Candy Island, (Can be unlocked by 800 artifacts B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133)
  • Island 6: Tundra Island, (Can be unlocked by 1000 artifacts B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133)
  • Island 7: Sand Island, (Can be unlocked by 1200 artifacts B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133)

Extra Islands

  • Island 8: Jelly Island, (Unlocked by 3-star all levels from island 1 to island 7 or Can be unlocked by 4242 artifacts B11a89d43f35785e5a4fc6ad97a13398e4d4d133)
  • Bonus Island (Golden eggs) Found at 1-20, 2-56, 3-43, 4-35. 5-29, 6-84, 7-27, J-14, J-27, J-41, B-J3 (This last found at J-41) plus extra level 3-starring all the previous 11)
  • Island 9: Copper Island: Has 40 + 1 extra level, which are all unlocked by completing the 6 daily challenges. The extra one, like most islands, is unlocked by 3-starring all levels of the island. The 3rd level unlocks the mirror mode (This island is a Brass Hogs from AB space reference)
  • Star Island: Has 12 levels unlocked by 303 stars, 606 stars, 909 stars, 1212 stars, 1515, stars, 1818 stars, 2121 stars, and 2424 stars. That's three stars for each island, excluding Island 9 and the Bonus Island. But here's the catch: You need to have three-starred all levels in that island and all islands before it to reach it's corresponding Star Island level. These levels are extremely hard, and three-starring all of them will unlock the Insanity Level, which is the hardest level in the entire game.
  • Insanity Levels: The levels are the same, but most powerful birds, replaced by less powerful ones.


  • Megant's name is Keithy.
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