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Angry Birds: Jetix TV (Known as Angry Birds: Jetix's Reverge) is when Angry Birds and Jetix TV combine. This will be released as a game the same time as Angry Birds:TV In Japan. This can only be released in the Jetix Website.


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Poached Eggs: (Taken from Angry Birds.)

Danger Zone: (Taken from Angry Birds.)

Jetix VS Angry Birds: The Space Angry Birds have a battle with the Alien Pigs.

Golden Tv's: The secret suprises in there.


The Song is Going to be made up


  • Like Angry Birds:Fuji TV and Angry Birds Yahoo,You can get the mighty eagle and the mighty dragon for free.
  • In the second preview, the Jetix logo was angry because it was changed into Disney XD. Jetix thinks that the Angry Birds did that.