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Angry Birds: King Pig’s War is a new Angry Birds game with new birds and pigs. Now you can play as the pigs like in Angry Birds Star Wars. The game is about King Pig kidnapping the eggs but this time he has taken over a island and has put a secret fort in it.

Birds (Playable and Enemies)[]

Red (Power: None)

Chuck (Power: Speed)

Bomb (Power: Explode)

Terence (Power: Crushes Pigs)

Stella (Power: Bubbles)

Bubbles (Power: Blow up into a ball)

Hal (Power: Boomerang)

The Blues (Power: Turn into 3 clones)

Matilda (Power: Shoot eggs)

Bobby (Power: Scares Pigs)

Derek (Power: Fire)

Mandy (Power: Ice)

Feather (Power: Summons Mighty Eagle)

Golden Feather (Power: Summons Golden Eagle)

Pigs (Playable and Enemies)[]

Normal Pig (Power:None)

Giant Pig (Power:Crushes the birds)

Earl (Power:Guitar)

Zombie Pig (Power:Bites Pig)

Chef Pig(Power:Sauce)

Foreman Pig(Power:Hammer)

Conorel Pig(Power:Hit hard with helmet)

Pirate Pig(Power:Sword)


Pork Prince(Power:Summons King Pig)

Tiki Pig(Power:Summons Tiki God Pig)


Each level has 30 levels and 5 cutscenes and 2 birds/Pigs to unlock.

Bird Island

Pig Island

Tiki Island

Tree Island

Lava Island(With Captain Pigs ship which includes 3 levels)

Pig Mode go's backwards.


  • This game has the characters toons look.
  • All the characters have legs and hands.
  • Even though the title mentions a war there is no war in the game.