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Angry Birds: Legend Of Zelda is a tribute to the Legend Of Zelda and Angry Birds franchises.


  • Red Bird - Slashes with a sword.
  • Blue Bird - Splits into three more corpse-mode blue birds.
  • Yellow Bird - Speeds up.
  • Lazer Bird - Homes in on a specified area.
  • Bomb Bird - Explodes.
  • White Bird - Drops a bomb.
  • Boomerang Bird - Throws a boomerang.
  • Terence - Slams into the ground.
  • Orange Bird - Puffs up like a balloon.
  • Green Balloon Bird - Puffs up like a balloon and shoots arrows.
  • Pink Bird - Lifts up nearby things with bubbles.
  • Angy Bird - Shoots bomb arrows.
  • Last Resort Bird - Shoots a light arrow.


  • Normal Pigs.
  • Stupid Pig.
  • Badbat Pig (Flying pigs. NOT good!).
  • ! Pig.
  • Beast Ganon (Come on. Tell me it doesn't look like some sort of pig and mean it. I dare you).
  • Majora Pig.//


  • Original Legend Of Zelda.
  • Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link.
  • Ocarina Of Time.
  • Majora's Mask.
  • Link To The Past.
  • Twilight Princess.
  • Wind Waker.
  • Spirit Tracks.
  • Skyward Sword.