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Angry Birds: Match! is a match-3 puzzle that uses the same gameplay as Nibblers but the story was based on Angry Birds itself. It features all playable characters including the Stella flock in the Angry Birds Series. The player matches the puzzle to fight against the pig, but without equipments. The player have to defeat the pig by matching nearby him to stun the target and defeat him. Match 4 of the same perspective birds to trigger the special ability. Match 5 birds will trigger a more powerful move. There are bosses including the Chef Pig, Mustache Pig, King Pig, and Corporal Pig. There are no boosters yet to guide the players.

Story Campaign[]

First cutscene: Once on a Piggy Island, the birds and pigs are in a peace. The mountains and the immersive waterfall flow are two of the layers that blend perfectly together. The pale blue up above makes a perfect vacation for the birds and pigs a happily ever after.

It won't took long enough to realise that the birds and pigs are in distress.

The peace broke out when the eggs are stolen. Red was enraged with all his might and encountered the first pig battle.

Second cutscene: The Pig was taken out, Red continues to get angry. He rushed towards to get the eggs, however he was too slow and the pigs blocked him from entering the Pig City.

Special Move (Match 4 of the perspective birds)[]

Red: Removes all Red panels instantly.

The Blues: Clear panels randomly.

Chuck:: Removes a row of birds on the gameplay field.

Bomb: Explode in the area where it was matched.

Matilda: Removes column panels of birds.

Stella: Spreads out the birds panel.

Poppy: Removes obstacles from the field, pigs, rocks, stone panel

Luca: Removes 3 rows of bird panel.

Dahlia: Replaces a random bird with a more powerful one.

Willow: Increases the Willow appearance rate for a short time.