Snailyrocks is working on it. The mighty eagle fly aways to a different area. Angry Birds see a Mighty bird smaller than mighty eagle.

They become friends.

There a movie of this call angry birds mighty bird movie.

The 2th game of this game is Angry Birds: Deadly deadly bird appears.

Trophy when you beat the game with using mighty birds.

Mighty Bird

Mighty Bird


Red Bird and Mighty Bird

Red Bird & Mighty Bird

Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

White Bird

Boomerang Bird

Big Brother Bird

Mighty Bird

Orange Bird

Purple Bird

Brown Bird

Ice Bird

Pink Bird (Well it small and use lips)

Belt Bird (Belt Bird mode well green, pink and blue belt birds only appear)

Blu (Rio mode)

Jewel (Rio mode)

Nyan Cat (Pokemon mode)

Mighty Bird Cut-Out

Mighty Bird (Artwork as cut-out)



Big Pig

Giant Pig

Fat Pig

Old Pig

Orange Fat Pig

Red Pig

Red Fat Pig (Well it's old)

Moustose Pig

King Pig

Monkey (Rio mode)

Nigel (Rio mode)

Update .

Today: Mighty Bird appear in the credlit by that white bird.

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