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Angry Birds RECOLOR again.

AB Birds and Pig Colors


White Bird

Yellow Bird

Green Bird

Red Bird

Big Brother color or Maroon Bird(Black Bird)

Orange Bird(Boomerang Bird)

Trence Colored Big Brother (Same like in angry birds space)

Black Bird(Orange Bird)

Well Mighty Eagle has Mighty Dragon's Color and Mighty Dragon's has Mighty Eagle's Color.


Blue Pig

All pig are blue excet old mustaste and king pig's crown and helmet from helmet pig.


Mix colors

Red+Blue = Purple

Yellow+Blue = Green

Red+Yellow = Orange Red+Green or Blue+Orange and Yellow+Purple = Brown


Pictures (Hate using a gallery)

Pictures needed Blue Red Bird, Yellow Red Bird and Green Red Bird.

== Versions ==

V.1 (Game start same thing but with mix colors)

V.2 (Same thing but nicer grapics)

V.3 (King Pig's Crown turn to it's normal color)

V.4 (Made a confused sprite when they got mix)

V.5 (Made black and white now and added 4 new birds)

V.6 (Tropies added)

V.7 (Better pictures and sprites)

V.8 (Renamed angry recolor birds to angry birds mix.)

V.9 (White Bird has a better squak!)

V.10 (Yellow Bird now cannot get confuesd but clones only)


Confued Red Bird by mixing