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The mutated birds.

Angry Birds: Mutated Birds is a game where the pigs have invented the X-PIG formula and used it on the birds, mutating them into pigs. All except Bomb, who exploded after seeing the others mutated. It's up to the fanon birds! The birds, being exposed to the formula, are more vulnerable to being popped now, since the pigs are generally weak.

In a cutscene in episode 3, Aqua Vacuum Bird discovers the X-PIG's antidote is a mixture of salsa, honey, and ginger ale. In episode 5, Cecil Wilson catches and antidotes Orange Bird. In episode 7, Sam Sparks Bird catches and antidotes White Bird. Two more birds are antidoted: Hal and Terence. Then later, Samuel the Purple Bird antidotes Yellow Bird. Afterwards, all the birds antidote the rest of the flock and defeat the pigs. (Note: Do not add any more antidoted birds. There are already enough.)

Birds (feel free to add some)[]


Antidote Cutscene

Cecil giving the antidote to Bubbles. You can see the antidote.

Antidote Cutscene 2

Sam Sparks Bird is giving the antidote to Matilda. You can also see the antidote.


Ender Bird is giving the Antidote to Hal. Once more, you can see the antidote. The pig is also popped.

Antidote Cutscene 3

Giving the antidote to Terence. This time, King Pig is outraged.

Antidote Cutscene Chuck

Samuel the Purple Bird giving the antidote to Chuck. King Pig is VERY outraged along with another pig.

Pumpkin Bird antidoting a blue bird

Pumpkin Bird is giving the antidote to the Blues. King Pig is still very outraged and foreman pig is grumpy

Antidote Blaser

Blaser gives Red the antidote, but realises there is no more antidote. King Pig gets really outraged and corporal pig gets annoyed.