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Angry Birds:The future is an upcoming game purchaseable for 0.99. Most updates will be free. It will be released on August 14, 2013.


The Birds' Decendents have new and better powers then before. But the pigs' decendents have powers of their own.

Birds and Pigs[]

Red Bird: Squwaks

Red Bird(new): Sonic Boom

Blue Bird(s): Splits into three

Blue Bird(s)(new): Splits into six

Yellow Bird: Speeds up

Yellow Bird(new): Zooms at the speed of light

Bomb Bird: Explodes

Bomb Bird(new): Bigger Explosion

White Bird: Drops an egg bomb

White Bird(new): Drops three egg bombs

Boomerang Bird: Boomerangs Backwards

Boomerang Bird(new): Boomerangs twice

Terence: Does great damage

Terence(new): Does three times as much damage as regular

Orange Bird: Inflates

Orange Bird(new): When inflated, destroys everything within a certain radius around it

Pink Bird: Blows bubbles and lifts part of a structure

Pink Bird(new): Blows a bubble around the struture and stays airborne for 1 second

Ice Bird: Freezes stuff around it

Ice Bird(new): Freezes everything

Mighty Eagle: Destroys all pigs

Mighty Eagle(new): Destorys everything

Mighty Dragon: Same as Mighty Eagle

Mighty Dragon(new): Same as new Mighty Eagle

Space Eagle: Does Devesting Damage

Space Eagle(new): Destroys all pigs

Invincabird: Shoots Mines and Spikes, Reuseable

Chainsaw Bird: Chainsaws through half of the structure

Mega Explosive Bird: Splits in to 3 and explodes

Airbag Bird: Does more damage than Orange Bird

Fish Bird: Automaticly drows first three pigs

Fire Bird: Melts Structure

Water Bird: Submerges structure

Qwerty Bird: Mystery power

Pig Bird: Hypmotises Pigs

Rainbow Bird: Unknown Power

Hurricane Bird: Creates a cyclone

Hail Bird: Makes Hail Fall on pigs

Final Bird: Random powers, only found in last episode

Small Pig(new): Jumps around

Medium Pig(new): Shoots spikes

Large Pig(new): Rams into bird

Helmet Pig(new): Deflects bird

Moustache Pig(new): Shoots a bomb

Prince Pig: Comands three pigs to attack

Princess Pig: Comands five pigs to attack

Queen Pig: Comands ten pigs to attack

King Pig(new): Comands twenty pigs to attack

Red Pig: Mystery power

Lazer Pig: Shoots lazers

Sword Pig: Fights birds one on one

Bomb Pig: Explodes


1. New Generation[]

Scout Pigs steal the birds' eggs again

2. Little Ones[]

The eggs hatch and the birds defend their chicks

3. Lost[]

The chicks get lost on the island

4. More Eggs?[]

The birds find abandoned eggs

5. Pig Boy Ruins Our Social Life[]

The Pigs capture the original birds

6. Robots?[]

The Birds fight artificial pigs

7. The Final Battle[]

The Birds Fight the King Pig for the last time

8. Victory![]

The Birds celabrate their victory, untill helmet pigs crash their party

9. A New World[]

The birds permanently defeat the pigs, but Dragons invade their island

10. Golden Eggs[]

Bonus Levels

11. Challenge[]

Test your Angry Birds skills in these extremely hard levels

12. Challenge 2[]

Finished Challenge? Try These levels, they're even harder!


There's a Pig Mode and a Bird Mode.

Pig Mode[]

You Build Structures and try to keep them standing. You can use each pigs powers ONCE against the birds

Bird Mode[]

Try to knock down pig's structures and click the birds to use their powers against the pigs


Android, Iphone, Kindle Fire, Nook, PC, Mac, IMac, and Kindle Touch. I'm trying to get it on Ipad