AB-OBisC Loading Screen

The loading/splash screen

Angry Birds: Orange Bird is Captured! is a game. You have to free the birds (not Nigel) otherwise the pigs will laugh when failed. The game was released on June 25, 2012. Also there will be updates by adding the birds.


Birds without Eggs

The bird's eggs has stole by the pigs at the beginning.

All the pigs stole the bird's eggs again and send Orange Bird to a cage.

The birds must to free the birds and Orange Bird and also they must to get the eggs back!


(you may add or remove birds (not the real ones) if you want but please do not add Orange Bird or the ninja birds and mighty bird)


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • Flying Pig
  • Moustache Pig
  • Fat Pig
  • Postman Pig
  • King Pig
  • Queen Pig
  • Prince Pig
  • Princess Pig
  • Pink Pig
  • Tanooki Pig
  • Dr. Pig
  • Hulk Pig
  • Flying pig
  • Disguised pig
  • Rabbit pig
  • Chrome pig
  • joking pig
  • Dinosaur Pig
  • goest pig

(you may add or remove pigs if you want) (don't add Nigel)


There is only 6 episodes.

  1. The Bird's Eggs has Stole
  2. Meet Blu and Jewel
  3. Postman Pig is Back
  4. Destroy the Ducky
  5. Bad Piggies' Camp
  6. Orange Bird Is FREE
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