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Angry Birds: Origins is a web movie by YouTuber MixelJack Studios, and the first video in the Angry Birds YouTube Universe. It is the origin story of the birds and how they came to be.


  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Danny DeVito as Red
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Danny Trejo as Chuck
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Jacob Tremblay as the Blues
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Arnold Schwartzenegger as Bomb
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Maya Rudolph as Matilda
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Josh Brolin as Hal
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Tommy Lee Jones as Terence
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Tom Cruise as Bubbles
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Kate McKinnon as Stella
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Bill Hader as King Pig
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Vin Diesel as Corporal Pig
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Bryan Cranston as Foreman Pig
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Jeremy Scott (from CinemaSins) as Jeremy
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Mark Wahlberg as Mark
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Jimmy Kimmel as Jimmy
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Rob Lowe as Rob
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Chris Atkinson (from CinemaSins) as Chris
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Mat Brunet (from ElectricDragon505) as Matt
  • MixelJack Studios impersonating Justin (from just2good) as Justin


Red narrates his origin story, from when he was born. When Red was three, his home was invaded by some pigs and his father was killed. His mother took him to a nearby slingshot, and shot him into the sky, before she was killed. A few years later, Red met Stella, and they had some eggs together, and after that, Stella was kidnapped. Red tried to save her, but was worried about the safety of the eggs. And it turns out, several other birds across Piggy Island were being murdered, and the kids ran away.

Years later, Red has not heard a peep from the eggs, and then one day, he meets the Blues, hiding behind the eggs. Chuck then shows up, then Bomb, and then Matilda. They decided to form a club called the Angry Birds.

Meanwhile, a fat, lazy blob known as the King Pig asks his assistant Jimmy for food. Jimmy says he sent a recon team out to steal the eggs. Once there, a minion named Mark activates a robotic mosquito, and the birds are distracted, so Jeremy, another minion, steals the eggs. The birds notice and attack several fortresses. They then attack the castle, having it collapse.

King Pig goes to Moustache Pig, who takes him to the arts and crafts room, where three minion pigs give him cardboard cutouts of himself and the eggs. They put the eggs in the nest, and the birds destroy the fortress. Bomb duels with King Pig, and Red gets the real eggs back. They retreat. 

King Pig goes to see construction of an aircraft, and they steal the eggs from above. Chuck pops the balloons and the pigs crash in the jungle. The birds follow, and they free a bird, named Hal, from the pig's clutches. Hal defeats the pigs by launching and boomeranging back. 

The next plan starts with the Blues and the rest of the flock activating a cage, and they go to a construction site for a new fortress. Then a new bird, Red's brother, Terence, destroys the construction site with Hal's help.

The pigs take the eggs to the desert via horse-drawn carriage. The birds see this, and they destroy their campsite. King Pig and Red brawl while the other birds take on another pig. The birds get the eggs. 

Several pigs line up to give King Pig food, and he is unhappy with it, wanting only eggs. Jimmy tells Corporal Pig to build a drill. He does, and then the birds follow him underground, and there's a battle with the song Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. 

Bubbles, a homeless orphan oriole, comes to terms it's his birthday. He goes around, looking for a present, then he finds the birds. Red agrees to buy him a cake. King Pig attacks, and kidnaps Bubbles and the eggs. At the castle, Bubbles defeats all the pigs, and inflates. Red and Chuck come to rescue him, but Bubbles comes out with the eggs are unharmed.


(YouTube logo pops up.)

Narrator: In 2009, they revolutionized the world.

(Shows shots of Angry Birds being played.)

Narrator: Then, they went out of popularity.

(App being closed.

Narrator: But coming soon...

(Slingshot is shown. Power by Kanye West is playing.)

Narrator: The birds are back.

Red: The eggs! THEY'RE GONE!

Bomb: I see the eggs!

(Cut to the eggs being stolen by the pigs.)

Red: Get the slingshot ready.

(The birds launch several times, and the castle collapses.)

Narrator: In the biggest YouTube movie not on YouTube Red!

(Red launches toward a fortress)

Narrator: And way better than a film made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, so the creator decided not to hire them.

(Chuck zooms through the pig aircraft.)

Narrator: Starring MixelJack Studios impersonating many celebrites playing Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Hal, Terence, Bubbles, Stella, King Pig, Corporal Pig, Moustache Pig, and the Minion Pigs. Basically everyone.

(Bomb blows out of the ground)

Narrator: The biggest origin story of the year is...

(The birds pose.)

Narrator: Angry Birds: Origins

(Cut back to the nest.)

Bomb: I'm Bomb, and I'm literally THE BOMB!

Jake: Bad puns.

Chuck: Tell me about it.

Narrator: Coming soon to YouTube, and not YouTube Red.


Song Title Artist Reason in video
Learn to Fly Foo Fighters Main Theme
Mr. Brightside The Killers The Birds Parents Deaths
Danger Zone Kenny Loggins Poached Eggs
Stronger Kanye West Mighty Hoax
Na Na Na [Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na] My Chemical Romance Danger Above
Thunderstruck AC/DC The Big Setup
Sandstorm Darude Ham Em' High
Teenagers My Chemical Romance Mine and Dine
Don't Bring Me Down Electric Light Orchestra Surf and Turf
Harder Better Faster Stronger Daft Punk Bad Piggies
Friction Imagine Dragons Red's Mighty Feathers
Eye of the Tiger Survivor Short Fuse
The Final Countdown Europe Jurassic Pork
The Phoenix Fall Out Boy Closing Credits


When MixelJack Studios got his first Angry Birds plush toy, he made it his mission to collect them all. Once he did for the original game, he was ready to start filming. With nothing but several celebrity voice impersonations and his iPad, he filmed a masterpiece. An original scene in the movie involved a nightclub, but MixelJack pulled it from the final film.


  • Some of the minion pigs are named after YouTubers. Jeremy and Chris are named after Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson of CinemaSins. Justin is named after just2good, and Matt is named after ElectricDragon505.
  • The other minion pigs are named after movie stars. Mark is named after Mark Wahlberg, Jimmy is named after Jimmy Kimmel, and Rob is named after Rob Lowe.




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