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Angry Birds: Out of Darkness is an Angry Birds game that was released to IOS devices as well as Android and Nintendo Switch. Angry Birds: Out of Darkness was developed by Rovio and Nevrade Entertainment. The direct sequel is Angry Birds: A Silver Lining.


It has been a year after the defeat of the Birds and the enslavement of the Pigs. The Cirrocumulus have sided with the Cows. The Birds and The Trio are still in fear. It is unknown what happened to the eggs. The Cows and the Cirrocumulus have destroyed Golden Island as a show of power. The Cows have also revived their leaders, King Cow and Queen Cow. The Flocks are still somewhat shocked about this and are very disorganized. The Trio is not in good shape either. The group is still in hiding, and Piggy has finished his machine.  

Piggy finds the Birds and offers to join forces, the Birds are skeptical at first, but when Piggy says he knows a way to defeat the Cows, and maybe bring their friends back, they agree to join. Piggy shows his machine called Hope. Hope needs an energy source, like the Golden Egg. Red, the Blues, Sliver, and Bomb are able to take back the Golden Egg from the Cows. Soon Hope is active and able to cross universes and find alternate versions of themselves. Although, it could only activate once and never again and for a limited amount of time. Sliver and Stella's Flock decide to stay on All Terra, and the rest of the Flock go to the other universe that is named "Universe 324" by Piggy. Red and his flock go through the portal and see past memories similar to their own, but different. Once Red pops out of the portal, he hears a commotion coming from over a hill. He hears Piggy say that he didn't touch something, and Zach to say the same. Red goes over the hill to see a red bird similar to himself fighting the Trio, saying something along the lines of you tried to steal them. Red was wanting to get this over with, so he yells at the bird and the Trio to stop fighting and get the job done. The Red bird is confused and asks why he should stop and that the Trio were trying to steal the eggsteroids, something the Trio denies. The Red bird says his name is Blaser and he is Red's brother. Red states that he is not his brother, not where he comes from. Piggy explains the situation to Blaser and he is shocked and apologizes to the Trio. Soon, three Cows appear out of the portal and steal the eggsteroids and eggs, behind Blaser's back. Blaser joins the Flock to get the eggsteroids back and convinces Icer, Gummi, Callahan, Holly, Chuck, Red, and all of Red's Flock, with the exception of the Blues and Matilda, to go with him to stop King Cow and get the eggs back.  

The Extended Flock soon finds the source of the Cirrocumulus and takes down King Cumulus and his wife. Although the King and the Queen were able to get away safely, the Birds get the Eggsteroids back, which were being tested on. The Cows rush to the Forests to attack the Flock, but the Birds were already in another area. Red suggests that they head to the Flying Mountains for safety. Meanwhile, the Cow leadership was deciding on what to do about the Bird rebellion and the multiple Pig riots. Queen Cow suggests they begin Operation "Kirjaimellisesti lopullinen pomo".

The group is ambushed in the Flying Mountains by King Cumulus and his gang. Fortunately for the Birds, Reece and his flock were able to fend off the Cirrocumulo force. The Birds rescue several former Pig engineers that were forced to work for the Cows. They said that the Cows and the Cirrocumulus were planning something big. Something destructive and sure to crush the rebellion. The Pig engineers say that the first tests of the project would be started in the Cloud Capital. The Extended Flock rush to the Cloud Capital to stop the tests before the project can take off. The Birds do make it to the Cloud Capital, but they get pushed back from the Capital. The Cows chase them to the Cow Castle, where the Cows ambush the Birds with Operation "Kirjaimellisesti lopullinen pomo".Operation "Kirjaimellisesti lopullinen pomo" chases them around the castle, and in the chaos, Iggy is killed. Then the Birds get cornered by the Machine. King Cow tells them to take no prisoners and gets ready to smash the fowls. Until the Birds find a weak spot and collapse it.  

The alternate Universe eggs were saved and they return to their universe, with the shattered remains of the Diamond Turtle, and the leaders escape and disappear as they were never seen from again. The real eggs are found by Red when a Pig had taken them in disguising themself as a Cow, gave them back. The Birds celebrate, and the other Birds and Pigs go about rebuilding civilization.  


The gameplay of Angry Birds: Out of Darkness is simple and very straightforward. The player has several cards, up to four at a time. These cards are the Birds that can be selected to fling at the Pigs. Any card that is shown can be picked at any time. Some levels restrict what Birds can be used, and others don't.

Birds are obtained by filling up the Destructo-meter by breaking materials, or by popping a Golden Pig. Golden Pigs appear usually once or twice a world and are extremely rare. Birds have several unique abilities and can be used at any time. Sometimes a Power-up can be obtained by chance, or by collecting it on the World Map. Power-ups can be used at any time, similar to the Bird Cards, and are much more powerful than the Bird Cards.

Power-ups include:

  • The Fire Chili, which selects a random Pig and makes it explode causing major damage.
  • Rubber Ducky Rain, which causes the clouds to rain ducks causing damage.
  • Inflation, which inflates several random Pigs.
  • Piggy Rays, which pops a random Pig, usually the strongest one.
  • Sun Beams, which cause the sun to burn structures.


Episode Name



Characters Unlocked



Episode I Cobalt Springs
Cobalt Springs Icon2.png
A beautiful wasteland, with tall trees, nice waterfalls, and no Birds in sight! A Cow paradise!
  • Red
  • The Blues
  • Silver
  • Bomb
Shawn Cowendes (The Calflings)
Episode II Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion Icon2.png
A weird, creepy-looking mansion, built over a previous Bird village. Some say the ghost of one of the villagers haunts the mansion.
  • Bubbles
  • Bubbles (324)
  • Callahan (324)
  • Holly (324)
  • Gummi (324)
Dark Wing
Episode III Pyramids of Hogsa
Hogsa's Pyramids Icon.png
The Pyramids of Hogsa! Named after the famous Pig king Hogsa. Some Pig camps are rumored to be here.
  • Stella
  • Dahlia
  • Poppy
  • Willow
  • Luca
Mexican Cow
Episode IV  Licorice Land
Licorice Land Icon.png
A full land of candy! The worst kind, but anyway, these hills are filled to the brim with licorice. No one knows how it got here, or why it's here. All that we know is that it may be related to the Candy Hills in some way.
  • Blaser
  • Icebomb (Icer)
  • Chuck (324)
Selena Cowez (The Calflings)
Episode V

Porker Beach

Porker Beach Icon-0.png
Ahh, the beaches. They are really nice to look at unless you're a bird! Scram! Or a Pig for that matter.
  • Garretto
  • Plum
Episode VI Hogicles
Hogicles ICon.png
I've heard that the Squids like to bask in the sun over here. I don't know why it's really cold and I don't think it's the best place to bask in the sun.
  • Cartoony
  • Gelatin
  • Metalbird
Episode VII Forests of Clouds
Forest of Cloudsicon.png
The Forest of the Clouds is the resting place of the ancient Cloud Republic and the birthplace of the Cloud Royalty.
  • Barry
  • Lilly
  • Sasha
  • Volt
  • Cameron
  • Presto
Cowgang Amadeus Mozart (The Calflings)
Episode VIII - Flying Mountains
Flying Mountains Icon.png
The Flying Mountains are named that way due to the altitude. They hold the Flying Castles of Cows and is the Location of the Remnants of the Diamond Turtle.
  • Reece
  • Cloudifier
  • Bounci
  • Rainbow
  • Dolor (Piggy)
Walt Pigsy (The Calflings)
Episode IX - Cloudy Cows
Cloudy Cows ICon.png
Large sky castles dominate the atmosphere of the islands. One of them is even rumored that Bubbles' Flock fought there once.
  • Logan
  • Ultimate Turkey
King Cumulus
Episode X - Coulavinlinna Castle
Coulavinlinna Castle icon.png
Coulavinlinna Castle is the capital of the New Cow Empire. Holding the precious secrets the Cows wished to keep, as well as the many guards and royalty residing within. None (All birds appear here) The Ember of the Cows


At the end of each world there is a boss. You have to fight the boss by flinging birds at the boss until its' health runs out. The boss can move and sometimes block shots by placing blocks or throwing things at the bird.

Image Boss Name Ability Description World Boss
Shawn Boss 1.png
Shawn Cowendes

(The Calflings)

TBA TBA Episode I Cobalt Springs
Dark Wing-0.png
Dark Wing TBA TBA Episode II Haunted Mansion
Mexican Cow.png
Mexican Cow TBA TBA Episode III Pyramids of Hogsa
Uh COW BOSS 2.png
Selena Cowez (The Calflings) TBA TBA Episode IV  Licorice Land
Hogtopus TBA TBA Episode V  Porker Beach
Groundhog Can shoot fake verions of birds that are made out of plants TBA Episode VI Hogicles
Cowgang Amadeus Mozart (The Calflings) TBA TBA Episode VII Forests of Clouds
Cow Disney.png
Walt Pigsy (The Calflings) TBA TBA Episode VIII - Flying Mountains
King Cumulus TBA TBA Episode IX Cloudy Cows


In Angry Birds: Out of Darkness, there are over 21 birds. The game includes all birds from Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier, that haven’t died. As well as most of the birds from Angry Birds: Bubbles.  

Name Image Description Ability Location Unlocked
He has no abilities, but does have a war cry! Red has no ability, he just shouts. Cobalt Springs


Bomb is usually a nice guy, but if he's angry... you might want to step away. I mean really, he's a nice guy but he goes KABOOM way too often. Bomb goes KABOOM, really though, he explodes once tapped. Cobalt Springs


The Blues
Despite being teens, they still act pretty childish, and love pranks! They used to hang out with Silver until she disappeared. They split into three separate birds, causing maximum damage to ice. Cobalt Springs


Formerly known as the looping legend, Silver gave up after her brother's death, and people just forgot about her. Now, she's out to avenge her brother's death and to do loops once more. Sliver, the looping legend! She loops around in a circle before coming crashing down to the ground. Cobalt Springs


Bubbles angry.png
Some people think Bubbles is worthless, due to inflation, but not really. He really has a good reason for his name. Bubbles inflates to over twice his size! He can cause major damage with this ability. Haunted Mansion


Bubbles (324)
Bubbles 324.png
Despite his appearance, he's actually pretty smart! He is still pretty inflatable like Bubbles. Bubbles will inflate three times but will do small inflations instead of big ones. Haunted Mansion 1-5
Callahan (324)
Callahan is pretty shy compared to his counterpart, and he likes to work on machines. He is Holly's best friend. Callahan will throw a wrench at a tapped location. Haunted Mansion


Holly (324)
Holly 324 OoD.png
Holly is incredibly loud. She loves to talk, and she is very funny. Although some people think she's too loud, they say she has a loudspeaker for a mouth. She is Callahan's best friend. Holly will scream at the top of her lungs in a 360 area and will break glass. Haunted Mansion


Gummi (324)
Gummi, like usual, loves candy. He is very kind to anyone, and usually likes to help out. Even though he's nice, he isn't very careful, and he has caused many problems accidentally. Gummi will eat up blocks and inflate himself and then pop. Haunted Mansion


Stella is a diligent worker. She is usually quite happy, but after the Birds' defeat, she tries to stay positive, even if that's difficult. Stella can ricochet off structures in an area which is tapped. Pyramids of Hogsa


Some people think Blaser is a pretty cool bird, he isn't cool, in fact he's hot. Literally! Blaser can breathe fire in an area where the player taps and holds. He can't destroy stone, but he can damage it. Licorice Land 1-1
Icer (Icer)
Icer is Blaser's best friend. They stick together like glue to fight threats. Although he would probably melt if they got too close. Icer explodes similar to Bomb, but he freezes things instead of blowing them up, making the blocks vulnerable to loud sounds. Licorice Land 2-1
Chuck (324)
WOOSH! What was that? Oh it's just Chuck. He speeds up once tapped. Licorice Land 3-1
He likes to drill a lot. He always went mining with the Blues before the Cows. Some people mistake him for the Blues' dad, but he isn't related to them at all. Except maybe his color. He drills through any object once tapped. Porker Beach


He may look like a child, but he's actually fully-grown! He hates it when people say that he looks younger than he is though. He ignores gravity and breaks through many walls without corpsing. Porker Beach


YARGH, I BE THE ONLY ONE TO BE TALLER THAN TERRENCE! Wait, ye say that be not true? Impossible! Swings his sword three times. Hogicles 1-1
Gelatin is a wibbly-wobbly bird. He jiggles around and can't stand still. Gelatin can bounce off any surface, as well as split into two pieces of himself, then four and onward! Hogicles 2-5
Cartoony loves old cartoons, because he's one of them. Cartoony gets into wacky situations all the time. Cartoony drives a small plane into buildings, and the first few hits he won't corpse. Once Cartoony corpses the plane explodes. Hogicles 3-1
Barry was trapped on a desert island for a very long time, so he developed the ability to suck up water from Cacti. He later developed this by using his vacuum ability to fight invaders. Barry can suck up to eight blocks, and then spit them out. Forests of Clouds 1-1
A backstory unknown to most, Sasha is one of the most beautiful birds, yet dangerous. Sasha fires out feathers from all sides, piecing Pigs and destroying weak structures. Forests of Clouds 1-5
Volt is one of the more electrifying birds on the islands. She can shock many with her terrifying abilities. Volt aims for the strongest Pig, and once the Pig is shocked, a shockwave will develop and fry other Pigs. Forests of Clouds 1-10
Lily is generally a peaceful and quiet bird, but when threatened she unleashes a paint spray that paints the Pigs blue! Lily rotates and sprays paint all around her. Birds of the paint's color do extra damage to the structures. Forests of Clouds 2-2
Cameron was experimented on by the Pigs. The Pigs accidentally created Cameron's powers, which they regretted ever since. Cameron sucks in blocks similarly to Barry, but he uses the blocks to spit out ice and fire breath. Forests of Clouds 2-5
Presto is the guardian of the magic on the islands. He uses his wand to make the Pigs into pork chops. He shoots out magic bolts similar to a shotgun. Forests of Clouds 3-1
Reece wields a saber, one of the strongest weapons ever conceived, as well as a wand that has seemingly magical properties. Reece swings his saber to break any materials in his way. Flying Mountains 1-1
Rainbow is newer to the Extended Flock, but she still packs a punch. She can fire out a rainbow from her mouth and destroy buildings! Rainbow shoots a rainbow laser at the Pigs causing them to disintegrate. Flying Mountains 1-5
Cloudifer doesn't remember much of what happened to her. All she knows is that she fell and hit her head, giving her amnesia. Once tapped, Cloudifer when shoot a lightning bolt under her, electricity spreading through the Pigs. Flying Mountains 2-1
Bounci Yoshi.png
Bounci is a strange bird. He is usually very quiet when the others are arguing, and when he does speak he will probably say something negative or pointing out someone's flaws in a plan. Bounci uses his body to rebound off the ground, he will go as fast as the momentum and speed. Flying Mountains 2-5
Piggy (Dolor)
Piggy Yoshi.png
Piggy, or his birth name Dolor used to be in King Pig's army, until he was severely punished, and he fled. He was later accepted as a member of Reece's Flock. Dolor is able to use his grappling hook to grab on to things and either fling them to him, or fling him to them. Flying Mountains 3-1
Logan OoD.png
Logan, after seeing what happened to Bubbles' Flock, left and started to raid Enslavement Camps. He later finds out that the Birds are back and are preparing a major assault and wants in. Logan uses his beak to peck away at materials in front of him. Cloudy Cows 1-1
The Ultimate Turkey
Ultimate Turkey.png
The Ultimate Turkey was a myth to some, a hero to others, and to still others a mysterious figure. He first met Bubbles' Flock once he found out that the Pigs were planning to destroy Bird Island. After they stopped them, he did some research of what happened. The Ultimate Turkey is able to slash at the majority of the screen, killing most Pigs instantly. Cloudy Cows (Any level)

Original Soundtrack

  1. "Returned"
  2. "Cobalt Springs"
  3. "Aviator Overworld"*
  4. "Underwater Splash!"*
  5. "Pyramids of Hogsa" *
  6. "Sandy Skirmish!"*
  7. "Ghostly Hills"*
  8. "Haunted Mansion?!"*
  9. "Porker Beach" *
  10. "Battle for Piggy Beach."*
  11. "Hogicles"
  12. "Falling Hogicles!"*
  13. "Forests of Clouds"*
  14. "Wait, Where are we now?"*
  15. "Flying Mountains"
  16. "Dawn of the Swine!"*
  17. "Cloudy Cows"
  18. "Cow Castle"
  19. "OOH HOT HOT HOT!"*
  20. "Warning! Entering Castle!" *
  21. "Mid Boss Time!" *
  22. "Boss Fight!" *
  23. "King Cumulus." *
  24. "Kirjaimellisesti lopullinen pomo"
  25. "Level Complete!”*
  26. "Level Failed.”
  27. "The Cows are Gone?"
  28. "Final Level Completed!”
  29. "The Grand Finale?"
  30. "The Grand Finale."

( * Song has been created and put on Youtube/or is an already existing song)





  • Holly's design in this game is based on Herobrine's design in Fallen Kingdom.
  • On the world map for Cow Castle, tap on the giant Cow statue and it will unlock a secret world called Cow Castle Star containing five levels.
    • In Cow Castle Star - 1, if you launch a bird at the top of the stage, it will take you to a secret area, where if you tap on the star in the corner it will start playing the Warning, Entering Castle! Theme with vocals. This is a reference to New Super Mario Bros. 2.
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