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Angry Birds: Penguin World is a game.This game resembles the movie Mr Popper's Penguins.The game takes place in a snowy place because penguins can not live without snow and this game is filled with penguins.

Story (how the penguins were found)[]

The birds were killing pigs in a snowy place when a penguin (named Captian in the movie) comes near the birds and was trying to fly because penguins can not fly.The penguin took a cardboard cutout of a jet and sat on the slingshot.The birds became very angry especially Bomb.Bomb was so angry that he exploded when suddenly 5 more penguins came.The birds named the penguins then.


  • The Penguin Intruduction
  • Death Penguins
  • The Penguin Zoo (this episode also features a penguin that is not featured in the movie)


  • All the non-fanon birds.

The Penguins[]

All the penguins have a cardboard cutout of a jet so that they can fly.

  • Captian: The leader of the penguins.His/her ability is stunting on the snow and smashing any type of structre exept Ghost and Death Structres (I mean structres with almost Ghost or Death Blocks).
  • Bitey: One of the most powerful penguins in the penguin group.His/her ability is biting anything that comes in the way but dies very early.
  • Loudy: The fourth most powerful penguin.His/her ability is shouting a lot (like in the movie) which makes the structre and the pigs die.
  • Nimrod: The second-weakest penguin in the penguin group.His/her ability is throwing a rod to the pigs but dies quickly (about the rod).
  • Lovey: The weakest penguin in the whole penguin group.His/her ability is sticking to the structre for 6 seconds and throwing eatable hearts to the pigs.
  • Killery (not in the movie): The only penguin that is not featured in the movie.His/her ability is the same as Captian but this penguin can smash through structres with almost Ghost or Death Blocks.


  • All the non-fanon pigs.


  • This is the second game that is a reference to a movie.
    • This is also the second game that intruduces a new enemy-killer besides Birds.