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Angry Birds: Plan B is a game made by thebigfoot1.



The pigs have given up and are done stealing the eggs. Now the pigs have a Plan B- Work with the birds! But first they have to pass a test- but the birds think the pigs want to get closer to the eggs! Can the birds stop them from passing the test?


The pigs want to try again on the test, but with disguises! But the birds have a different tests for REAL birds! This test is to destroy all the fake pigs and get back the fake eggs! Can the pigs do it or lose?


Bird Story[]

  • Red Bird (screams)
  • Blue Birds (splits into three)
  • White Bird (egg cannon- holds 5 eggs)
  • Boomerang Bird (acts like a boomerang)
  • Replay Bird (after it hits anything, a second bird launches the same way the first did, doing more damage)
  • Bomb Bird (explodes)
  • Pink Bird (blows bubbles)
  • Orange Bird (inflates)
  • Egg Rods (makes the closest wood/ice/stone/pig disappear)
  • Purple Bubble Rods (acts as a "Secondary Pink Bird" in Episode 5)
  • Mr. Eagle (Purchasable, makes pigs disappear with a "bad grade")
  • Dr. Quad (Purchasable, uses every bird's powers or revives all birds)

Pig Story[]

Real birds can also be used in this story except for Purchasable Birds.

  • Brown "Bird" Pig (drills)
  • Fuzzy White "Bird" Pig (feather tornado)
  • Shadow "Bird" Pig (turns into a shadow to go through any piece of wood/ice/stone, watch out, it can go through pigs too)
  • Gamer "Bird" Pig (plays minigame with pig and if wins, the pig goes away)
  • Pig "Bird" Pig (attracts pigs to an egg bomb)
  • Punk "Bird" Pig (makes guitars rain from the sky)
  • Mr. Eagle's Substitute "Bird" Pig (unlocks if Mr. Eagle is purchased, has Mr. Eagle's powers)
  • "Blu" Marmoset (unlocks if Angry Birds Rio is purchased, has Blu's powers)
  • Nurse Piggington (unlocks if Dr. Quad is purchased, has all pig's/marmoset's powers)

Plan B[]

For both stories.

Plan B- Birds is unlocked first. Has all birds except for Purchasables.

Plan B- Pigs is unlocked second. Has all pigs except for Purchasables.


Birds Story[]

  1. Back In Time (Poached Eggs, already completed if you have Angry Birds 1)
  2. What's the Pig Idea?
  3. See Plus C+
  4. Too Fooled for School
  5. Pig Job for Rods!
  6. Super Rods (Golden Eggs)

Pigs Story[]

  1. Summer School Bummer (Bad Piggies with fake pigs, already completed if you have Bad Piggies)
  2. The Pig Plan B
  3. Lunch Time
  4. Afterschool Activities
  5. The Piggest Test in History
  6. Reccess for Pigs (Build-Your-Own Level)

Plan B- Birds[]

  1. Ultimate Egg Power
  2. The Final Stand

Plan B- Pigs[]

  1. Ultimate A+ Power
  2. Graduation Daze