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Angry Birds: Power Pack is a game made by Rovio and Blackplus Games. It released in 2013.7.15.


One day, the flock accidentally found a little wooden room - in the neighbourhood of them. When they opened the room's door, they saw there's a weapon & equipments depot...

Each episodes features a certain power, and it is in the whole's episode.

Episodes and their power[]

1. Packed Explosive (TNT)

2. Scary Explosive (Black Pumpkin)

3. Mighty Feathers (Same name power as we see in the official version)

4. Mr. Trigger (Destroy a thing triggers destroying of another blocks)

5. Slingshot's Brother (Catapult)

6. Steamfowl (Steam physics as we see in the official version in "Red Planet")

7. Waterfowl (Water physics)

8. The Crystalex (Cosmic Crystals)

9. The Drummer (Drum; as we see in official version in "Moon of Endor")

10. Attraction (Magnet)

11. Magical Moves (Portals)

12. Co-op Crash (Two Slingshots)

13. Shocking Black (Shockwave Black Bird)

Golden Eggs

Bonus Levels

Currently there are 2 bonus levels:

The Destructor Veichle (A contraption is bounded to the rope. If you cut the rope, it will start destruction.)

Bulldog Blow (A remake of Angry Birds Rio 6-15; Luiz the bulldog comes)