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Angry Birds: RPG is an RPG where you play as Angry Birds and wear clothes. Eggs are the currency. You can also change birds by buying forms in the Forms catalog.


Bird Designs[]

Red Shirt[]

The Red Shirt is a red shirt with 6 spots. It costs 11 eggs.

Blue Shirt[]

The Blue Shirt is a blue shirt. It costs 110 eggs.

Yellow Shirt[]

The Yellow Shirt is a yellow shirt. It costs 116 eggs.

Black Shirt[]

The Black Shirt is a black shirt. It costs 205 eggs.

White Shirt[]

The White Shirt is a white shirt. It costs 214 eggs.

Green Shirt[]

The Green Shirt is a green shirt. It costs 605 eggs.

Maroon Shirt[]

The Maroon Shirt is a maroon shirt with 8 spots. It costs 901 eggs.

Orange Shirt[]

The Orange Shirt is an orange shirt. It costs 104 eggs in the Halloween 2012 catalog redesign.

Cyan Shirt[]

The Cyan Shirt is a shiny cyan shirt. It costs 204 eggs in the Space Adventure Party catalog redesign.


It's quite simple. You just buy birds as clothing items and when you wear one, you turn into that bird.


  • Halloween 2010 = In October 4, construction had started and pumpkins are scattered. In October 21, the construction is done, darkness is filled, tricks and treats are added. A free Pumpkin Mask was served.
  • Christmas Party 2010 = In October 27, light is back, pumpkins are cleared, tricks and treats are cleared and scary objects are removed. Construction had started and a blizzard happened. In December 1, the final construction day had occured. The blizzard stopped and Santa Bird (Red Bird pretending as Santa) visited. A free Santa Hat was served.
  • Valentines Party 2011 = January 7 when the Christmas Party stopped, construction, once again, was made and the whole Angry Birds Island is colored pink. In February 7, the color remained and heart designs were scattered. Heart Bird (Red Bird with a heart mask) visited and a Love Mask (Heart Bird's heart mask but red instead of pink) was free.
  • St. Patrick's Day 2011 = February 7, the color was cleared and heart designs were even cleared. February 12, the first construction day overlapping the green island color, occured. In March 10, the island's nest room has a large clover. Patrick the Bird (Boomerang Bird with a leprechaun hat) visited, and a free Leprechaun Hat was served.
  • Easter 2011 = March 11 when the St. Patrick's Day party stopped, the island was turned back and the large clover was removed. March 27, a new construction time started. Some buildings have an easter egg hidden behind. After, in April 18, easter eggs were scattered all around and Red Bunny (Red Bird with pink bunny ears and fake buck teeth as the accessory) visited. There was a free random hand item by finding the Red Easter Egg with a beak.