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Angry Birds: Rescue Birds is an Angry Birds spinoff game. It was created in 2009 using an early version of the engine for Angry Birds, but was not released until 2015. In this game the Rescue Flock must destroy King Pigs's evil pig army and free the actual flock from their cage.

Rescue Flock[]

Scream Bird[]

The new Red Bird. Use her scream to topple buildings.

In slingshot: Buka!

Launch: Same as Stella's launch sounds.

Tap: or

Triplet Bird[]

The new Blue Birds. Split into 3 and break all glass.

In slingshot: Annan!

Launch: Teteta!

Tap: Ank!

Dash Bird[]

The new Yellow Bird. Speeds up 5x faster than Yellow Bird when tapped.

In slingshot: Taka!

Launch: WEEEEEE!

Tap: Chirp!

Snow Bird[]

The new Black Bird. Poofs into a snowstorm that freezes pigs & surfaces.

In slingshot: Taha!

Launch: in a deeper pitch

Tap: NNNNNNG....

Female Bomb Bird[]

The new White Bird. Drops bombs on 3 selected locations.

In slingshot: Haha!

Launch: Gya!

Tap: Ko! La! Ankie!

Web Bird[]

The new Boomerang Bird. Shoots webs at a location and swings backwards like a boomerang.

In slingshot: Waba!

Launch: Grrrr...

Tap: Gla!

Swing: in higher pitch

Wrecking Bird[]

The new Big Brother Bird. Doesn't have a respective ability when the screen is tapped, but she smashes stone, wood, and glass.

In slingshot: Hurdur!

Launch: Roar!

Tap: in a pitch deeper than Snow Bird.


Balloon Bird[]

The new Orange Bird. Launches a balloon that inflates after 3 seconds.

In slingshot: grrr..

Launch: Same as White Bird's launch sound.

Tap: Same as Stella's tap sound.

Kidnapper Bird[]

The new Pink Bird. Traps nearby pigs in a cage when tapped.

In slingshot: Same as Bubble's slingshot sound.

Launch: Red's launch sound, but higher.

Tap: Dadar!

Unlockable Birds[]


The new Silver Bird from AB2. Launches itself down when tapped.

In slingshot: Rrrrr...


Tap: Da na na na na na na na!

Killer Eagle[]

The Mighty Eagle's daughter. When the sardine is launched, she flys in and catches it, destroying everything in the level.

Arrival: A loud version of

List of Episodes[]

  1. Kidnapped
  2. Ready, Set, Fling!
  3. Caged Again