Angry Birds: Shade's Big Eggventure is a game set to release in 2025.


While Shade and his friends are having a good day. A figure stole the Cirronimbus and The 9 ancient orbs guarding it. It's now up to his flock, "The Legion" to retrieve the orbs.

Characters and Abilities

Note that this uses the first artwork

Image Name Ability
Shade Uses his shapshifting powers to punch any pigs or materials
Myusuix design
Myusix She'll squeal at pigs using a recorder to pop them.
Plantus Shoot out a spikeball at pigs and blocks
Array Chuck but more destructive and more fast.
Lilith Bad luck that could effect pigs in a 4x4 radius
Genesis Bird
Evangelion Shoots a mega lazer at pigs
Sarah Uses a Snowflake to send in mini snowstorms
Terminus Alive
Terminus Will use his mask as a sword to stab pigs.
Hello Makes pigs explode with one word. HELLO!
Puyolin Will turn blocks into blobs that will pop
Elline makes 17 clones of herself


The themes are set in a world. Which takes place in places in the LLA.

Island Core - Themes 1-3

Sandy Shores - Themes 4-5

Heavy Grasslands - Theme 6 + themes 16-24

Lavender Road - Themes 7-9

Shrine Shores - Themes 10-12

Porkania City - Themes 13-15

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