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Angry Birds: Shaolin Soccer is an Angry Birds game where the birds (wearing yellow) and pigs (wearing either red, blue and black) play soccer.

Birds and their Powers

Red Bird: flaming ball; press F

Blue Bird: splits into 3; goalie, press S

Yellow Bird: steelhead; press H

Black Bird: magnetic; press M

White Bird: flight; press L

Boomerang Bird: spin; press P

Big Brother Bird: steady; rare goalie, press T

Bread Bird: bread; rare goalie, press B (color beige)

Attention from the owner, please do not add any more birds here if you have not yet watched Shaolin Soccer.

Pigs, information about them and their Powers

Small Pig: wears red. Goalie; but always distracted. Powers: quick think

Medium Pig: wears blue. He thinks the powers of the birds are optical illusions. Powers: self distraction

Large Pig: wears black. Goalie; expert in catching. Powers: catch all kinds of balls

Helmet Pig: wears black. Powers: ash tiger gets sucked into ball and starts burning the ball

Moustache Pig: wears blue. Has black moustache instead of brown. Powers: similar to Yellow Bird (steelhead)

King Pig: wears red. Has white crown instead of gold. Powers: distracting birds

Kinds of Balls

Shoe Ball: the soccer ball gets hidden in the shoes then when kicked, the shoes hit their owners.

Flame Ball: the soccer ball gets burnt. Rare feature: can turn into a fire tiger.

Devastation Ball: spins the clothes of whoever is hit (it's like getting burnt).

Side Ball: moves depending on the opposite side of the goalie and into the net.

Super Ball: devastates the enemies (whoever gets hit by it). Rare Feature: can nake Large Pig and stop it from moving. Can break net.

Ash Ball: flaming ball with ashes inside it. Can get affected by Bread Bird. Rare ball.