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Angry Birds: Split Up is a game which consists of Angry Birds inside different games.


  • Red Bird (screams "Ca-cohok!", "Ca-cawk!" or "Tukyahat!")
  • Blue Bird (splits into 3)
  • Yellow Bird (speeds up)
  • Black Bird (explodes)
  • White Bird (drops an egg bomb)
  • Boomerang Bird (goes backwards)
  • Big Brother Bird (moans "Ruff!")
  • Mighty Eagle (pops all pigs)
  • Orange Bird (inflates)
  • Ice Bird (freezes surrounding blocks and pigs)
  • Brown Bird (bounces off blocks)
  • Mighty Dragon (pops all pigs and loops away)
  • Fire Bird
  • Ice Bird


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Corporal Pig
  • Foreman Pig
  • King Pig
  • Fat Pig


  1. Birds vs. Zombies (where you use slingshots as pea shooters. Dr. Pigboss will shoot fire and ice balls and stopping the fire ball requires Ice Bird (Fanon) and stopping the ice ball requires Fire Bird.)
  2. PokeBirds (where you shoot PokeBalls and a certain bird of its color will pop out and do its ability after going near the pigs.)
  3. PacBird (where you go around as Yellow Bird and take eggs but avoid an insect, a butterfly, a pig and a duck)
  4. Mario Bird (where you shoot Red Bird and sometimes Boomerang Bird and collect eggs and hit pigs on the head. Touching pigs on the sides result in a loss.)
  5. Bird Boom (where you go around as a certain bird and punch pigs on robots with the robot of your color.)
  6. Club Bird (where you go around as a MARVEL superhero bird (e.g. Red Bird = Hawkeye, Orange Bird = Hawkeye, Boomerang Bird = Hulk) and defeat a bot named Destrucpigbot)
  7. ClumpsBird (where you shoot a bird out of a slingshot and shoot it into a green basket)
  8. Golden Peas (exclusive for Birds vs. Zombies if promo code unlocked)
  9. Golden PokeBalls (exclusive for PokeBirds if promo code unlocked)
  10. Golden Eggs (normal PacBird golden object)
  11. Golden Mushrooms (exclusive for Mario Bird if promo code unlocked)
  12. Golden Arms (exclusive for Bird Boom if promo code unlocked)
  13. Golden Puffles (exclusive for Club Bird if promo code unlocked)
  14. Golden Balls (exclusive for ClumpsBird if promo code unlocked)