This is an upcoming TV series based on the reality TV show Survivor. The location is the Pacific islands of Tuvalu.


Aloha Tribe

  • Blue Birds
  • Fat Pig
  • Luiz
  • Nigel
  • Small Pig
  • Lazer Bird
  • Powerbomb Bird
  • Black Bird
  • Brown Bird (Real)
  • Blu
  • Chef Pig
  • Postman Pig

​Humu Nuku Tribe

  • Red Bird
  • Lightning Birds
  • Boomerang Bird
  • Corporal Pig
  • Foreman Pig
  • Orange Bird
  • Big Brother Bird
  • Terence Bird
  • Ice Bird
  • Jewel
  • Mauro
  • Skunk Bird
  • Hockey Bird


Survivor Tribe Elimination
Nigel Aloha Voted Out
Small Pig Aloha Voted Out
Brown Bird (Real) Aloha Voted Out
Boomerang Bird Humu Nuku Voted Out
Orange Bird Humu Nuku Pulled Out by Getting Malaria
Terence Bird Humu Nuku Voted Out
Jewel Humu Nuku Voted Out
Red Bird Humu Nuku

Voted Out

Postman Pig Aloha Voted Out
Skunk Bird Humu Nuku Voted Out
Mauro Humu Nuku Voted Out
Blue Birds Aloha Voted Out
Luiz Aloha Voted Out
Foreman Pig Humu Nuku Voted Out
Fat Pig Aloha Voted Out
Corporal Pig Humu Nuku Quit
Lazer Bird Aloha Voted Out
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