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Angry Birds: TV SHOW is a Tv Show that began on July 3, 2018. It is based on the Angry Birds Movie, and takes place in between the first and second Angry Birds Movie. This makes sense, because this is when it was airing, but continued airing after the Angry Birds Movie 2 (planned). It was first shown on YouTube, on the Pyrocreeper Games channel. It was then imported to netflix as well. It was created by Pyrocreeper Games Entertainment, Rovio, and Snailz Entertainment.

The show is planned to air as long as they can until they were making less money off of it, and when it started getting lower ratings. This hasn't happened yet. It was confirmed that the show would not ened on a specific season on July 2, 2018, when the show was still being planned. Its first episode was Pilot in the sky! (fanon episode). It was confirmed by FANDOM Creeper, the creator of the show, that the movie Angry Birds: The Journey Past Piggy Island was going to take place after Angry Birds: TV SHOW. He also confirmed that yes, the movie did not have an ending due date.

It was created by Nickelodeon Pictures, Pyrocreeper Games Entertainment, Snailz Entertainment, Rovio, Angry Birds Studio, and BirdsFlock Animation. Every episode is around 25 minutes long, and it is not available on Cable. The theme song is an unreleased video that has been lyrically created, and is still in the process of having the soundtrack created. The end song where the credits are shown is the same as the Angry Birds Series Theme Song. It airs on Netflix and Nickelodeon.

1 week and 5 days after creation, it was aired on Netflix. It had a 4-star rating. And became rated on MPAA as TV-PG.

MPAA Rating

The show is rated TV-PG. Most episodes fit the rating PG, but a few are rated G. 1 or 2 episodes are rated TV-Y7-F7, but never Y7. The rating is because of use of words such as What the Flock?, Moron, Idiot, Stupid, Dang, Coward, Dumb, Shut-Up, Dimwit, Noob, Heck, and Nerd. It also includes startling animations, and lots of violence. Language worse than this or any kind of references that may be inappropriate for children under 13 years of age are not featured.


Red (Jason Sudeikes)

The Blues (Aidan McGraw)

Chuck (Josh Gad)

Bomb (Danny McBride)

Matilda (Maya Rudolph)

Bubbles (Ian Hecox)

Hal (Anthony Padilla)

Stella - Kate McKinnon

Terence - Sean Penn

Silver - Tara Strong

Bobby - Kelsey Grammer

Timothy - Mel Blanc

Mighty Eagle - Peter Dinklage

Tony - Noah Schnapp

Judge Peckinpah - Keegan Michael-Key

Cyrus - Tony Hale

Chet - Hannibal Buress

Monica - Danielle Brooks

Shirley - Jillian Bell

Bird 1 - Ike Barinholtz

Philip - Max Charles

Early Bird - Geoffrey Arend

Bird 2 - Josh Robert Tomphson

Hatchling - Pierce Gagnon

Bird 3 - Tituss Burgess

Bird 4 - Ava Acres

Edward - Fred Tatasciore

Eva - Alex Borstein

Willow - Madison Taylor

Dahlia - Ali Wong

Striped Bird - Kenny James

King Mudbeard - Bill Hader

King Smoothcheeks - Ryan Reynolds

Ross - Blake Shelton

Corporal Pig - Peter Cullen

Foreman Pig - Fergal Reilly

Chef Pig - Billy Eichner

Photog - Bryce Papenbrook

Professor Pig - Nolan North

Dr. Pig - Sean Schemmel

Minion Pigs - Cristela Alonzo

Chronicler Pig -Tom Kenny


The only season that has been released is Season 1. Season 2 will be released on July 11. The season began on July 3, 2018, and will continue airing on YouTube, Nick, and BirdsFlock.

Season 1

Season 1 is a harsh version of Angry Birds, putting mcuh more reality and thought into it. It's actually the backstory, explaining how the flock came together, were friends with the enemy, what happened to Will and Chester, and lots of other things that sum it up, so Season 2 can make sense. After Season 1 (In Season 2) There is a plot that follows the game's plot more precisely. The first Season is, as I said, a backstory.

Number Name Length Written By
S1E01 Seen Today may be Seen Tomorrow ?? FANDOM Creeper
S1E02 Shrimp of the Flock ?? FANDOM Creeper
S1E03 Bursts of Energy ?? FANDOM Creeper

Season 2

The aim in season 2 is to protect the eggs. At the end of episode 1, the eggs are stolen. The rest of the season is centered around the birds trying to get the eggs back, sort of like in the movie. What they didn't know, SPOILERS AHEAD! is that they weren't going to eat the eggs, but instead duplicate them with a special formula created by Professor Pig that would duplicate the eggs, and they'd send the eggs back, while they got to eat eggs, and not ruin anyone's lives. Chuck is the one who figures this out in one of the ending episodes



Name Bluhrb/Synopsis Written By
1 Pilot in the Sky! After a hard week's work of protecting the town of Birdville's eggs, Red decides one of his roommates should take up the job.

Unfortuantely, Bomb was too busy with his Ice Cream to notice when the pigs took the eggs, right under his protective eye! Will the birds rescue the eggs, and come back alive? Or will they be unsuccesful, and the pigs eat their delicious kids?

FANDOM Creeper
2 Chuck Time! yellow bird desite that they have too go sav the eggs but red said it was all the birds idea FANDOM Creeper
3 Houston! We have a problem! Bubbles inflated! After going on a huge journey in the last episode, the flock journeys past a cliff, and into the midst of Piggy Island. The helium from the pigs' balloons made Bubbles inflate so much, he went into the air. The rest of the flock tried to save him, but couldn't. He never came back down. FANDOM Creeper
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