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Angry Birds: Television is a TV Show that started airing on October 28, 2012. It was first shown on Nickelodeon. It wa
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s created by
Angry Birds Studio.
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This TV show has been rated PG for mild fantasy violence/horror and language in some episodes.

The show was expected to air until it has reached 10 seasons on episode 10 - Pig Jig (fanon episode), but then it was confirmed that in Fall 2021 the show may end with a 3 hour movie at the end of Season 9. The rest of the time it airs it will all be repeats. But Orangebird763, the person who proposed the show, confirmed this rumor is false. There will still be a 3 hour movie, though, in the future. Orangebird later confirmed that the series will end on Chinese New Year 2025.

The companies that made this with Rovio are Billionfold Inc., Abominable Pictures, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Scrambled Eggs Productions, Angry Birds Studio, and Twentieth Slingshot. Each episode is always 20 minutes long and the commercials last 10 minutes long. The theme song is the Angry Birds Rap. On Nick, reruns show on days between new episodes. It airs on Cartoon Network at 6/5 central.

ABTV Netflix

ABTV as seen in the Netflix Kids section.

On March 6, 2021, the first 5 seasons came to Netflix. Two weeks after, the first 7 seasons came to NickGo, Nick's OnDemand app.


Most of the episodes are rated PG, but some are Y7-FV, Y7, and very rarely, G. Most of the episodes are known for their suggestive dialogue and violence. Language and sexual situations are not as common, as they are more edgy for younger audiences.


  • English
  • Spanish (called "Televisión Angry Birds")
  • French (called "Les Oiseaux en Colère Télévision")
  • German (called "Programm von Angry Birds" meaning "Program of Angry Birds")
  • Finnish (called "Angry Birds-tv")
  • Chinese (called "在电视上愤怒的小鸟" meaning "Angry Birds on TV")
  • Japanese (called "怒っている鳥のテレビ番組" meaning "The Angry Birds Show")
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Filipino


Angryctober Event

Angry Birds Television Event Logo - Angryctober

The logo for the Angryctober Event.

An event where episodes air everyday for 5 days. It started on October 5, 2019 and ended on October 10, 2019.

Happy Hoggidays Event

An event similar to Angryctober, but December 20 to Christmas day (December 25).

Wanted Wednesdays

Every last Wednesday of the month in the spring of 2021, an episode is produced based on the suggestions of fans.

Cast of Characters


  • Red (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) - Red is a very responsible and eager cardinal. He is mostly known for preparing and appearing at special events, and of course his talent for eliminating Pigs. He also cares for the eggs, and sometimes dresses them up by putting a cap on them to keep them cool, making him the one with the best caring skills. His best friend and confidant pal is Chuck and he is also known to be good friends with Hal. He regularly reassures and encourages his friends. He is also known for being a strong and responsible leader and for never giving up on protecting the eggs from the Pigs. He's the leader of the flock.
  • Jay, Jake, and Jim, (voiced by Carl Milo) - The Blues are three blue birds, unlike the others, get surprised when it comes to egg theft and smuggled birds. They are daring and inquisitive and often get themselves into trouble and cause mischief, causing the Flock to have to intervene. They are the youngest members of The Flock, Unlike the other birds, they are fond of Mighty and they visit him often.
  • Chuck (voiced by Kel Mitchel) - Chuck is a triangular-shaped yellow wild canary and a practical joker and uses his jokes to liven up the Flock (which sometimes offends Bomb). He is also known as Maching bird , a name that describes his penchant for jokes as well as his intense speed. He is described as enthusiastic and restless, although a little unconfident in the comics. He is the best friend and confidant of Red. He often worries that he will lose his place as Red's best friend.
  • Bomb (voiced by John DiMaggio) - Bomb is an explosive bullfinch who has the worst temper of them all. He loses his "explosive" temper easily and often. As a result, Bomb tends to be a loner, as he does not want to be stressed with their problems. Despite this, he is always ready to help should an emergency be called. His extreme emotions cause him to explode, and his power is the strongest out of all the birds. He loves strawberry ice cream and corn. He has a father figure with The Blues and Bubbles
  • Matilda (voiced by Polly Lou Livingston) - Matilda is a white chicken who is peaceful and cheerful, she's good at gardening, but bad at cooking, She has a crush on Bomb. When she's enraged, an enormous thunderstorm appears on top of her when someone doesn't appreciate her cooking, or the pigs stole the eggs, She's Matt's little sister.
  • Hal* (voiced by Jim Cummings) - Hal is an emerald toucanet who has a short temper when it comes to egg theft and smuggled birds and, like most of the Flock, becomes easily enraged when eggs are discovered missing and rare birds caged up. Little is known about his personality and demeanor at this time.
  • Terence* (using vocal effects from game and Toons; subtitles show what he means) - Terence is a dull and lazy red-tailed hawk and Red's big brother, but cares about the Flock and other rare birds, guarding the eggs and stopping the Pigs from stealing the Birds' eggs. Terence is socially awkward.
  • Bubbles (voiced by Gregory Hanson) - Bubbles is an orange oriole who has a gigantic appetite and a sweet tooth, The Blues were the first to see him and followed the Pigs in disguise to their fortress with the intent on rescuing him. However, Bubbles was able to free himself and defeat the King Pig when the greedy pig attempted to eat the piece of candy he wanted to eat. For the first time, Bubbles actually gets angry and then he ballooned up to ginormous size and pinned the King Pig, at "Night of the Living Pork."
  • Stella (voiced by Amy Poehler) - Stella is a pink teenage galah, being a young member of The Flock. She shows signs of being childish, but also very cunning, as she quickly thwarts the pigs' plans before they can launch them. She gets enraged easily, but is very happy when not.
  • Mighty (voiced by Peter Cullen) - Mighty is the strongest of all of the Birds.


  • King Pig (voiced by Brad Garret) is the main antagonist of the Angry Birds series, and serves as the leader of the Bad Piggies. His grand scheme is using his minions to capture three unhatched eggs from the birds to use as food. It is revealed that his stash is always empty although his subjects believe the stash is always full of eggs. While he does succeed on most occasions, the birds are able to destroy his army and retrieve the eggs, while badly injuring the King Pig, though he never quits.
  • Corporal Pig* (voiced by Tim Curry) is a little bit bigger-sized Medium Pig who wears a stone helmet for stronger defense. He is the third strongest pig variety in the show, and serves as the chief enemy in the first set in each episode. He also serves as a protector to King Pig. Corporal Pig is very much alike to Foreman Pig in show ways, not actual looks.
  • Foreman Pig (voiced by Kevin James) is a species of Pigs in the Angry Birds series. He is considered the right-hand-man to the King Pig, and is the second strongest of all the Pigs in the show.
  • Professor Pig (voiced by John Cleese) is an inventor. Inventive and imaginative, he has an infectious excitement about new things. This excitement lets him accomplish great projects if he really puts his heart in them. The details sometimes escape him, and he's not very accepting of piggies who don't share his vision. But he'll let other pigs sort out the details while he focuses on the big picture.
  • Chef Pig (voiced by Carlos Azruigi) is a maverick. He is a level-headed observer: calm and collected. Observant and analytical, he takes action to solve even the most complex problems at hand. He gets frustrated with rigid rules and routines and prefers to be in charge of his own time, so that he can work independently on projects he finds interesting and challenging.
  • Chronicler Pig (voiced by Kesley Grammer) is a faraway. Persistent, analytical, and independent, he has a strong work ethic and is efficient at getting things done. However, his demanding nature - both of himself and others - can make it difficult for him to work in teams. He's at his best working independently on projects he has control over.

Not Rovio

  • French Narrator
  • Swampy
  • Cranky
  • Zim
  • Ooga
  • Fireworks
  • Firecrackers
  • Titanic
  • God of Wealth
  • Uses sprites from the Toons.


  • Christmas (2012-present)
  • Chinese New Year (2013-present)
  • St. Patrick's Day (2013-present)
  • Easter (2013-present)
  • Thanksgiving (2013-present)
  • Labor Day (2013)
  • Halloween (2013-present)
  • Cinco de Mayo (2014-present)


  • Ryan Reynolds as Red
  • Carl Milo as The Blues
  • Kel Mitchel as Chuck
  • John DiMaggio as Bomb
  • Polly Lou Livingston as Matilda
  • Jim Cummings as Hal
  • Nobody, just vocal effects from game and Toons, as Terence
  • Gregory Hanson as Bubbles
  • Amy Poehler as Stella
  • Peter Cullen as Mighty
  • Eddie Murphy as Dragon
  • Nobody, just hissing, as Mighty Snake
  • Thomas Krayer as French Narrator
  • Emi Takei as Hikari
  • John Hirohito as Swampy
  • Tack Duhamel as Cranky
  • Steven Blum as Small/Medium/Large Pig
  • Tim Curry as Corporal Pig
  • Kevin James as Foreman Pig
  • Brad Garret as King Pig
  • Seth Rogen as Fat Pig (Only in Jingle Birds and Operation: Candy)
  • James Yuffin as Zim
  • Jim Carrey as Ooga
  • Anthony Padilla (Smosh) as Matrix Bird
  • Angelina Jolie as Gray Bird (when she is 18, he has a power)
  • No Voice as Firecrackers (Not Animated)
  • No Voice as Fireworks (Not Animated)
  • No Voice as Food
  • No Voice as Titanic (Not Animated)
  • Neil Patrick Harris as God of Wealth (Not Animated) (Only in Year of the Rooster and Year of the Pig)
  • Bird Wars voices found here.


Only SpongeTechX and Orangebird763 can make these episode transcripts.

  1. Poached Eggs/Transcript
  2. Orange Bird is Back!/Transcript
  3. Where's My Bird?/Transcript
  4. Jingle Birds/Transcript
  5. Year of the Snake/Transcript
  6. Birdy Bam Bam!/Transcript
  7. Angry Alien?/Transcript
  8. Rad Raps/Transcript
  9. Luck of the Irish/Transcript
  10. Under-Base of the Under-Base/Transcript
  11. The Easter Bunny Nothing Cares/Transcript
  12. The Movie Theater/Transcript
  13. Earth Plants/Transcript
  14. The Ooga Bandit: Parts 1 and 2/Transcript
  15. The Simpsons Ride/Transcript
  16. Chinese Dragon/Transcript
  17. 21 Gun Salute/Transcript
  18. Summer Vacation!/Transcript
  19. Heartburned!/Transcript
  20. Chinese Firecrackers/Transcript
  21. Fireworks/Transcript
  22. The Big Dino Dig: Parts 1 and 2/Transcript
  23. Universal Studios Florida/Transcript
  24. Season 1 Finale/Transcript
  25. Mighty Hoax/Transcript
  26. Labor Day Celebration/Transcript
  27. The Pigs Finally Won/Transcript
  28. What Is That Thing?/Transcript
  29. Escape Route!/Transcript


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10


Season 1 is running from October 28, 2012 until July 13, 2013. Season 2 is running from August 29, 2013 until January 24, 2015. Season 3 is running from February 1, 2015 until February 3, 2016. Season 4 is running from February 6, 2016 until June 30, 2016. Season 5 is running from July 2, 2016 until April 3, 2017. Season 6 is running from April 5, 2017 until November 28, 2018. Season 7 is running from December 11, 2018 until about June 29, 2019. Season 8 is running on July 1, 2019 until November 27, 2019. The exclusive season will run from December 4, 2019 until January 25, 2020. The Rainy Days season (season 9) will run from February 2, 2020 to Autumn 2021.

Season 1 (Poached Eggs)

Name Plot Summary

Wins (Many)

Release Date Episode Product Code Rating
Poached Eggs The pigs steal the bird's eggs! Will the birds win? Or will the pigs cook their unhatched children? Pigs October 28, 2012 AB01 TV-Y7-FV
Orange Bird is Back! Orange Bird gets the eggs from the pigs, while the other birds are caged. He also have to save the birds.

Orange Bird

November 4, 2012 AB02 TV-Y7-FV
Where's My Bird?

The angry birds go to where's my water land , help Swampy and defeat Cranky and the pigs!


November 12, 2012

Jingle Birds (Christmas Special) The pigs steal orange bird's presents! Red bird, Big Brother bird, and Black bird get them back. Birds December 25, 2012


Year of the Snake (Chinese New Year Special) The pigs put on a pigs-only play and the blue birds secretly watch and call the mighty snake in the end. Mighty Snake February 10, 2013 AB05 TV-Y7
Birdy Bam Bam! The angry birds are going to a party and the pigs popped and the balloons are dropping. Birds February 21, 2013 AB06 TV-G
Angry Ailen? The birds meet Zim and Ooga. Birds February 24, 2013 AB07 TV-G
Rad Raps The birds are remixing. None March 2, 2013 AB08 TV-Y7
Luck of the Irish (St. Patrick's Day Special) The birds celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Birds March 17, 2013 AB09 TV-Y7
Under-Base of the Under-Base The birds are going for a walk to see a sidewalk. Birds (Pigs with cutting) March 20, 2013 AB10 TV-Y7-FV
The Easter Bunny Nothing Cares (Easter Special) The birds and pigs are racing for a golden egg. An easter egg hunt goes on after. Birds and Pigs March 31, 2013 AB11 TV-Y7-FV
The Movie Theater The birds and pigs are going to movies to see The Lorax in 3D. Birds and Pigs (after the movie) April 6, 2013 AB12 TV-PG
Earth Plants (Earth Day Special) The birds and pigs are taking the earth grows around. Birds and Pigs April 22, 2013 AB13 TV-G
The Ooga Bandit: Parts 1 and 2 The eggs are taken by Ooga and his pygmys. so.....Birds & Pigs will have to work together! Birds and Pigs April 30, 2013 AB14 TV-PG
The Simpsons Ride The birds and pigs go to the Universal Studios Hollywood to see The Simpsons Ride. Birds and Pigs May 14, 2013 AB15 TV-PG
Chinese Dragon The birds and pigs go to Chinatown to look behind for the Kung Fu Panda 2 Lion Costume. This Is The 16th Episode to Defeat the Wolfes May 22, 2013 AB16 TV-PG
21 Gun Salute (Memorial Day Special) The birds and pigs will practice the 21 Gun Salute. This Is The Memorial Day 2013 Special May 27, 2013 AB17 TV-PG-V
Summer Vacation! (First Day of Summer Special) The birds and pigs headed to Montego Bay in Wildwood, New Jersey. This Is The Summer 2013 Special June 21, 2013 AB18 TV-Y7
Heartburned! The birds and pigs defeat the heartburned float and wins. (This marks lhe last appearance of the voice of Orange Bird, Frank Welker) Birds and Pigs June 23, 2013 AB19 TV-PG-V
Chinese Firecrackers The birds and pigs get their chinese firecrackers and light them for Chinese New Year. (This tarks the first appearance of the voice of Orange Bird, Gregory Hanson) None July 1, 2013 AB20 TV-Y7
Fireworks (4th of July Special) The birds and pigs light the fireworks and celebrate it. This Is The 4th of July 2013 Special July 4, 2013 AB21 TV-Y7
The Big Dino Dig: Parts 1 and 2 The birds and pigs sees the dino bones and dig them. This is The Big Dino Dig July 11, 2013 (Part 1); July 12, 2013 (Part 2) AB22 TV-PG-V
Universal Studios Florida (Before The Season 1 Finale Episode) The birds and pigs go to Universal Studios Florida. Birds and Pigs July 13, 2013 AB23 TV-PG
Season 1 Finale The birds are having a Season 1 party and sees some Season 1 episodes and come back for the next season. This Is The Season 1 Finale July 13, 2013 AB24 TV-G

Season 2 (Mighty Hoax)

Name Plot Summary Wins (Many) Release Date Rating
Mighty Hoax The Birds get tricked by the pigs and they have to get their eggs back again. Birds August 29, 2013 TV-PG

Labor Day Celebration

The birds and pigs celebrate Labor Day by doing parades and barbecues. None September 2, 2013 TV-PG

The Pigs Finally Won

The pigs win by stealing the eggs and they are about to cook them, but don't worry. The birds get them back in the next episode. Pigs September 18, 2013 TV-PG-V

What Is That Thing?

The birds get their eggs back and decide to do something fun. They go to the park and find a mysterious bird like blob on the ground. Little do they know that blob is a trap.

Birds September 26, 2013 TV-PG-DV
Escape Route! The Birds get trapped from the bird-like blob in the last episode, but the Mighty Eagle survived, crushed the pigs, and saved the birds. Birds October 5, 2013 TV-PG-LV

The birds and pigs celebrate 1 year of being on their show and making a whole bunch of episodes.

None October 28, 2013 TV-G
Trick Or Eat (Halloween Special) The Pigs dress up in costumes and come to birds house. The pigs beg to get at least one egg and the birds make the biggest mistake of their life. Luckily, the birds get their egg back. Birds October 31, 2013 TV-PG-V
The Piggies' Cakes The pigs ate a delicious cake for Helmet Pig's birthday, and the birds weren't invited, so they didn't get to eat any cake. Pigs November 7, 2013 TV-PG
Thanksgiving For The Eggs! The pigs stole the eggs, stuffing, and all the food the birds have and they have to get it back. Birds November 18, 2013 TV-PG
Did The Pigs Quit? The pigs take a trip to Hawaii and the birds think they are moving and they gave up on stealing the eggs. Birds November 28, 2013 TV-Y7-FV
Solar Eclipse The birds and pigs get a glimpse at the solar eclipse, and the pigs think if they don't get the eggs by the end of the solar eclipse, they'll die. Birds December 11, 2013 TV-PG-V
Wreck The Halls The birds decide to play a christmas prank on the pigs by destroying their fortress. Birds December 25, 2013 TV-PG-V
New Year! The pigs and birds celebrate the new year of 2014. None January 1, 2014 TV-Y7
Winter Bummer The birds and pigs get a look at the blizzard that may destroy the birds fortress. Pigs January 15, 2014 TV-Y7-FV
Year of the Horse The birds and pigs celebrate Chinese New Year. None January 31, 2014 TV-Y7

Love Bird

Red bird's sister comes to town and he want's to think of a valentine, but the pigs are dying to ruin it. None, Red Bird's Sister Is Fighting February 14, 2014 TV-PG-DLSV
Time Travel The birds find a mysterious and huge device on the ground and find out it's a time machine. Birds March 2, 2014 TV-PG-V

Peace Declined!

The people in the town where the angry birds and pigs live decide to give the birds and pigs a peace treaty. They say they should get along but the birds and pigs decline the peace treaty Birds And Pigs March 10, 2014 TV-PG-D AB42

Saint Piggies' Day

The pigs and birds celebrate Saint Patrick's Day and the pigs try to trick the birds again. Birds March 17, 2014 TV-Y7-FV AB43

Spring Has Sprung!

The birds and pigs love the spring, and it's finally here! But like always, the pigs try to trick the birds. Birds March 21, 2014 TV-Y7 AB44

Futuristic Construction

The birds and pigs see that people are building a new futuristic city around where the Birds and Pigs Live. None April 5, 2014 TV-PG AB45

Give Up, Pigs!

The birds hate how the pigs steal their eggs and force the pigs to eat something else. Birds April 10, 2014 TV-PG-V AB46


The birds decide to move farther away from the pigs without them noticing so the pigs don't know where to find them. But the pigs eventually find where they live. Birds April 16, 2014 TV-PG AB47

House Inspection

The pigs' house have to be inspected and be asked a lot of questions, and if they miss one, they have to move to Oregon. Pigs April 27, 2014 TV-PG AB48

Cinco De Birdo

The birds and pigs celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but the pigs try to trick the birds by dressing up as mexican solicitors. Birds May 3, 2014 TV-PG-DV AB49

50 Episodes!

The birds and pigs celebrate and party because they have reached 50 episodes on Angry Birds Television. None May 12, 2014 TV-Y7 AB50

Acid Trip

The birds find a new game that the pigs made to trick the birds to make them have an acid trip and to give the pigs the eggs. Birds May 24, 2014 TV-PG-DLV AB51

Missing Eggs!

The birds wake up and find out that the eggs are gone. The birds go to the pigs house and look at every single place for 8 hours, but they find no luck. So if the pigs didn't take them, who did? Birds June 2, 2014 TV-PG AB52

iPod Rage

The orange bird (or Tyler) buys the new iPhone 4S for his family and uses Siri too much that Siri gets pshyco and insane. Birds June 17, 2014 TV-PG-DLV AB53

Beach Party

The birds and pigs go to beach for the first day of summer, swim, build sand castles and relax. None June 21, 2014 TV-Y7-FV AB54


The black bird wakes up one day and tries to blow up the pigs' fortress, but his powers don't work, so the other birds try to fix his powers. Birds June 27, 2014 TV-PG-DV AB55

Independence Birds

The birds and pigs celebrate the 4th Of July by blowing up fireworks and lighting firecrackers. None July 4, 2014 TV-Y7-FV AB56

The Eggs Are Back!

After more than a month for searching for the missing eggs, the birds finally found the thief. A duck! The duck thought the eggs were his and the birds explained that it wasn't his, so the duck gave the eggs back to the birds. Birds July 11, 2014 TV-PG-V AB57

Chef Oiseau

(Oiseau is french for bird) The green boomerang bird decides to become a celebrity chef and make the best gourmet dishes ever. Birds July 24, 2014 TV-PG AB58

The Rules Of Hatching

The birds have 2 eggs now, but one hatched, and there's only one more egg left! Out of the egg came a tiny purple bird! They tried to learn it's power and teach it to the baby, but's it too complicated. Birds August 1, 2014 TV-PG-DV AB59

Growing Up!

The new purple bird has grown up fast to become a kid, and the birds are very surprised. The pigs see that the birds are so in to that new child bird, that they think they're too distracted to notice the pigs from stealing the eggs. Birds August 10, 2014 TV-Y7-FV AB60

First Day Of School!

The new purple bird goes on his first day of kindergarten and is very, very nervous. But the birds encourage him to go because it's not that bad.

Birds August 28, 2014 TV-Y7 AB61

Labor Eggs

The birds and pigs celebrate Labor Days by lighting fireworks and doing most stuff that is on the 4th of July, except with Watermelons, Hot dogs, and better food. None September 1, 2014 TV-PG-V AB62


The birds and pigs' number one favorite season is Autumn, so they celebrate a party about it and have decorations like Autumn leaves and red, orange, and brown hangers that say "Happy Autumn!" None September 21, 2014 TV-Y7 AB63

Bacon Bacon Bacon

The pigs are watching youtube and they see EpicMealTime. They watch one of his videos and scream and run to the birds for help because on EpicMealTime, they use bacon. Pigs September 29, 2014 TV-PG-DLV AB64

Fame Birds

The birds are playing a game of Stack The States, but it gets boring so they decide to download a new game. They keep scrolling in the app store and find Angry Birds, and they think they're famous now. None October 8, 2014




Ham'O'Ween (Halloween Special)

The birds and pigs celebrate halloween and have a party at the birds house. The pigs aren't invited so they start raging and threatening the birds to get the eggs and get into the party. Birds (Orange Bird Is Big) October 31, 2014 TV-PG-DLV
Seasons Greedings The pigs and birds give each other gifts for the holidays. Birds and Pigs December 3, 2014 TV-Y7-FV
Season 2 Finale The birds and pigs are having a Season 2 party and sees some Season 2 episodes and come back for the next season. This Is The Season 2 Finale January 24, 2015 TV-G

Season 3 (Danger Above)

Name Plot Summary Wins (Many) Release Date Episode Product Code Rating
Danger Above The birds find that their eggs are stolen and the pigs unexpectedly float away from the birds with the eggs with balloons. Pigs February 1, 2015 AB69 TV-PG
Love Dove White bird falls in love with female white bird. Female white bird lays an egg. The pigs try to steal it. None February 14, 2015 AB70 TV-PG
Year of the Goat/Birth!

Year of the Goat: The birds and pigs celebrate Chinese New Year by having a goat.

Birth!: A tiny gray bird, the size of blue bird, hatched. The birds find out gray bird's power on the Angry Birds Fanon Wiki. The birds teach him his power to shoot apples.

None February 27, 2015 AB71 TV-PG-DV

The Last Egg

The pigs have one more chance of stealing the last egg. The birds try to protect as much as they can so it can hatch, but into what? Birds March 8, 2015 AB72 TV-PG-V

Greenie Weenies

The pigs and birds celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, but when the pigs try to steal the eggs they do it in a wimpy way. Birds and Pigs March 17, 2015 AB73 TV-PG


The birds and pigs go to the Simpsons land to see Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa, Bart and others. None March 24, 2015 AB74 TV-PG

April Hogs!

The birds and pigs play pranks and make eachother laugh on April Fools' Day. But the pigs pull their ultimate prank, getting the eggs! Birds April 1, 2015 AB75 TV-PG
Easter Chiller The birds celebrate Easter and inside the freezer, they sing "Chiller" by the Annoying Orange and smashes an earthquake and the birds won. Birds April 5, 2015 AB76 TV-PG-V

Matrix Bird Is Back!

The Matrix Bird that has the power to hypnotize pigs comes back to where the Angry Birds live. He's been gone before Angry Birds: Television was made! None April 16, 2015 AB77 TV-PG
The Birth of Pink Bird The pink bird hatches from the egg, so there is no more eggs. So female birds could lay more eggs. None April 20, 2015 AB78 TV-PG-D
Pink Bird Is Growing Up! The pink bird is at the age of 18 so he grows up as a girl. Pink Bird has a power to trapping objects in bubbles. Birds (Pink Bird She Wins) April 27, 2015 AB79 TV-PG
80 Episodes! The birds and pigs celebrate and party because they have reached 80 episodes on Angry Birds Television. None May 3, 2015 AB80 TV-Y7

Egg Acess

After 2-3 weeks of waiting for a new egg, the pigs finally get what they want. 4 more eggs! Unfortunately, the birds get those eggs back because they are new. In the end of this episode, a new egg hatches, and out comes gray bird! Now there are 3 eggs left. Birds May 15, 2015 AB81 TV-PG-D
Memorial Day Celebration The birds celebrating Memorial Day with parades, barbecues and the 21 gun salute with the chief. None May 25, 2015 AB82 TV-PG-V
Gray Bird Is Growing Up! Gray bird is growing up at the age of 18 as a girl. Gray Bird has a power to shoot apples. Birds (Gray Bird Wins) June 1, 2015 AB83 TV-PG-V
Summer Pignic The birds and pigs decide to celebrate the first day of Summer by having a picnic. None June 21, 2015 AB84 TV-Y7
4th of Bird-July The birds and pigs celebrating the 4th of July by blowing up fireworks and lighting firecrackers. None July 4, 2015 AB85 TV-PG-V

Like A Desert

The birds and pigs are caught in a drought, and they feel so overheated, they decide to stay in their house until the drought is gone. None July 11, 2015 AB86 TV-PG-V


The drought is gone by now, but some how, a blizzard started, and the birds and pigs struggle to survive and especially keep their eggs warm. None August 1, 2015 AB87 TV-PG

Dead Egg

The birds and pigs fail to keep one of their eggs warm because of the blizzard, so the bird growing inside it dies. There are 2 eggs that have living birds in it, but one of them has to be thrown away. None August 9, 2015 AB88 TV-PG-V

Back To Business

The blizzard evaporates from the heat, and the pigs head straight to start pranking the birds so the pigs can get the eggs. Birds August 16, 2015 AB89 TV-PG-V

Foreign Skies

(30 Minute Special)

The birds and pigs detect a very strange object in the sky that looks like a triangle. It made the whole sky green, so the birds decide to fight it, but the pigs tell them that it's not a good idea. But they do it anyway, and 2 weeks later they come out of the hospital. They say it was a UFO... The UFO August 24, 2015 AB90 TV-PG-V
Meeting the Angry Birds Team The birds and pigs go to Angry Birds Land and sees the Angry Birds Team. None August 27, 2015 AB91 TV-Y7


The birds find a babysitter for the young birds and eggs because the birds got injured last 2 episodes earlier than this one. The pigs actually feel sorry for the birds this time. None September 2, 2015 AB92 TV-PG-V
Labor Day Party The birds celebrating Labor Day by lighting fireworks and stuff for the 4th of July and foods like Barbecues, Watermelons, Potato Chips and more. None September 7, 2015 AB93 TV-Y7-FV

All Better!

The birds are feeling all better and they get their casts removed at the hospital, so the pigs keep on trying to steal the eggs.. like always. Birds September 15, 2015 AB94 TV-PG-V
The Bird's Camp The birds are going to camp and the pigs try to steal eggs. Will the birds get them back home? Birds September 22, 2015 AB95 TV-PG

50 Reasons To Like Autumn

It's the beginning of Autumn, and that's the birds and pigs favorite season, so they tell you 50 reasons to like Autumn. None September 27, 2015 AB96 TV-Y7
Zoo Trip The birds and pigs take a trip to the zoo. None October 1, 2015 AB97 TV-PG
Cricket World Cup The birds and pigs go to the 2015 Cricket Championships. None October 4, 2015 AB98 TV-PG
Bird It Out The birds sing "Bird It Out", a parody of "Walk It Out" by Unk. None October 7, 2015 AB99 TV-PG
100th Episode Celebration The birds and pigs celebrate the accomplishment of 100 episodes on Angry Birds Television. None October 10, 2015 AB100 TV-G

3rd Anniversary!

The birds are celebrating 3 years of the TV series and makes a whole bunch of episodes. None October 28, 2015 AB101 TV-Y7
Halloweenies The birds and pigs celebrate Halloween by giving eachother candy, but like always, the pigs try to prank the birds into getting the eggs. Birds (expect Pigs) October 31, 2015 AB102 TV-PG-V
Pizza Caper The pigs steal Boomerang Bird's pizza, and Boomerang Bird had an idea, and get his pizza back. Birds November 4, 2015 AB103 TV-PG

How Long Will It Last?

The birds and pigs try to find out when Angry Birds Television will be canceled. None November 12, 2015 AB104 TV-G


The birds celebrate Thanksgiving, and the pigs try to crash the party by stealing the turkey, stuffing, the other Thanksgiving food, and... the eggs. Birds November 25, 2015 AB105 TV-PG-V


The birds and pigs enter the lottery, and extremely luckily, blue bird won. Now he is sharing his wealth to the other birds, and the pigs try to steal the 1 billion dollars. And the eggs. Birds December 8, 2015 AB106 TV-PG-V

Chistmas Hatching!

A new tiny bird, the Green Balloon Bird, hatches from an egg on Christmas, which makes his birthday on Christmas. The pigs say he is extremely lucky, and King Pig decides to change his birthday to Christmas. Birds December 25, 2015 AB107 TV-PG-DV

King Pig's Real Birthday

The pigs try to celebrate King Pig's birthday, which is definitely not on Christmas, by giving him presents. The best present? Probably the eggs. Birds January 6, 2016 AB108 TV-Y7-FV

Distant Family

The birds and pigs go to strange places to meet for the first time, their most distant cousins, uncles, and aunts. None January 27, 2016 AB109 TV-PG

Season 3 Finale

The birds and pigs celebrate the success of making 3 seasons, and they come back for Season 4. None February 3, 2016 AB110 TV-Y7

Season 4 (The Big Setup)

Name Plot Summary

Wins (Many)

Release Date Episode Product Code Rating

The Big Setup

All the birds have been captured by the pigs except Boomerang Bird and Big Brother Bird, and those 2 birds have to get other birds! Birds February 6, 2016 AB111 TV-PG

Year of the Monkey

The birds and pigs celebrating Chinese New Year by blow up fireworks and lighting chinese firecrackers. For our new year reunion dinner, the pigs will not steal eggs anymore. None February 8, 2016 AB112 TV-PG


The birds and pigs go on the Titanic. None

February 13, 2016

USA at Last! The birds and pigs arrive in New York City after the Titanic sank. None February 18, 2016 AB114 TV-PG-V


The rest of the birds got rescued, and the birds start beating the heck out of the pigs for revenge. Birds March 2, 2016 AB115 TV-PG-V
Fruit Noodles? The pigs turn fruit salad into fruit noodles with a ray gun. Pigs March 12, 2016 AB116 TV-Y7
St. Fruity Day The birds and pigs celebrate St. Patrick Day by eating green fruits and vegetables and wearing green shirts. None March 17, 2016 AB117 TV-PG
Easter Candy The birds and pigs celebrate Easter by eating candy. None March 27, 2016 AB118 TV-Y7

Cola Caper

The pigs try to steal Big Brother Bird's Coca-Cola because they heard that it was the best coke in the world. The pigs end up stealing it, and it tastes gross to them. So Big Brother Bird gets it back. Birds March 30, 2016 AB119 TV-PG-V

April Foolers

The birds start playing funny pranks on the pigs because it's April Fool's Day. Meanwhile, the pigs try to play a trick on the birds to get the eggs. Birds April 1, 2016 AB120 TV-PG

Stormy Weather

The birds and pigs experience their first hurricane, and this hurricane is bad. It almost tore the birds' house down! But it completely destroyed the pigs' house. None April 6, 2016 AB121 TV-Y7-FV

Damage, Destruction, Fixed

The hurricane that the pigs and birds experienced is over. It tore the pigs house down and half of the birds' house down. Luckily, they all have insurance, so their houses get fixed. Birds and Pigs April 13, 2016 AB122 TV-PG-V
London Horizon The birds go to London, but the pigs steal the eggs. The birds get them back eventually. Birds April 18, 2016 AB123 TV-PG-V

The New iPad

Orange bird gets the new iPad with Retina display that's very thin and sleek. He shares it with the other birds too. The pigs get jealous and try to steal the iPad with Retina display, but as always, they fail. Birds April 25, 2016 AB124 TV-PG
Mexico Meals The birds and pigs having special Mexican gourmet feasts for Cinco De Mayo. None May 5, 2016 AB125 TV-PG


Tyler discovers that he is amazing at golf, so he leaves the birds to be a famous golf player. He comes back in the end. None May 16, 2016 AB126 TV-PG

Nerd Birds

The birds start studying technology more than they ever did to make a security system that can keep the pigs away from the eggs. You can say the birds are "Nerd Birds" now, but without the glasses. Birds May 25, 2016 AB127 TV-PG

Our Location

The birds and pigs use Google Maps and find out they live in Chicago, Illinois. None June 3, 2016 AB128 TV-Y7
Our Money is Gone! The pigs steal the bird's money. The birds must chase the pigs all over Chicago to get back their money. The birds finally succeed when they get the money back and throw the pigs off of Willis Tower. Birds June 15, 2016 AB129 TV-PG-V
Piglantis The pigs start building an underwater fortress so they can have fun in the Summer. The birds try to get in, but the door to inside says, "NO BIRDS ALLOWED". So the birds try to brake into their underwater fortress. Birds June 20, 2016 AB130 TV-PG

We Stop There, We Get There and Good

The birds and pigs see a sign saying "Under Construction". This is a construction of the upcoming Angry Birds Carnival. None June 25, 2016 AB131 TV-Y7
Season 4 Finale The birds and pigs celebrate the success of making 4 seasons and return for Season 5. None June 30, 2016



Season 5 (Ham Em High)


Plot Summary

Wins (Many) Release Date Episode Product Code Rating
Ham 'Em High The birds and pigs decide to move to the countryside, learn the cowboy ways, and become one. You can now say they are "cowpigs" and "cowbirds". Birds July 2, 2016 AB133 TV-PG-V
From Delaware to Hawaii The birds and pigs travel to all 50 states for Independence Day. None July 4, 2016 AB134 TV-PG-V
Draw and Jump The birds get sucked into an iPhone and they get trapped in doodle jump. They decide to jump and have fun so they can help the green doodle alien. Later, they get sucked back into the real world and they are dissapointed. None July 7, 2016 AB135 TV-PG
California Chaos The pigs start desroying Los Angeles, and the birds try to stop them. The pigs end up blowing up the US Bank Tower and almost stole the space shuttle Endeavor. Birds July 11, 2016 AB136 TV-PG-V
The Ice Bird is Coming! The birds are meeting Ice Bird in space but the pigs trap Ice Bird. Birds July 21, 2016 AB137 TV-Y7-FV
Wake Up Black Bird! The Black Bird is sleeping and acting like Big Brother Bird because he sleeps A LOT. The birds need to wake him up before the pigs gets him to jail! Birds July 25, 2016 AB138 TV-PG
Back to Chicago The birds and pigs move into an apartment building in Chicago. None July 31, 2016 AB139 TV-PG
The Mighty Jungle The birds and pigs go to the Amazon Rainforest. None August 6, 2016 AB140 TV-Y7
The Birds are Trapped in Jail The pigs are going to trap the birds in jail. Pigs August 10, 2016 AB141 TV-PG-V
The Giga Bird is Coming! The Giga Bird destroys the pigs then the birds finds and save him. Birds August 14, 2016 AB142 TV-PG-V
Birds vs. Windows Vista The birds are in Windows Vista and trapped by pigs, will they get back to the island or they will be trapped forever? Birds August 20, 2016 AB143 TV-PG
Pigs' Adventure The pigs find the birds and trap them into the pigs' house so they won't find the eggs. Pigs August 27, 2016 AB143 TV-PG-V
Hot Potatoes with... Pigs?! The pigs makes hot potatoes then sings the Hot Potato by The Wiggles. Then the birds grads pigs. None September 6, 2016 AB144 TV-Y7
In The Temple The birds and pigs play Temple Run. None September 13, 2016 AB145 TV-Y7-FV

Autumn Party 2016

The birds and pigs celebrate their favorite season, Autumn by having a really big party for people who love Autumn. None September 23, 2016 AB146 TV-PG

New Plans?

The birds are trying to see what the pigs are up to, and they see that they are planning to hide the eggs underground by mining. The birds are ready to deal with this, so they start learning how to mine. Birds September 30, 2016 AB147 TV-PG
Did You Know? The birds and pigs want to know that Season 5 is going to end. The answer is... April 3, 2017! None October 11, 2016 AB148 TV-G
Mining Is Banned! The pigs are done planning their mining ban program to get the eggs, and the birds try to get rid of their plan. Birds October 16, 2016 AB149 TV
150 Episodes! The birds and pigs celebrate a party because it has reached 150 episodes. None October 20, 2016 AB150 TV-Y7
Itsy Bisty... ICE CREAM? The birds are singing "Isty Bisty Spider" for Halloween, Then the birds end singing "Isty Bisty... ICE CREAM?". The pigs steal the eggs. Birds October 31, 2016 AB151 TV-Y7
Holidays Around the World The birds and pigs travel around the world for holidays such as Chinese New Year in China, Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan, Summer in Hawaii, Cinco de Mayo in Mexico and Christmas in the Arctic. None November 4, 2016 AB152 TV-PG

A Cannibal Feast?

The birds eat some turkey for thanksgiving, but they realize soon that turkey is a bird too, and they think that they're cannibals because the birds ate their own kind. None November 24, 2016 AB153 TV-PG-LV
The Carnival! Angry Birds Carnival opens on November 29, 2016. None December 2, 2016 AB154 TV-PG
Operation: Candy The birds and pigs get candy for the store, throughout the Fat Pig eats candy and steals the eggs. The birds and pigs together fight the fat pig. Birds and Pigs December 9, 2016 AB155 TV-PG
The Birds' Money The pigs are lucky to get the money and eggs. The birds are going to fight the pigs. Birds December 16, 2016 AB156 TV-PG
Birds and Pigs vs. Snowman The birds and pigs celebrate Christmas by fighting a snowman and the birds and pigs won. Birds and Pigs December 25, 2016 AB157 TV-PG-V
New Year Countdown The birds and pigs countdown to the new year of 2017. None December 31, 2016 AB158 TV-PG-D
Cleaning Up The birds and pigs have to clean up after the New Years' party, and it isnt as easy as they thought it would be None January 4, 2017 AB159 TV-PG-V
Buffalo Pigs The pigs meet a buffalo who wants to help them steal the eggs. Pigs January 10, 2017 AB160 TV-PG
Remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr The birds and pigs remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. None January 16, 2017 AB161 TV-Y7-FV
Crazy Pigs The pigs go crazy and the birds are sorry that the pigs go to the hospital. None January 26, 2017 AB162 TV-PG
Year of the Rooster The birds and pigs celebrate Chinese New Year by having a reunion dinner, giving red envelopes with the god of wealth, blow up fireworks and lighting chinese firecrackers, the rooster came to life. It is called the Fire Rooster. None January 28, 2017 AB163 TV-PG-V
Groundhog Pigs The birds celebrate Groundhog Day, and the pigs get the eggs. Pigs February 2, 2017 AB164 TV-PG-V
White Bird Is Trapped! The pigs trap White Bird in a cage. The pigs steal the eggs. Then the birds (except White Bird) will have to fight the pigs. Then the White Bird is free. Birds (except White Bird) February 5, 2017 AB165 TV-PG-V
Love Pigs The birds and pigs celebrate Valentine's Day. Then one of the blue birds falls in love with another bird. None February 14, 2017 AB166 TV-PG-DV
Travel In The Big Red Car The birds and pigs go to ride the Big Red Car in Dreamland. None February 17, 2017 AB167 TV-Y7
Tunnel Bird is Born! The birds and pigs sees a egg in the nest. Then the egg hatched into a tunnel bird. The Helmet Pig searches a Tunnel Bird a power. The birds and pigs teach him the power. None February 25, 2017 AB168 TV-PG-V
Shopping The birds and pigs go shopping at Wal-Mart. They have to get the milk, eggs, bananas, butter and more stuff. None March 2, 2017 AB169 TV-Y7
Discover Ireland The birds and pigs go to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day. None March 17, 2017 AB170 TV-PG
Allergies Boomerang eats something he has never eaten before, and gets sick since he was allergic to it. None March 25, 2017 AB171 TV-PG
Season 5 Finale The birds and pigs celebrate the success of making 5 seasons and return for Season 6. None April 3, 2017 AB172 TV-PG

Season 6 (Mine And Dine)

Name Plot Summary Wins (Many) Release Date Episode Product Code Rating

Mine And Dine

The pigs finally decide that they are going to go underground to hide the eggs there. The birds know, so they go underground with the pigs to stop them. None April 5, 2017 AB173 TV-PG
Fetch Those Things! The birds help Ruff Ruffman in Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman world. The pigs try to stop the birds and steal the eggs. Birds April 7, 2017 AB174 TV-Y7

Easter Eggs

The birds and pigs celebrate Easter by hunting some easter eggs. Birds and Pigs April 16, 2017 AB175 TV-PG-V

Season 6 Is Not Going To End

The birds and pigs might notice that Season 6 is going to end. The answer is... November 28, 2018! None April 22, 2017 AB176 TV-Y7
Quest For The Golden Egg (1 hour special) The birds and pigs find out about a golden egg at Lost Island, and they race to the egg to get it. Birds April 26, 2017 AB177 TV-PG-V

Cinco de Eggs

The birds and pigs celebrate Cinco de Mayo by having gourmet Mexican food. None May 5, 2017 AB178 TV-PG
Chicago Stroll The birds take a walk around Chicago. The pigs steal the eggs while the birds are gone. Birds May 17, 2017 AB179 TV-PG
Fancy Egg The birds find a striped egg in their nest along with the three normal eggs and the golden egg. None May 25, 2017 AB180 TV-PG
For The Summer The birds and pigs leave Chicago to take a vacation to Florida. None June 21, 2017 AB181 TV-PG
A New Bird! The striped egg hatched at 2:18 AM. The new Striped Bird is born. The pigs captured Striped Bird and the eggs. Birds June 23, 2017 AB182 TV-PG-V
Whats His Power? The birds try to find out Striped Bird's power, and were dissapointed when the Angry Birds Wiki said he is unplayable. None June 24, 2017 AB183 TV-PG
Game Mania The pigs buy a video game and challenge the birds at it. They don't know at first that it's just a distraction for the pigs to get the eggs. Birds June 29, 2017 AB184 TV-PG-V

Attack Of The Sun (1 Hour Special)

The birds and pigs suffer another raging drought/heat wave from the sun. It was caused by the sun releasing massive ammounts of radiation, heat, light, and solar flares disrupting the Earth's magnetosphere. Blackouts sweep the nation, and the birds and pigs struggle to survive. None July 1, 2017 AB185 TV-PG-LV

Independence Pigs

The birds and pigs celebrate Independence Day by lighting up firecrackers, blowing up fireworks and eating delicious meals with watermelon. None July 4, 2017 AB186 TV-PG

Cooling Down

The drought that struck where the Angry Birds live is now all gone. The birds can get back to business and protect their eggs, while the pigs try to get them. Birds And Pigs July 12, 2017 AB187 TV-PG

Moving Out

Matrix Bird (SpongeTechX) tells the birds that they all need to move out, because a huge tornado is about to strike Chicago. So the birds pack up their things and move to Piggy Island. Little do they know the pigs were moving as well, with the birds. Birds July 20, 2017 AB188 TV-PG-V

Hot and Cold

The pigs get cold for the winter because they went to the Arctic to get out of the heat, but the birds stayed on Piggy Island, and the birds get hot for the summer. None July 25, 2017 AB189 TV-PG

190 Episodes!

The birds and pigs having a party because it has reached 190 episodes. None July 27, 2017 AB190 TV-PG

Yummy Waffles!

The birds and pigs eat waffles to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Korean Air Flight 801 crashed in the jungle. None August 6, 2017 AB191 TV-PG-V

Are You Annoying?

(1 Hour Special)

The birds meet Annoying Orange in Annoying Orange World. The pigs steal the eggs and the birds fight the pigs and the Annoying Orange grads birds. Birds August 11, 2017 AB192 TV-PG

Dig, Dig, Dig

The birds and pigs decide that they want to be living the fancy life, so they dig and mine underground to find ancient riches and minerals. None August 18, 2017 AB193 TV-PG-V

Chinese Zodiac

(50 Minute Special)

The birds and pigs want to know the date of birth for the Chinese Zodiac. None August 22, 2017 AB194 TV-PG

Getting Strong!

The birds are getting their muscles strong, and the pigs steal the eggs and the birds punch the pigs. Birds August 31, 2017 AB195 TV-PG-V

Labor Day Pizzas

The birds and pigs having pizzas for Labor Day. None September 4, 2017 AB196 TV-PG

New Commercial

The birds and pigs make a commercial of the upcoming Cheez-It Angry Birds. None September 8, 2017 AB197 TV-PG

Blue Bird Loves Cotton Candy!

The blue bird gets cotton candy and the pigs steal Blue Bird's Cotton Candy. Blue Bird September 12, 2017 AB198 TV-PG-V


The birds sing "BIRD", a parody of "YMCA" by The Village People. None September 15, 2017 AB199 TV-PG

200th Episode Celebration

The birds and pigs celebrate the accomplishment of 200 episodes on Angry Birds Television. None September 20, 2017 AB200 TV-Y7-FV
Jim Henson's Birthday The birds and pigs celebrate Jim Henson's Birthday. But always, he was died in 1990. None September 24, 2017 AB201 TV-PG-V

Request for the Popcorn Kernel

(40 Minute Special)

The birds and pigs go to space to get the giant popcorn kernel. Pigs September 30, 2017 AB202 TV-PG-V
No! The pigs steal the eggs and the birds, and then the birds yell "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!", Then the birds fight the pigs. Birds October 12, 2017 AB203 TV-PG-V
Too Much Noise? The baby birds make a noise of chirping and the pigs get annoyed. None October 22, 2017 AB204 TV-PG-V

Too Much Candy?

(1 Hour Special)

The birds celebrate halloween, but the pigs try to stop the birds from getting candy, but the birds get candy anyways, but they get.. too much! Birds October 31, 2017 AB205 TV-PG-V

Welcome To Heaven

King pig wants the eggs so bad, that he punches yellow bird a little too hard, and yellow bird has a near death experience, and he goes to heaven for 1 hour, then he comes back to Earth. Birds November 3, 2017 AB206 TV-PG-V

Heikki Speedway

The birds get to visit the Heikki Speedway, and see Terrence race against the pigs. Terrence won, and the birds give him a medal. Birds November 10, 2017 AB207 TV-PG-V

Thanksgiving To All!

The birds celebrate Thanksgiving by having a big party, and even the pigs are invited. None November 23, 2017 AB208 TV-PG

Global Freezing?

Winter strikes early in December, and the birds and pigs are confused, because they thought winter came on December 21st. The birds and pigs investigate, and they find out Winter is going to last until June next year, which isn't normal. None December 1, 2017 AB209 TV-PG

I'm Allergic To Winter

The blue bird (Split) has been getting lots of allergies since Winter came.. and he's beginning to think that he may be Allergic to Winter. None December 9, 2017 AB210 TV-PG-V

Christmas Carols

The birds and pigs celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, but before they open presents from their family, they go to sing Christmas carols to houses. After they sing, they open presents from their families, then they go to sleep to wait for gifts from Santa, and they wake up to find an OCEAN full of gifts! None December 20, 2017 AB211 TV-PG

2018, The Technology Year

The birds and pigs celebrate the new year of 2018, and they discover that technology will be WAAAYYY better this year, so they get excited. None January 1, 2018 AB212 TV-PG

Ew! It's Muggy!

The birds and pigs HATE being muggy, especially when the muggiest month comes by, January. They have to stay in pure muggyness, and it's not comfortable. None January 9, 2018 AB213 TV-PG-L

Cabin Fever

The birds and pigs are trying to get along with eachother, but a huge blizzard strikes Angry Birds Island, and it may be the worst blizzard that EVER struck Angry Birds Island, and the pigs are trapped in the birds house until the blizzard goes away. None January 16, 2018 AB214 TV-PG-V

Imma Be Hatin' Winter

The birds and pigs sing a very long rap song about how they hate Winter. None January 24, 2018 AB215 TV-PG

The Vortex

The birds find a mysterious vortex up in their attic, and they get worried that it might try to suck the birds in the vortex, and it did. They get transported a world full of warfare in the future, and it was caused from the birds and pigs fighting over the eggs too much. So they go back to the real world and the birds and pigs agree to not fight over the eggs as much.

None February 1, 2018 AB216 TV-PG-V

Let's Be Lovebirds

Female Red Bird falls in love with Red Bird, and they struggle to find the perfect valentine for eachother, but Red Bird writes his own Valentine, which may be about the best valentine ever. Female Red Bird loves it so much, that she asks to marry Red Bird, and Red Bird says yes. None February 10, 2018 AB217 TV-PG-DV

Year of the Dog

The birds and pigs celebrate Chinese New Year By eating healthy Chinese food, and lighting Chinese lanterns. None February 16, 2018 AB218 TV-PG

Hatching, Hatching!

A small bird named Mint Bird (Minty) hatches out of an egg! Now that there are 2 eggs, the pigs have to try and get those 2 eggs before there are no eggs left! Birds February 24, 2018 AB219 TV-PG

Frost City

The birds and pigs realize that the temperature on Angry Birds Island has gotten way colder than before. In fact, it's gotten so cold that some people on Angry Birds Island are stuck in huge ice cubes, so the birds and pigs decide to stay inside and NEVER go outside until Winter is over. None March 1, 2018 AB220 TV-PG-V

There Aint' No St. Patricks Day

Because of the harsh, cold weather, the birds and pigs have to stay inside, and they can't celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year, so they get disappointed. None March 15, 2018 AB221 TV-PG-V

Winter Isn't Gone!

Because of the "Global Freezing" that happened in December 2017, Spring hasn't sprung yet, and the birds and pigs have to wait until June for Spring to come. None March 21, 2018 AB222 TV-PG

Winter Fools?

The birds and pigs tells prank for April Fools Day with cold weather, and is stroke to celebrate Easter. None April 1, 2018 AB223 TV-PG

Harsh Marsh

The birds and pigs finally celebrated Easter, but they are playing Harsh Marsh. None April 5, 2018 AB224 TV-PG-V

The Space Eagle's Revenge

(2 Hour Special Movie)

The birds and pigs start their first movie on Angry Birds: Television, and this movie will have a bunch of action. It all starts on Angry Birds Island, and the birds and pigs are trying to heat up from the coldness. Suddenly, an explosion is heard, so they go towards the explosion and investigate. They find.. The Space Eagle. The Space Eagle wants to get revenge on the pigs, so the birds get ready for their most extreme war ever. Birds

June 17, 2018


The Sun Is Like An Oven

The birds and pigs have to deal with harsh and really hot temperatures rising over 110 degrees fahrenheit, and the birds and pigs say they're "Being Baked". None June 27, 2018 AB226 TV-PG-V

Independence Day, But with Firecrackers!

The birds and pigs start lighting many firecrackers for the 4th of July. None July 4, 2018 AB227 TV-PG
Camping Trip The birds and pigs go to a camping trip. None July 16, 2018 AB228 TV-PG
The Farm The birds and pigs go to a farm. None July 27, 2018 AB229 TV-PG
Landed on a Vortex

(2 Hour Special Movie)

The birds and pigs start their second movie on Angry Birds: Television. The movie starts on Angry Birds Island for the birds and pigs and the purple portal came and transforms the space birds and space pigs, but they landed on a... VORTEX. None August 2, 2018 AB230 TV-PG-V
The Upcoming Chinese New Year Episode The birds and pigs announced the upcoming Chinese New Year episode called "Year of the Pig", coming February 5, 2019 for Season 7. None August 7, 2018 AB231 TV-PG
Meet the Mighty Dragon The birds and pigs meet the Mighty Dragon himself. None August 14, 2018 AB232 TV-PG-V
The Treasure of Rainbow Beard

(1 Hour Special)

The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon sees a magic bottle and the birds (except Yellow Bird), pigs and Mighty Dragon says "One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go!" and sees the Rainbow Beard the Pirate out of the magic bottle. None August 22, 2018 AB233 TV-PG-DLV
Water Rocket The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon launch a water rocket for Malaysian Independence Day. None August 31, 2018 AB234 TV-PG
1st Day of September The pigs steal the eggs for the first day of September! But the birds and Mighty Dragon fights the pigs. Birds and Mighty Dragon September 1, 2018 AB235 TV-PG
Labor Day Is Late! The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon is late for Labor Day Celebration at 12:30PM. None September 3, 2018 AB236 TV-PG
Striped Bird's First Day of School Striped Bird is excited for the first day of school. None September 13, 2018 AB237 TV-PG
Autumn Party 2018 The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon's favorite season is Autumn, and play the brown, red and orange leaves. None September 24, 2018 AB238 TV-PG
Colorful Magic! The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon go to color land and all of the colors came. None October 3, 2018 AB239 TV-PG
Take All the Trash! The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon take the trash. None October 16, 2018 AB240 TV-PG
Firework Fuse Test The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon lights our firework fuse test. None October 28, 2018 AB241 TV-PG
Halloween Trick-or-treating The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon go trick-or-treating with candy. None October 31, 2018 AB242 TV-PG-V
November Happenings The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon are tired this late November. None November 2, 2018 AB243 TV-PG
Tracking Seeds The birds and Mighty Dragon track some chicken seeds and give seeds to the chickens. The birds and Mighty Dragon take the eggs, the pigs have to steal it. Birds and Mighty Dragon November 8, 2018 AB244 TV-PG-V
Veteran's Day for Birds, Pigs and Mighty Dragon The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon celebrates Veteran's Day and declared July 4, 1776. None November 11, 2018 AB245 TV-PG
Thanksgiving Jerky The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon celebrate Thanksgiving 2018 by eating turkey, but they are beef jerky. But Red Bird is confused and says "We better get to a Season 6 Finale!". None November 22, 2018 AB246 TV-PG
Season 6 Finale The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon celebrate the success of making 6 seasons, and return for Season 7. None November 28, 2018 AB247 TV-PG

Season 7 (Birdday Party)

Name Plot Summary Wins (Many) Release Date Episode Product Code Rating
Birdday Party The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon celebrate the game's 9th birthday. None December 11, 2018 AB248 TV-PG
Christmas Will Never Be Late! The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon celebrate the Christmas morning of 2018 by opening presents and play in the snow. None December 25, 2018 AB249 TV-PG
Happy New Year of 2019 The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon celebrate the new year of 2019. None January 1, 2019 AB250 TV-PG

Pedal To The Medal

The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon enter the Heikki Race Competition 2019, and the birds and Mighty Dragon install a secret device that makes their car go way faster than normal. The pigs don't know that, but still, the pigs actually WIN, which is very suprising. Pigs January 12, 2019 AB251 TV-PG-V

Dawn of Time

(1 Hour Special Movie)

The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon start their third movie on Angry Birds: Television. When the pigs create a time machine and plan to go back in time and steal eggs from the dinosaur era, the birds must find a way to stop them, but something goes terribly wrong. Birds (Birds, Pigs and Mighty Dragon after the movie) January 26, 2019 AB252 TV-PG-V

Year of the Pig

The birds, pigs and Mighty Dragon celebrate Chinese New Year 2019 (Earth Pig Year) by having a reunion dinner, giving red envelopes with the god of wealth, blow up fireworks and lighting chinese firecrackers. None February 5, 2019 AB253 TV-PG

The Hoax

The birds and Mighty Dragon are waiting for the newest iPad 5 to come out, but they can't wait any longer, so they go inside a time machine to the future to get it. It seems that the iPad 5 was a joke, and the birds and Mighty Dragon get really angry. Birds and Mighty Dragon February 14, 2019 AB254 TV-PG

Mighty Dragon Is Moving

The birds and pigs say goodbye to the Mighty Dragon because he is moving. The Mighty Dragon has to move because his grandmother died a few weeks ago, and they have to do a funeral. Mighty Dragon also has to move to live with his family and take care of his kids. None March 3, 2019 AB255 TV-PG-V

Nothing Can Stop Me Now (35 Minute Special)

The pigs plan an attack on the flock's building with a nuclear atom bomb. The birds are warned just in time, and they escape the building. The pigs have failed, so they get ready for a war with the birds. Birds March 12, 2019 AB256 TV-PG-V


Striped Bird has been acting strange and mean lately, so their parents ground him for 1 week, resulting in bad circumstances. Striped Bird gets so mad from being punished, that he tries to break down the house. The birds won't let that happen, so their parents ground him for 1 more month. Birds March 20, 2019 AB257 TV-PG-V


The birds' parents unground Striped Bird because Striped Bird was being very good and doing chores. None March 26, 2019 AB258 TV-PG

Mac and Cheese

The birds and pigs pranks jokes for April Fool's Day. The birds play the ultimate prank, and they pour mac and cheese all over the birds and pigs, so they have to clean-up. None April 1, 2019 AB259 TV-PG

260 Episodes!

The birds and pigs have a party because it has reached 260 episodes long. None April 14, 2019 AB260 TV-PG

Easter Eggs Around The World

The birds and pigs discover China, Australia, Japan, Mexico and Taiwan by hunting for some easter eggs around the world for Easter. None April 17, 2019 (China)
April 18, 2019 (Australia)
April 19, 2019 (Japan)
April 20, 2019 (Mexico)
April 21, 2019 (Taiwan)

Your Choice for Lunch

The birds and pigs go to McDonald's to get a 20 Piece Chicken McNuggets, Small Fries, and 5 Cheeseburgers. None April 30, 2019 AB262 TV-PG

The Fair

The birds and pigs get separated at the fair. None May 2, 2019 AB263 TV-PG

Smoothie Ninja

The birds make Angry Smoothie with ninja. The pigs steal the birds' Angry Smoothie. Birds May 17, 2019 AB264 TV-PG-V

The Jumble Sale

White Bird makes the birds and pigs give all his old things to the jumble sale. None May 26, 2019 AB265 TV-PG

Green Day

The birds and pigs see the Green Day Piggies and sing Oh Love, and they have to fight the Green Day Piggies. Birds and Pigs June 7, 2019 AB266 TV-PG

The Swimming Pool

(40 Minute Summer Special)

The birds and pigs go to the pool. None June 21, 2019 AB267 TV-PG

Season 7 Finale

The birds and pigs celebrate the success of making 7 seasons, and return for Season 8. None June 29, 2019



Season 8 (Surf And Turf)


Plot Summary Wins (Many) Release Date Episode Product Code Rating
Surf And Turf The birds and pigs go surfing at Miami, Florida, and they decide to move there for a while because it is so beautiful. None July 1, 2019 AB269 TV-PG

TNT Fireworks

The birds and pigs go to the TNT Fireworks Shop and get 15 products such as Encore, Tantrum, Electrical Storm, 80/16 Red Devil Firecrackers, Red Devil Firecrackers M-1000, Titanium Firecracker 12/40, Show of Strength and more brands of fireworks. None July 3, 2019 AB270 TV-PG-V

4th of Pigs

The birds and pigs celebrate the 4th of July of 2019 by lighting 15 product TNT fireworks, eating delicious treats and watermelons, and lighting lots of explosives. They better be careful though, because the explosives could blow their hands off... None July 4, 2019 AB271 TV-PG-V

Pig Prank Day

The birds decide to make their own holiday where they scare the pigs and prank them all day, the holiday date is July 11, and the holiday is named, "Pig Prank Day". Birds July 11, 2019 AB272 TV-PG-V

Whistling Moon Traveller

The birds and pigs must light the whistling moon traveller which is a special brand of a TNT Firework. None July 17, 2019 AB273 TV-PG

The Monkey Land Demolition

The birds and pigs see a sign saying "Demolition In Progress". This is a demolition of Monkey Land and construction of the upcoming Monkey Carnival. None July 26, 2019 AB274 TV-PG

Studyin' For School

The birds and pigs have to study for school, because it is coming up soon in September. None August 2, 2019 AB275 TV-PG

Rehearsing "Year of the Rat"

The birds and pigs rehearse the Year of the Rat, coming January 25, 2020. None August 11, 2019 AB276 TV-PG

Welcome to Candy Land

The birds and pigs go to the new carnival called, candy land. None August 17, 2019 AB277 TV-PG

The Battle's Over

The pigs won, and the battle's over with the birds. Pigs August 21, 2019 AB278 TV-PG-V


Black Bird defeats the pigs because he is going to explode. Black Bird August 27, 2019 AB279 TV-PG-V

280 Episodes!

The birds and pigs have a party because it has reached 280 episodes. None August 30, 2019 AB280 TV-PG

Back to School

The birds and pigs go back to school. None September 11, 2019 AB281 TV-PG

The Magic Egg

(60 Minute Special)

The birds and pigs find a green egg in the middle of nowhere. It is very mysterious to them. None September 14, 2019 AB282 TV-PG

Magic Egg Hatched

Boxing Bird has hatched at 12:00 Midnight on September 20, 2019. None September 20, 2019 AB283 TV-PG

Autumn Has Come

The birds and pigs celebrate the beginning of Autumn for 2019, and this year, it will be an epic Autumn. You could say the birds and pigs love Autumn so much, that they made a holiday about it. None September 24, 2019 AB284 TV-PG

Heikki Autumn Competition 2019

The birds go to cheer for Big Brother Bird because he is racing against the pigs, and some other birds. King Pig, Helmet Pig, and Moustache Pig decide to ruin the race, and unfortunately the pigs win. Pigs October 5, 2019 (Starts Angryctober Event, An event where there are episodes airing every day until October 10.) AB285 TV-PG-DV

Lollipop, Lollipop

The birds and pigs go to a lollipop store, they buy the lollipops for a treat but they just don't know the lollipops have poison in it. The birds and pigs become sick the next day and they call truce for now. So, King Pig decides to go and sue the lollipop company they got the candy from, and King Pig finds a cure for all of the birds and pigs. He gives it to them and the next day, everyone is all better. Birds and Pigs October 6, 2019 AB286 TV-PG-V

Angry Candy. Inc

Orange Bird starts his own candy company that could become very well-known and popular. It's called Angry Candy. He starts selling as much candy as he can, and he makes thousands of dollars. Orange Bird October 7, 2019 AB287 TV-PG

What Happens Next?

The birds and pigs start running out of ideas for Angry Birds: Television, and they decide to cancel it. There were wars on Facebook, Twitter, and a lot of other social networking sites telling eachother that they wanted Angry Birds: Television to be canceled, and others said that they wanted Angry Birds: Television to stay. The birds and pigs didn't know which one to pick, so they just decided to come up with the best ideas that they can think of and still run the show. None October 8, 2019 AB288 TV-PG-L

Journey To Halloween

The birds and pigs can't wait for Halloween any longer, so they make up their own Holiday called, "Early Halloween". They go to lots of houses but they have no luck because every door they go too, the person says, "IT'S NOT HALLOWEEN, GET OUTTA HERE!", So the birds and pigs just decide to have an Early Halloween party at the birds' house, and they still have fun at the party. None October 9, 2019 AB289 TV-PG

Moustache Pig's Birthday

Everybody on Angry Birds Island is invited to Moustache Pigs birthday party. The birds don't want to come, so the pigs get revenge and try to steal the eggs. Birds October 10, 2019 AB290 TV-PG-V
Season 8 Finale The birds find out that season 8 ends and claim it's their shortest season ever. None November 27, 2019 AB291 TV-PG

Exclusive Season! (Wreck The Halls) Do not remove or add to this season.

Name Plot Summary Wins (Birds or Pigs) Release Date Episode Product Code Rating
Angry Christmas! The birds and pigs have a nice Christmas by walking through the village of AB Island. None December 4, 2019 AB292 TV-PG
Double 20 Party The birds and pigs are having a celebration to celebrate 2020. None January 1, 2020 AB293 TV-PG
Winter is Fun! Striped Bird goes out in the snow with the other birds. The pigs steal the eggs while the birds play. Birds January 13, 2020 AB294 TV-PG
The Year of the Rat/Exclusive Season Finale The Year of the Rat: The birds and pigs celebrate the year of the rat.
Exclusive Season Finale: The birds and pigs say they had good holidays and come back for Season 9.
None January 25, 2020 AB295 TV-PG

Season 9 (Rainy Days)

Name Plot Summary Wins (Many) Release Date

Episode Product Code

Rainy Days The birds and pigs find out it is going to rain constantly over the next few months on the newspaper, and they are worried Angry Birds Island might have a flood. None February 2, 2020 AB296 TV-PG
Our Nest The birds listen to the song "Our House". None February 8, 2020 AB297 TV-PG
Love Is In the Air Female Red Bird, Female White Bird, and Female Pig have Valentine's Day. King Pig steals the eggs. Birds (Female Only) February 14, 2020 AB298 TV-PG-DV
Angry Birds vs. Mighty Squid The birds get swallowed by a squid and try to get out, and the birds lost their powers. Squid February 18, 2020 AB299 TV-PG-V
300 Episodes! The birds and pigs celebrate 300 episodes of Angry Birds: Television. None February 27, 2020 AB300 TV-PG
Aqua Birds

Angry Birds Island sinks because of the constant rainfall. The pigs were prepared and stole the eggs. Picture:

Birds March 3, 2020 AB301
Real Estate? The birds and pigs find a hotel in Seattle to stay in until AB Island gets un-sunken. Seattle does have constant rain as well, but not as much as AB Island, and Seattle's rain is weaker than AB Island's rain. None March 8, 2020 AB302 TV-PG-V
Orange Bird's Birthday Everyone in Seattle is invited to Orange Bird's birthday, but the pigs stole the eggs at the party. Birds March 13, 2020 AB303 TV-PG-V

Saint Pig's Revenge

The pigs feel like it's time to get revenge on the birds for not giving them eggs, so they run up to the birds' hotel room and crash the Saint Patrick's Day party. Pigs March 19, 2020 AB304 TV-PG

The Strange Heikki Race

(Part 1/2)

Bomb, the black bird,enters the Heikki Spring Competition 2020, and tries to beat the pig's record. Luckily, Bomb beat the pig's record, and the pigs decide to get revenge on Bomb by beating his record for Heikki Autumn Competition 2020. Find out in part 2 if the pigs will beat Bomb's record, coming October 2020!

Bomb April 5, 2020



I'll Be Better Than The Rest

The birds decide to open their own bakery, and the pigs copy the birds' idea to make a bakery and make tons of money. After weeks of construction, the pigs' bakery is finished. Unluckily, the birds finished way before the pigs are getting new customers every day. The pigs can't take it anymore, they need to make the best food ever and beat the birds' business. Birds April 19, 2020 AB306 TV-PG

Takin' A Break

The birds and pigs decide to take a break for the summer for Angry Birds Television. But don't worry, Angry Birds Television will be back in the fall!

None May 1, 2020 AB307 TV-PG

We Are Back

The birds and pigs are back on Angry Birds Television and ready to make more episodes. None September 25, 2020 AB308 TV-PG
Return of El Porkador El Porkador from Angry Birds Toons is back, and this time with reinforcements! Birds October 2, 2020 AB309 TV-PG
Clone Wars...With Pigs? (1 Hour Special) King Pig orders to make as many duplicates of minion pigs, corporal pigs, and foreman pigs as possible. King Pig also cloned himself in case one dies. All of the clones attack the birds and try to steal the eggs. Birds October 13, 2020 AB310 TV-PG-V
Empire State Standoff The birds and pigs engage a fight in New York City. In the end, the pigs have a final stand at the top of the Empire State Building. Birds October 23, 2020 AB311 TV-PG

The Strange Heikki Race

(Part 2/2)

The Heikki Autumn Race comes, and the pigs are determined to beat Bomb! Bomb October 27, 2020 AB312 TV-PG-V
Halloween is Gone! The birds and pigs  are looking forward to Halloween but nobody had their candy out. They saw on the calendar that October had only 30 days! The birds and pigs are determined to get Halloween back! Birds and Pigs October 31, 2020 AB313 TV-PG
Season 9 Finale The birds celebrate that they have made it through 9 seasons and that they are going to have season 10. None November 4, 2020 AB314 TV-PG

Season 10 (Pig Jig)

Name Plot Summary Wins (Many) Release Date Episode Product Code Rating
Pig Jig The pigs are trying to get fit to steal the eggs. They take up dancing to also be stealthy. Soon the pigs are ready... Birds November 13, 2020 AB315 TV-PG
Aloha, Losers! The birds watch the Lego Movie and afterwards engage a battle with the pigs. The birds think Striped Bird has gone crazy because in the battle, he frequently says quotes from the movie. His favorite quote? "ALOHA, LOSERS!" Birds November 17, 2020 AB316 TV-PG

The Invasion

(Part 1/4)

North Korean ships close in on Angry Birds Island and start to invade. The pigs send a distress call to the United States, who agree to help them. North Korea November 26, 2020 AB317 TV-PG-LV

The Invasion

(Part 2/4)

The American troops arrive on AB Island. The Battle of Porkadus begins, and the N. Korean troops lose the battle. America November 27, 2020 AB318 TV-PG-V

The Invasion

(Part 3/4)

South Korea joins the "war" on the side of the USA. Britain and France join too. China decides to take the side of N. Korea. The Communist forces capture the village on the island. Communist forces November 28, 2020 AB319 TV-PG-LV

The Invasion

(Part 4/4)

The rest of the European Union joins the war. South America joins too. Overwhelmed, the Communist forces retreat. US/EU/S. Korea/S. America November 29, 2020 AB320 TV-PG-DV
Who Needs Donuts? The birds and pigs challenge each other on how long they can last without eating donuts. after only 45 minutes, King Pig can't stand it. Birds December 5, 2020


Stuck A huge blizzard strikes the island, and it begins breaking through the windows. The birds have to board up the windows, and learn to live in the house, not being able to go outside for a few weeks. The pigs have nowhere to go as well, as they are dealing with the blizzard as well. None December 12, 2020 AB322 TV-PG-V
Throwing a Fit Striped Bird and Pink Bird want to go outside so badly that they throw tantrums. The birds are calmed down once Yellow Bird gave them toys. None December 20, 2020 AB323 TV-PG-V
Merry Christmas! The birds and pigs say merry Christmas. None December 25, 2020 AB324 TV-Y7
2021 Disco The birds and pigs do a disco dance for the new year of 2021. None January 1, 2021 AB325 TV-PG
Has it Cleared? The blizzard ends early and the birds are happy. The pigs steal the eggs while the birds are distracted. Birds January 5, 2021 AB326 TV-PG
Bird Wars (movie) A long time ago in a galaxy far away, 19 years after the formation of the Empire, Red Skywalker is thrust into the struggle of the Rebel Alliance when he meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has lived for years in seclusion on the desert planet of Tatooine. Obi-Wan begins Red's Jedi training as Red joins him on a daring mission to rescue the beautiful Rebel leader Princess Stella from the clutches of the evil Empire. Red proves that the Force is with him by destroying the Empire's dreaded Pig Star. Rebel Alliance January 22, 2021 ABSW1 TV-PG-DLV
Back to Biz King Pig orders the pigs to steal the eggs. The pigs captured Red as a bonus. In the end, Red escapes. Red Bird February 6, 2021 AB327 TV-PG
Year of the Ox The birds and pigs celebrate Chinese New Year. None February 12, 2021 AB328
Love Chuck (for Valentine's Day) Yellow Bird falls in love with a new resident on the island, Kimono Bird. The pigs start teasing Yellow Bird about his love. Yellow Bird starts to load the slingshot... Yellow Bird February 14, 2021 AB329 TV-PG-DLSV
The Revenge of...Algebra?

Striped Bird is stuck doing algebra problems. Striped Bird starts to really hate it and flings the algebra textbook away with the slingshot.

Striped Bird February 28, 2021 AB330 TV-Y7
Moving Away The village on AB Island is starting to develop with people. Weeks later, the village quickly becomes a modern city. Finally, the United States and Japan agree to co-own AB Island as a territory of each country. AB Island is renamed Alamo Island, and now the birds and pigs must find a new home. People March 14, 2021 AB331 TV-PG
Our Old Home It has been months now since the birds and pigs left Alamo Island. Suddenly, it came to them. They could go back to their old home, Chicago. Chicago had recovered from the tornado years ago, and the birds can't think of anywhere else to live. None March 23, 2021 AB332 TV-PG
We Made It! The birds and pigs FINALLY arrive in Chicago and are surprised to see how Chicago has changed. None April 3, 2021 AB333 TV-Y7
The Fruit Noodle Sale The pigs have started selling the fruit noodles they made years ago. The birds become worried about the pig's growing fame and business around Chicago. Pigs April 10, 2021 AB334 TV-G
King Pig Goes Nuts! King Pig drinks a cup of crazy potion that Dr. Pig accidentally put with his dinner. Until Corporal Pig punches him back to normal, King Pig became almost as crazy as Stupid Pig. Corporal Pig April 16, 2021 AB335 TV-Y7
Chucked Out (full version) A full version of the Angry Birds Toon. Chuck the Yellow Bird's latest craze is to karate chop things in two! But his practicing gets too close to the delicate eggs, and the birds have to ban him from the flock! Even his girlfriend (Kimono Bird, as seen in Love Chuck) rejects him! Yellow Bird April 23, 2021 AB336 TV-G
Disco Eggs The birds and pigs were lounging around at Lake Michigan when their boat started to go all disco. The birds find out the cause was...the eggs? Eggs May 3, 2021 AB337 TV-Y7
Whack-a-Pig! Striped Bird was surfing the internet on his favorite website, Scratch. Then he found a program called Whack-a-Pig. When Striped Bird showed it to the birds, they cracked up. None May 12, 2021 AB338 TV-PG
Gettin' Cards The birds buy Angry Birds Trading Cards and the pigs get mad because there are no pig trading cards. Birds May 23, 2021 AB339 TV-Y7
Season 10 Finale The birds and pigs celebrate 10 full seasons and (supposedly) take a summer break to Florida. None June 1, 2021 AB340 TV-PG

Season 11 (Red's Mighty Feathers)

Episode Plot Wins Release Date Episode Product Code Rating
Red's Mighty Feathers On this Season 11 opener, Red finds out that he has a special power, and is not just a normal bird. None September 26, 2021 AB341 TV-PG-V
Overuse Red starts overusing his power, and it starts to weaken. The pigs try to steal the eggs while the birds are taking care of Red. Birds October 3, 2021 AB342 TV-PG
Beak-knife Red finally learns to control his power, and tries to find something to do. Meanwhile, Hal's beak starts to cause trouble. (This marks the first time Hal uses his Toons sprite.) None October 10, 2021 AB343 TV-PG
I ♥ Pudding Chef Pig decides to make some yummy pudding for King Pig! But Bubbles sees that the pudding is chocolate and gets a little interested... Bubbles October 17, 2021 AB344 TV-G
Halloween Hall (Halloween special) Stella goes missing on a walk around downtown Chicago, and the birds have to enter the Willis Tower, being haunted that night, to find her. Eventually all the birds except Bomb dissapear, who finds out the others were captured by the ghost of his deceased enemy: Superboom. In the end, Superboom's ghost is destroyed when it landed in Lake Michigan, making Willis Tower no longer haunted. Birds October 31, 2021 AB345 TV-PG-DV
Birthday Birdie Bubbles is having his birthday, and all the birds are celebrating. The pigs see the opportunity to steal the eggs, which is what they did. Birds November 7, 2021 AB346 TV-Y7
Wingman's Secret As lazy as he seems, the birds find out that Terence is... the legendary Wingman! None November 14, 2021 AB347 TV-G
we wil rok u The pigs have been sending annoying texts to the birds. The texts start clogging up the birds' cell phones. Pigs November 21, 2021 AB348 TV-PG
Thanksgiving Nightmare The birds and pigs try to celebrate Thanksgiving, but Matilda freaks out when they bring out... the turducken. Matilda knows that there is chicken inside a turducken, so she thought she would be served on a plate one day. (Remember, Matilda is a chicken.) None November 25, 2021 AB349 TV-PG-V
Piggy Weather The pigs build a weather machine and try to use it on the birds to get the eggs. But Terence smashed the machine to bits. Birds December 2, 2021 AB350 TV-PG
Slingshot Skills The pigs have decided to use the method that the birds have always used:the slingshot. The pigs make a slingshot and capture the eggs. Pigs December 9, 2021 AB351 TV-PG-L
Time for Revenge! The birds summon the Mighty Eagle and flatten the pigs. The birds get the ggs back. Birds December 16, 2021 AB352 TV-PG
Christmas Piggies The birds and pigs celebrate yet another Christmas, and their first in Chicago for quite a while. None December 25, 2021 AB353 TV-Y7
Triple Twos! The birds and pigs count down for the new year of 2022. None December 31, 2021/January 1, 2022 ABNEWYEAR TV-Y7
Chuck Makes a Big Slip (comedy episode) Chuck was on duty to guard the eggs while the other birds were doing other things. Chuck got distracted and when Red noticed, he got angry because Chuck was off duty. The bird then throw Chuck into a field of cacti. Birds (except Chuck) January 8, 2022 AB355 TV-G
Fishing The pigs decide to take a break from eggs and go on a fishing trip. They caught and ate some fish. Were the fish better than eggs? No way! None January 15, 2022 AB356 TV-PG
Pranks on You! Chet (Brown Bird) and Bubbles decide to play a prank on Matilda, even though it was January. They threw paintballs in Matilda's garden! Matilda tries to strike back with her own pranks but fails. Bubbles and Chet January 22, 2022 AB357 TV-Y7
Terence on 4 Wheels Terence buys a new monster truck and decorates it to match his personality. The rest of the Flock gets jealous of him and try to get their own monster trucks. In the end, all they found was a mail truck, but still used it. Terence January 29, 2022 AB358 TV-PG-L
The Washing Machine Dance Chuck was wandering through Chicago when he saw a washing machine with a sign saying "FREE". He takes the washing machine home, and he invents a dance called the Washing Machine Dance. What?? None February 5, 2022 ABWHAT TV-Y7
Fake Love (Valentine's Day special) The pigs devise a plan to get the eggs by making Red fall in love with a fake bird (really a pig in a suit) and capture the eggs. The birds snuck in, got the eggs back, and left a giant chocolate egg at the pigs' home. The Pigs eat the chocolate egg, satisfied. Birds February 14, 2022 AB360 TV-PG-L
PiggySoft King Pig is jealous of companies like Microsoft making so much money. So he and Corporal Pig form a new tech company: PiggySoft! None February 21, 2022 AB361 TV-PG
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