Angry Birds is an animated series based on the hit video game Angry Birds. It features misadventures and trouble around the Flock and the Bad Piggies. The show relies on slapstick humor and the gags are like Xilam's Oggy and the Cockroaches. It will premier on Cartoon Network and cbbc. The show features the voices of Martin Freeman, Noah Jupe, Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig, Amy Adams, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin, Samuel L. Jackson, Willem Dafoe, Steve Carell, Liam Neeson, Eddie Redmayne, and Harrison Ford as the Mighty Eagle. Feel free to edit this and add more episodes. But next time, don't add some other off-topic stuff (Like Land Before Time). Just Angry Birds and Rio related stuff are allowed.


  • Martin Freeman as Red - Red is the leader of the Flock. He's the one who instructs the other birds to guard and watch over the eggs.
  • Noah Jupe as Jake, Jay and Jim (The Blues) - The Blues are the youngsters of the Flock. They are very adorable and their favorite hobby is to play video games.
  • Johnny Depp as Chuck - Chuck is the fastest bird in the nest and he can go 600km/h from saving something or when he's in a hurry!
  • Daniel Craig as Bomb - Bomb is the explosives expert, but he also has a lot of heart.
  • Amy Adams as Matilda - The caretaker of the group, who is also a really good cook.
  • Jeff Goldblum as Hal - Bubbles' best friend, who was born with a long beak.
  • Bill Pullman as Terence - A bird who used to live in solitude, but now is an important role in the battle.
  • Simon Pegg as Bubbles - A candy loving bird who is Hal's best friend.
  • Rebecca Ferguson as Stella - A rookie bird and Red's love interest.
  • Alec Baldwin as King Pig - A power hungry ruler who is hungry for eggs.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Corporal Pig - A World War II Veteran and general of the Pig Army
  • Willem Dafoe as Foreman Pig - The master of construction in Pig City
  • Steve Carell as Steve - A minion pig
  • Liam Neeson as Liam - A minion pig
  • Eddie Redmayne as Eddie - A minion pig
  • Harrison Ford as the Mighty Eagle - The strongest bird on Piggy Island



  • Despite having no wings or hands, the birds can hold things (e.g. The Red Bird holding a notebook and pen on the episode "Party Birds"). It's stated that they have tiny wings to hold things. Also the pigs can do this. In a much obvious situation, in the episode "Driving Without Wings!", as stated with the title, the Red Bird and the Helmet Pig can drive despite having no legs or hands/wings.
  • ARREST! will only air on cbbc due to the insult to rio.


Season 1

Episode title Plot summary Episode Product Code
Poached Eggs

The pigs steal the eggs while the birds are shopping. But it has been worse as the pigs sabotage the birds' mission (Like jetcar always crashing to walls). Now will the birds succeed or will the pigs cook their unhatched children.

(Released September 19, 2011)

Terence Strikes Back!

Terence realizes that his fellow birds are caged. Thanks to the pigs. Now Terence needs muscle to defeat the pigs as the pigs always sabotage his mission.

(Released September 20, 2011)

The Piggy-Bank

The Pigs stole the birds' money and uses them for buying very expensive eggs on a grocery market. Now the birds need to get it back and take more lumps on them.

(Released September 21, 2011)

The Fortress

The Pigs build an unbreakable fortress and guaranteed 100% that it's not breakable. Now the birds need more special weapons and more bumps to destroy the fortress. In the ending, the birds try to call the Mighty Eagle to destroy it and mission successful.

(Released September 22, 2011)


Party Birds

The Birds are now throwing a party open for everybody. Except for Green skinned pigs without legs. Now the Pigs try to sneak in the party without ever being known. But all attempts have been an F grade. but in the end they have there own party and dont let the birds in. the birds try to get in but they fail

(Released September 23, 2011)


The Blue Birds go trick-or-treating and in the middle of their adventures, they discovered the Orange Bird. But when the Orange Bird was “kidnapped” by the pigs, the Blues need to rescue him!

(Released October 31, 2011)

The Chuck Runner

A parody of WB's Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, Chuck becomes a Road Runner and the King Pig became a Coyote. The role of the pig is to steal the eggs with a company called WHACME (Play of ACME) but all of them backfire on the pig.

(Released November 23, 2011)


Thankspigging Day

The birds celebrate Thanksgiving. The pigs continue to the drawing board to steal the eggs for their OWN thanksgiving party. The birds really secured the eggs firmly inside a safe so the pigs have trouble to opening the safe, leading to some problems.

(Released November 24, 2011)


Wreck The Halls (Christmas special)

The pigs steal the blue bird's presents while the birds are Christmas shopping. The red, white and boomerang bird get the presents back after they come home.

(Released December 25, 2011)

Happy New Year!

The birds celebrate New Year’s Eve while the pigs continue their usual job, stealing the eggs. The birds placed fireworks and landmines around the eggs, causing the pigs to be blown all the times!

(Released January 1, 2012)

Blue Birds' Pet Rabbit

The Blue Birds adopted a rabbit found in their backyard.

(Released January 22, 2012)

Year of the Dragon

The pigs celebrate Chinese New Year and they’re throwing a puppet show depicting The Flock and the Bad Piggies. But the Flock is there to take revenge on making fun of them.

(Released January 23, 2012)


The pigs invented the Egg Catcher 4000 which is a machine that catches eggs. But the birds invented a relatively similar device that detects the pigs. The birds, of course, gets the victory by sending Bomb to the office, blowing it up.

(Released January 24, 2012)

Locked Outside

The Red Bird is left alone to guard the house while the other birds are on a vacation to Hawaii. But the pigs tricked the Red Bird from getting outside the house by placing the Red’s favorite food and locking the door. The pigs now have the opportunity to cook the eggs while poor little Red Bird tries to find passageways inside but sabotaged by the pigs. Can the Red Bird be able to break inside his home and save his offspring or will the Bad Piggies turn them to breakfast?

(Released January 25, 2012)

Be My Valentine!

While the birds are shopping for a Valentine’s Day party, the Red Bird bumps into a female lookalike of him that made the Red Bird instantly in love with her. But the pigs kidnap her for producing an egg farm so they can have a life-time supply of eggs. Will the flock save her or will the pigs succeed in their evil scheme?

(Released February 14, 2012)

Inspector Angry

The Red Bird becomes an inspector and the pigs attempt to steal the eggs again. But the Red Bird set up some booby traps around the eggs that caused the pigs to retreat once again in another botched mission!

(Released March 13, 2012)

Easter Egg Hunt

The birds cover their eggs with Easter egg styled coating. But the pigs have the other way around. They got a pressure cooker to cook the eggs instantly. But the Blues managed to defeat them by blowing a bubble to them.

(Released April 8, 2012)

Oink! Goes the Piggies!

The pigs are borrowing equipment from the Chinese Embassy to capture the eggs. But the birds borrowed equipment from the US Embassy. As a result, the 2 rivals end up in a weapon war.

(Released April 15, 2012)

Fools' Out Day!

The pigs are absent from stealing eggs. But their mission is to prank the birds. But it may lead to unexpected results. Such as the Blue Bird giving one of the pigs an egg. But it turned out to be... an explosive one from the White Bird.

(Released April 22, 2012)

Driving Without Wings!

The Red Bird is enrolled to a driving school. But the pigs are also enrolled to the-same driving school and want the eggs. As a result, the two come head to head to a 200-lap race between the Red Bird and the Helmet Pig and the one first to the finish line will have the eggs. In the ending, the Red Bird takes down the Helmet Pig's car and proceeds to win the race.

(Released April 29, 2012)

Cherry Blossom

The birds go to Mt. Fuji in Japan along with the eggs. But when they checked in to a hotel located in the area, the pigs are also checked in there and they steal the eggs again, leading to a huge midnight chase with the birds!

(Recorded March 7, 2012, Released May 26, 2012)

Summer Pignic


(Released June 20, 2012)

Warning: Piggies on the Run!


(Released TBA)

Cloning Around


(Released TBA)

Alone in Space


(Released TBA)

Road Trip

The birds are having a road trip along the South Bird Expressway. The pigs are also having a road trip. Only to steal the eggs of the birds.

(Released TBA)

Bird VS Pig

A Spy VS Spy kind of episode; Red Bird and King Pig are trying to outwit each other, but they both get tricked by Pink Bird.

(Released TBA)

Birdday Party! It’s the Blues’ birthday and their companions are cooking them food and baking cake. But the pigs steal the food, cake, everything... including the eggs. Will this be the worst Birthday Party for the Blues? in the end it turns out the pigs were making a party for th blues too so they happily celabrate S01EP24
The Mystery of the Eggs: Part 1 The birds found out the eggs are missing after they go golfing at the country club. The birds accused the pigs, for sure. But it turns out the pigs are innocent. Who stole the eggs? Learn more in the next part of this huge 2 part episode! S01EP25
The Mystery of the Eggs: Part 2 The birds team up with the pigs for searching for the eggs from the suburbs to the city, forest, country club, and eventually, the forest. While the birds are searching, a pack of lions and tigers appear and they chase them for dinner. Will they escape and continue the search, or will they turn to dinner? S01EP26
The Mystery of the Eggs: Part 3 After the birds and pigs escaped from the pack of tigers and lions, it was revealed that the eggs were stolen by carnivorous bears that can eat pigs and birds. While the bears are away, the pigs and birds help together to get the eggs. But will the bears come home and turn the birds and pigs to dinner? Or will they retrieve the eggs and come back home? S01EP27
Indepigdence Day The birds celebrate Independence Day while the pigs have other plans. They invented the fireworks rocket which has a magnetic effect to eggs. When the birds found out the eggs are stolen, they built a similar device that caught the eggs and they succeed! S01EP28
Where's Blue Jake? Red, Chuck, Bomb, Terence, Al and Bubbles are going to the mall to shop for food, so the White Bird will be in charge for the Blues. But when the White Bird accidentally fell asleep while watching TV, Blue Jake was kidnapped by the pigs. Will the White Bird, Blue Jay and Blue Jim defeat the pigs and save the youngsters’ brother? S01EP29
Crazy Golf! The birds and pigs go to the country club to go golfing. But crazy things happen to both birds and pigs. But when the pigs ran out of golf balls, they have a scheme to get one of the birds’ balls, leading to a huge chase in the country club. S01EP30
Trick or Tweet Bubbles (Orange Bird) is pranking his fellow birds to steal their candy. Will the birds stop it? S01EP31
hello hula mighty is practising his hula dance when the pigs and the birds laugh at him and get mighty eagles wrath SO2EP1

ice bomb buddy part 1

from earth

the blues and bubbles try to get to space to meat the ice bomb bird without sucsess. eaven with al's help. SO2EP2

ice bomb buddy part 2

from space

the ice bomb bird makes a succsesful flight to earth only to witness the birds bein' captured. in fureated he freezes the pigs and freese the birds SO2EP3
ice bomb buddy part 3 go away or stay a month has passed and ice bomb is ready to leave. but the birds want him to stay. what will they do ?

the birds see nigel and attak him but it turns out a large angry bird policemen helper helping his boss look for blu and jewl who hypnotised nigel to make him be eavil . infurated by the parrots trick. the birds de - hypnotise nigel and arrest blue and jewel.

fancy a cup of tea ? alex the british bird, al's cousin has come to stay and proves he is a great pig killer. but how will the birds make him stay?
peee-ew fat pig farts and the horrid stench goes everywhere
drrrrrrrrrrrrrragon mightys couisin dragon has come to stay along with space eagle although things start off good the birds get captured so its up to the mightys to free them
stay stay don't go away the birds try to make space eagle and dragon stay .
stella in the stars part 1 tricksy stella plays tricks on everyone even the pigs ! but a trick on terence and the mightys involves extreme fighting
stella in the stars part 2 bubbles stella is playing with bubbles until she blows a buuble to impress him and trap bubbles and herself in it how will they get out ?
stella in the stars part 3 in the stars stella and bubbles eventually have a romantic time in the bubble but after they kiss the bubble pops and they fall the blues and there bunny laugh but get chased by stella and bubbles
joe jhon, jerry and puc puoc puca the eggs hach into angry birds called joe jhon and jerry much to the pigs disspointment but when matilda lays more eggs they are happy but when they are about to pounce red spots them and uses the hatch fast maachine to ,make them hatch stella calles them puc pouc puca. the sad pigs leave. when they have matilda lays 3 more eggs.
skunk b skunkbird anoys everyone with his stink until stella uses her perfume..
the football game big bro bomb chuck and red play american football and losre but the others play english football and win
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