In Angry Birds: The Birds Are Trapped, The Real Angry Birds were captured by the King Pig and the pigs have to save them! The release date is June 5th 2012


Original Episodes

  1. It is an egg day!
  2. Cage World!
  3. Fanon Birds come!
  4. Fanon Dimension
  5. The Great Pig Castle
  6. Only the Helmet Pigs
  7. The Mustache Path
  8. Mustache Pigs of the Pigs World
  9. Almost Done
  10. A King's Way
  11. A Cardboad One!
  12. Gotta Get Real
  13. Got Him!
  14. The 10 Bird Saving Days
  15. The Final Battle
  16. Codes
  17. Upload Progress

Buyable Episodes

  1. (Seen as DW) Danger World
  2. (Seen as PP) Pop Pigs!

Special Episodes

  1. (Seen as GE) Golden Eggs
  2. (Seen as GC) Golden Cages
  3. (Seen as GB) Golden Boxes


Playable Birds

Original Birds

Unlockable Birds

  • Female Red Bird - Screams (Stronger than Red Bird)
  • Female White Bird - Drops a Real Egg and it opens when it lands, the bird inside attacks for 10 seconds
  • Mighty Eagle - Comes if you use Sardines, hits all pigs
  • Mighty Dragon - Comes down, loops in a circle, goes back up
  • Space Eagle - Comes out of portal, destroying everything in its way
  • Good Pig - Shoot Bird in slingshot from mouth

How to Unlock

  • Female Red Bird - Buy a Angry Birds: The Angry Birds Are Trapped! Female White Bird Plush, then enter the code in the episode Codes or complete a level using Red Bird as the finishing off Bird (If red bird is at the back of the Bird Line, it will not work)
  • Female White Bird - Buy an Angry Birds: The Angry Birds Are Trapped! Female Red Bird Plush, then enter the code in the episode Codes
  • Mighty Eagle - Buy it
  • Mighty Dragon - Buy it
  • Space Eagle - Buy it
  • Good Pig - Rumored Code


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig

Boss Pigs

  • King Pig
  • Fat Pig

Fanon Pigs

Add Fanon Pigs! (Add the link! -Redbird07 16:49, April 26, 2012 (UTC))



  • It is rumored that this Angry Birds: The Birds Are Trapped code will unlock Good Pig without being hit by Angel Bird: GOODIEPIG1239898 (REMEMBER, this is a FANON game! You cannot make the code work!)
  • The game would soon let you add Episode 1 to Angry Birds Weibo and Angry Birds Ninja Chrome
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