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One of the birds featured in the game, called the Dark Blue Bird

Angry Birds: The Future is the sequel of Angry Birds: Final Battle. It is an Angry Birds game taking place in the future in the year 7000 AD. The future brings a new generation of Birds, but this also brings a new generation of pigs.


The Birds succeded in destroying the pigs once and for all. However, one pig survived. He built many robot pigs and died when finishing them. Many, many, many, many years later, the robots awoke, and the original Angry Birds decendents have to save the world from the robot pigs.


Dark Blue Bird When clicked, he speeds up and splits into 2 smaller birds.

Pink Bird - Drops 3 egg bombs when clicked

Dark Green Bird- When clicked inflates then explodes

Gray Bird When Clicked speeds up, then when hitting an object explodes

Reddish Brown Bird- No special powers

Unlockable Bird[]

When buying an Angry Birds: The Future plush toy, you get a code to unlock the Lime Bird. & The Wal-Mart Bird.