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The Angry Birds Movie: Subzero Hills

Release Date

June 4th, 2021

Directed By

  • Chuck Jones (Charles Martin Jones)
  • Fergal Reilly
  • Clay Kaytis

Screenplay By

Jon Vitti

Produced By

  • John Cohen
  • Catherine Winder

Music By

  • Danny Elfman
  • Heitor Pereira
  • Ari Pulkkinen


PG - Some scenes may be too violent/too startling. Language may be inappropriate for young children

The Angry Birds Movie: Subzero Hills is an american 3D CGI-animated action and adventure movie with comedy in the movie series "Angry Birds" which is based off of the finnish video game series, Angry Birds. It will be released in theaters June 4, 2021 in 3D and 4D works 3D, and 2D, and will be released in DVDs in November 6, 2021, and produced on Blu-Ray November 8, 2021 and added to youtube in July, 2021, and added to netflix at an unknown time. The film was produced by John Cohen and Catherine Winder, and a Columbia Pictures film, animated by Rovio Animation, entertainment and imageworks by Sony Productions, Studio and Entertainment by Pyrocreeper Games Animations Ltd. It will be released in HD, and applicable on December 2nd, 2021. It was released in Finland, and distributed by Sony and Pyrocreeper Games. It is a sequel to the Angry Birds: TJPPI Movie.


The pigs are getting tired of this: They have to re-build their city every time their explosives get set off. They also have to go make new material before thy build it, whcih is 10 times harder. Foreman Pig decided they would steal the material they needed from the idiotic birds, and build their city again with those materials, rather than continously making them. But, there's only one little thing that might get in their way: The flock. The newly worshipped flock, leaders only second to the Mighty Eagle are the protectors of Bird Island. But Foreman Pig and his crew are in luck! Bubbles got involved in a talkgame on TV, and when he heard the reward was 1 free trip to Sunny Mountain, he got jealous and badly wanted to go. He won the prize of 1 free trip. Bubbles brought the whole flock with him, but when he saw what Sunny Mountain really looked like, he wanted to turn back. But, he can't go down because of a gurgling volcano about a mile below. This was all the work of King Pig, devised with help by Professor Pig, and Bubbles didn't know. The trip didn't have a due end! Would the flock come up with a plan to escape the eternal frostbite, or would they freeze there... forever?

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