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Angry Birds: The Rise of Friendship is a fan made game made by Rovio as part of Angry Birds: Experiments. It will take place in a friendship world. The game will also feature new birds, pigs and new features. It was released in late 2012.

The airline dogs do not appear in this game. The worm is replaced with the butterfly.


The Flock was chasing the pigs (Of course) for taking their eggs, until they run into a billboard that shows a Breakfast Burrito filled with sausage and eggs, the birds and pigs must team up to find the thing that is selling them and destory it.


Red Bird: Screams Caw-Caw and is the first bird in the game.

Blue bird: Splits into three and is introduced in 1-10.

Yellow Bird: Speeds up when tapped and is introduced in 1-18.

Black Bird: Explodes and is introduced in 2-5.

White Bird: Drops an egg when tapped and is introduced in 2-14.

Boomerang Bird: Spins in the other direction when tapped and is introduced in 3-17.

Big Brother Bird: Crushes objects (does not crush ground though) and is introduced in 4-2.

Orange Bird: Inflates and becomes huge and is introduced in 4-12.

Pink Bird: Blows bubbles to trap items, fly away and dropt the items.

Ice Bird: Freezes objects and is introduced in 12-28.

New Birds[]

Purple Bird (Flamingo): Drops and becomes a wrecking ball in the diagram and is introduced in 6-9.

Rainbow Bird: Spreads colors to Pigs when tapped and is introduced in 7-23.

Art Bird: Paints a slide for the bird to slide on and is introduced in 8-19. These birds are also known as Putin Birds.

Bounce Bird: Bounces on ground and is introduced in 9-23. The Basketball Bird also appeared in Angry Birds: The Consumerist.

Invis-Bird: Turns invisible and passes through objects and destroys pigs.

Vocal Bird: Yells loudly when tapped and is introduced in 11-19. Some people think that the Stereo Bird is too noisy like the Boomerang Bird.

Flash Bird: Creates a flash to push obkects back, is introduced in 11-24.

Soft Bird: Makes objects soft and is introduced in 14-15.

Tornado Bird: sucks up objects and shoots them in different directions and is introduced in 15-7.

Phoenix: Can turn into a fireball and is introduced in 18-25.

Bounce Bird: Can bounce off objects and is introduced in 18-30.

Super Red Bird: Creates a powerful blast of wind.

Super Blue Bird: Creates multiple birds to make small explosion when it touches objects.

Super Yellow Bird: Goes to Supersonic speed to blow away everything.

Super White Bird: Shoots Explosive eggs in 32 directions.

Super Black Bird: Eplodes like an Atom Bomb.

Super Big Brother Bird: Creates a Large earthquake when he hits the ground.

Super Green Bird: Spins as fast as a sawblade and takes out every enemy.

Super Orange Bird: Blows up bigger pushing everything away.

Super Pink Bird: Sends thousands of bubbles to grab objects and explode.

Om-Nom: Speeds toward the closest object and takes a big chunk out of it. (DLC)



Small Rat- Same as Small Pig

Medium Rat- Same as Medium Pig

Large Rat- Same as Large Pig

Helmet Rat- Same as Helmet Pig

King Rat- Boss 1


Turtle- Tough

Iguana- Guards with glass, wood, concrete.

Lizard- Normal

Chamleon- Disappers

Alligator- Boss 2


Giant Ant- Normal

Giant Spider- Has web shield, need Phoenix or Green Bird to get to

Giant Butterfly- Flies in circles

Giant Snail- Strong

Giant Tarantula- Boss 3

More Coming Soon...


1. New Pork City (1-1 to 2-20)

2. Piggy-Wood (3-1 tp 4-20)

3. The Great Wall of Swina (5-1 to 6-20)

4. Mount Neverest (7-1 to 8-20)

5. Galapigas Island (9-1 to 10-20)

6. The Lieffel Tower (11-1 to 12-20)

7.The Next Frontier (13-1 to 14-7)






Windows 8

Windows Phone

Roku set top boxes

Xbox 360



Nokia Devices

More will be added soon.