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Angry Birds: The Search for Orange Bird is an RPG game. One night the birds were sleeping. The very next day, Orange Bird went missing, without any clues. It is now up to the birds to find the Orange Bird. The game has cutscenes before and after every chapter. There is also a comics tab where you can read all the scenarios.

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Birds -

Red Bird

The Blues

Bomb Bird

Green Bird

White Bird


Ice Bird ( Last chapter )

??? (Only in comics)

Egg Robot Thing (In episodes 4 onwards)


Tippy ( Pig that helps the birds and gives them clues. Is retired pig who worked for King Pig )

King Piggy

Moustache Pig

Helmet Pig

Kiddy Pig


The Mini Boss Aaron

Knight Pig (Wears knight helm and has shiny iron sword)

Bosses -

Aaron - Invisible Bird Who can move objects at will. Abilities- S. Shield, G. Spiral,F.Shard.

Pyrypig - Has fire element abilities and can use fire element attacks. Abilities-F. Wall, M. Burst, O.Throw.

Gravinox -  Has the Obsidian Sword. He can control gravity. Abilities- G. Well, B. Slash, F. Cutter.

Mutated Orange Bird Clone - He can make defending formations out of thin air. Has Spikes instead of the two black feathers on Orange Birds' back. He can also manipulate air,time and space. Abilities- S.Crusher, A. Blower, G.Bomb.


1. Bird gone missing


3. Dead End Ahead!

4. Help from above

5. Lab Birds

6. Unfriendly Welcome

7. Unexpected Hoax

E. Antennae Eggs

B. Bonus Modes (Is invisible unless unlocked atleast one Bonus Mode)

C. Comics


Bonus Modes -

King Pig Mode (  Cheat Mode - Infinite Birds,Bird Changer, )

Time Fling Mode ( Time Trail )

Mighty Characters-

Mighty Eagle

Mighty Dragon

Space Eagle

Mighty Falcon


Powerups, Special Attacks