Angry Birds: The Show is a TV show coming out in 2013. The first 8 episodes are based on the episode from the game. The show is set to have 4 seasons and 1 movie, Angry Birds Space: The Movie

Red Bird
Blue Birds
Yellow Bird
Black Bird
White Bird
Boomarang Bird
Orange Bird
Mighty Eagle
Mighty Dragon
Lazer Bird
Ice Bird
Blu's Friends
Big Brother Bird (Known in series as Big Bro. Bird)
Toku Bird
Minon Pig (Small, Medium, Large)
Helmet Pig
Grandpa Pig
King Pig
Space Pig (Known in series as Astronaut Pig)
Boy and Girl Eggs
*Season 1
Pilot: Angry Birds
Episode 1: Poached Eggs
Episode 2: Mighty Hoax
Episode 3: Danger Above
Episode 4: The Big Setup
Episode 5: Ham 'em High
Episode 6: Mine and Dine
Episode 7: Birdday Party
Episode 8: Surf and Turf
Episode 9: Bad Piggies
Episode 10: Red's Mighty Feathers
Episode 11: Short Fuse
*Season 2
Trailer: Mighty Eagle
Episode 12: Trick or Treat
Episode 13: Season's Greedings
Episode 14: Hogs and Kisses
Episode 15: Go Green, Get Lucky
Episode 16: Easter Eggs
Episode 17: Summer Pignic
Episode 18: Moon Festival
*Season 3:
Trailer: Nigel Mashup
Episode 19: Smuggler's Den
Episode 20: Jungle Escape
Episode 21: Beach Volley
Episode 22: Carnival Upheavel
Episode 23: Airfield Chase
Episode 24: Smuggler's Plane
Episode 25: Market Mayham
Episode 26: Golden Beachball
Episode 27: Rocket Rumble
The movie is based on Angry Birds Space, and is the only time Lazer Bird and Ice Bird will appear.
*Season 4
Trailer: Last time on Angry Birds Seasons...
Episode 28: Ham'o'ween
Episode 29: Wreak the Halls
Episode 30: Chinese New Year
Episode 31: Cherry Blossom
Episode 32: Piglantis
Episode 33: Back To School
*Season 5
Trailer: In This Season
Episode 34: Pig Bang
Episode 35: Cold Cuts
Episode 36: Fry Me to the Moon
Episode 37: Utopia
Episode 38: Red Plant
Episode 39: Pig Dipper
Episode 40: Cosmic Crystals
Episode 41: Danger Zone
*Season 6
Trailer: Meet Red Skywalker
Episode 42: Tatoonie
Episode 43: Death Star
Episode 44: Hoth
Episode 45: Cloud City
Episode 46: Moon of Endor
Episode 47: Death Star 2
Episode 48: Boba Fett Missions
Episode 49: Path of the Jedi
*Season 7
Trailer: Bad Piggies Teaser Trailer
Episode 50: Ground Hog Day
Episode 51: Rise & Swine
Episode 52: When Pigs Fly
Episode 53: Flight in the Night
Episode 54: Tusk 'Til Dawn
Episode 55: Road Hogs
Episode 56: Field of Dreams
*Season 8
Trailer: Darth Vader Dance
Episode 57: Naboo Invasion
Episode 58: Esacape to Tatooine
Episode 59: Battle of Naboo
*Season 9
Trailer: Angry Birds Magician
Episode 60: Haunted Hogs
Episode 61: Winter Wonderham
Episode 62: Abra-Ca-Bacon
The special is based on Surf and Turf from Angry Birds Facebook. This episode is like Episode 8, but power-ups are used.
*Season 10
Trailer: Angry Birds Magician
Episode 63: Arctic Eggspedition
*Season 11
Trailer: Angry Birds Go in Real Live
Episode 64: Seedway
Episode 65: Rocky Road
Episode 66: Air
Episode 67: Stunt
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