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Angry Birds: The War of Boars is an Angry Birds game where the pigs reveal a destructive plan that requires the right amount of terror and tyranny upon the birds.


The pigs had enough. All attempts have failed and now they will reveal a plan that will be the most destructive plans they have ever made. They've went insane and now they're trying to make all birds in the whole wide world extinct just for the purpose of wiping out their hunger.

King Pig gathered 5 pigs. This special group of pigs were named "The Trumpets". These are the pigs and their information about themselves down below in this list.

The 5 Trumpets[]

Torent -- Torent is a pig that watches over King Pig's cellar where birds are kept in. He slashes his enemies with a whip of shining metal, he is one of the deadly and dangerous on the battlefield.

Tremir -- This combatant is the most potent of all ordinary pigs, but weak-willed, making him one of the useless on the battlefield. He is really obese and uses his obesity and his strong flatulence to kill his enemies.

Master Helmet -- This helmet pig is the one with most intellect. He defeats any bird in his path without mercy. He has a durable helm of shining diamond and a double barreled shotgun of durable steel.

Risky Mustache -- Risky Mustache is ruthless, and is merciless. With a musket that fires venomous bile, no bird can stop him. He is King Pig's right hand man and is really intellectual.

Boar of Horror -- Very risky, and unpredictable, the Boar of Horror was like a nightmare coming to life. He was more than an ordinary pig, but like a wild boar on steroids. Nothing has and can stop him...

The birds are in deep fear of these combatants and of King Pig's plan. But Black Bird caught up with a solution. They all drinked potions that made them upgrade their ability and geared themselves up for combat.


These are all the stages and all the boss battles in order.

Stage Name Levels Boss Battles Boss Tips for Help 
Life in a Cellar 1 -- 30 Torent Torent has a large whip that can kill birds instantly. Be careful!
Minefield of Terror 1 -- 30 Tremir Tremir can jump on a bird. He can also fart, which harms any incoming bird around him.

It is best to make a bird hit an explosive near him.

Watch out for mines throughout the stage! Any incoming bird close to it dies from it's explosion.

Valley of Mist 1 -- 15 Master Helmet On other levels, some Helmet Pigs appear with golden helmets and muskets which makes it hard because a golden bullet is as fast as a normal yellow bird's velocity.

It gets twice as hard because Master Helmet has a double barreled shotgun and it can shoot two rounds at the same time.

Black Bird is useful for this stage.

Mount Hog 1 -- 45 Risky Mustache Risky Mustache's rifle shoots out venomous bile, so birds get out of his way. If the bile heads to the bird's slingshot, all birds become corpses.

It is best to use a Hazmat Bird to push the bile out of the way so that the pigs get killed instead.

A lot of pigs throughout levels use potent lasers to eliminate any incoming bird.

Meteorite Crater 1 -- 5

Boar of Horror

King Pig

All the levels are difficult. Now all pigs are wielding firearms. At the last level, King Pig will release the Boar of Horror; it will charge at your slingshot. Ensure that you kill the Boar with all the birds!

Later on, more birds will appear on the slingshot and the slingshot will be enhanced with King Sling and a fire that enhances the birds' power. It appears with a health bar. Now, King Pig will ride a helicopter and will fire numerous times with his bazooka at your slingshot! It is best to strike King Pig's helicopter engine to reduce time and to make it quick to defeat him.