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Pigs are the main antagonists in the game. Their main goal is to get rid of the flock, and stealing their eggs takes them half of the way!

Pig Name Ability Description Hits First Seen
TBA Minion Pig These smarts-lacking minions of Smoothcheeks will try their best to defend the eggs...even if that means doing nothing special Never ask for a minion pig's thoughts on intelligence. They don't have enough expierience with thoughts nor intelligence

These civillians originally mean no harm, but they are easily fooled by government propoganda. These cheerful little porkers can get in your way, though, and you'll never meet a better caramel apple dealer than one of these little hogs!

1 Tutorial (lvl 1)
TBA Stick Pig Can use its stick to deflect an attack. There is a 1 in 4 chance of it working. If it works, the stick is destroyed, and no more attacks can be deflected. What's green and sticky? I don't know, but this guy comes pretty close!
He always hangs out in the wood and plays around with his stick, pretending to be a Rogue Pig battling away birds. He'll never let his lucky twig leave his side.
1 Tutorial (lvl 3)
TBA Rogue Pig Rogue pigs are essentially stronger Stick Pigs. They have a 3 in 4 chance of succesfully hitting a bird away, and can deflect an attack 3 times before their bat breaks. He's literally on a team and working with the government. How, in any way, is he a rogue?
He hangs out in the woods with his friends and the red-masked leader. They always have fun knocking each other out with their bats and rendering themselves useless when they're needed.
2 Cobalt Plateaus (lvl 4)
TBA Wealthy Rogue Wealthy Rogues use their money sack in a way a normal Rogue uses a bat. They disappear after 2 turns, so use your strategy to find out how to succesfully pop them, because you'll be rewarded with many snoutlings and items! Ever wonder how even after he's popped, and you steal his stuff, he still has his stuff?
He also enjoys hanging out with the Rogues in the forest. What exactly he does, though, is up for questioning. Maybe he gets his money while the others are knocking each other out? I dunno.
1 Cobalt Plateaus (lvl 6)
TBA Private Pig His helmet gives him higher health. No matter how much you say it, the helmet is not what gives him higher defense. It's his thick skull.
He stays at his outpost with the other Privates. Sleeping. Every smart soldier knows you shouldn't sleep on the job. Then, again, he isn't the smartest in the world.
3 Cobalt Plateaus (lvl 7)
TBA Swinamite When destroyed, he explodes like TNT, taking out blocks and pigs. Yes, he did swallow the dynamite
When you see one explode, you are usually in shock. When your friend sees one explode, they are chill about it and utter a simple "OK Boomer."
1 Cobalt Plateaus (Lvl 8)
TBA Spriggy (idea from ABU) They will jump up once to dodge an attack, then their spring breaks and they are a typical minion pig. He should try a better spring
Bouncing is something that pig-ologists (that's a thing, right) have noticed Spriggies enjoy. You'd think they'd be good at it, them doing it so much. Nope.
1 Cobalt Plateaus (lvl 9)
TBA Bungee Pig They'll drop down from a height and try to grab your bird. Don't get too close to them, they have a 100% success rate Truly a dope on a rope
Bungee Pigs practice in trees in the woods. They'll go into a treehouse and bungee on down. Half of the time they even use their cord!
1 Cobalt Plateaus (lvl 9)
TBA Platinham

(idea from ABU)

Platinhams are tough. Really tough. That's it, though. Nothing gets past this Steel Swine! That really isn't made out of steel....anyway Platinham used to be able to roll. At least, that's what they say. The pig's so hard he can't even stand up straight! 5 Cobalt Plateaus (lvl 10)
TBA Ropig

(idea from ABU)

Ropigs dangle from a rope and swing back and forth. Once you cut their rope, gravity taps in, and he falls. Actually, he's really weak Another dope on a rope! Bungee Pig practices with this guy. Sometimes. Ropig doesn't know how to take the rope off. 2 (rope) 1 (pig) Top of the Beak (lvl 1)
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