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Angry Birds: Time Machine[]

Angry Birds: Time Machine is an upcoming Angry Birds game and is the sequal to Angry Birds: The Wrath of King Pig. It will be set in different times such as Roman, Medievil ect...It is set to be released on the 23rd of December 2012.


Red Bird - Screams.

Blue Bird - Splits into Three.

Yellow Bird - Speeds up.

Black Bird - Explodes.

White Bird - Drops a egg bomb.

Boomerang Bird - Acts as a boomerang.

Big Brother Bird - Moans.

Orange Bird - Becomes a balloon.

Ice Bird - Freezes blocks and pigs.

Brown Bird - Bounces.

Heat Bird - Shoots fireballs.

Love Bird - Makes the nearest Pig fall in love making it vanurable.

Rock Bird - Strong.

Forest Bird - Creates a tree which acts as an tree.

Tsunami Bird - Creates a mini Tsunami.

Thunder Bird - Creates Lightning.

Copy Bird - Copies a Bird's abilitie.

Nyan Cat - Chomps through pigs and blocks.

Gangnam Birdle - Beats 1 Episode For You


Emperor Pig

Barbarian Pig

Zeus Pig


Gladiator Pig

Commader Pig

Small, Medium and Large Pig are the only old pigs to be featured in this game.


1.Acient Egypt 3-15

2.Medieval Times 2-28

3.Acient Greece 3-26

4.Dinosaur Era 3-22

5.Acient Rome 4-27

6.World War II (2) 4-30


The game starts off with a Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Boomerang, Big Brother, Orange, Ice and Brown Bird wandering around and then sumble upon a time machine. The machine malfunctions and the birds are zapped away to Acient Egypt. The Birds then go on defeting Pigs and are trying to get back to their time.