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If you were looking for Alexsim798's version, see Total Drama Angry Birds No.2 or Total Drama Angry Birds. If you were looking for Pinga Bird's version, see Total Drama Angry Birds and All-Stars.
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Angry Birds: Total Drama Battle Is based on the show called Total Drama Island Except that it is replaced with angry birds and pigs.


These are the teams in this game.

Bad Piggies

  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Mustache Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • King Pig
  • Female Pig
  • Postman Pig
  • Red pig

Angry Bird

  • Yellow Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Black Bird
  • White Bird
  • Green Bird
  • Big bro bird
  • Orange bird
  • Servivor bird
  • Red bird


  • Blu
  • Jewel
  • Hockey Bird
  • Chef Pig (Host of the aftermath)


  • The Violet Bird from Angry Birds Chrome traller.

Episode Overviews

Episode 1

In The Starting Of Angry Birds, the birds and pigs comes in two teams. During the challenge, they have to find the eggs in a mystery place. (Looks like Easter). The birds can't find the eggs. The pigs find the eggs in the tree but Large Pig breaks the tree. The tree falls down and the Birds got the eggs back and they win. The pigs has to pick someone to be voted out. In Day 3, the pigs vote out Large Pig for breaking the tree.

Episode 2

In The Kingdom of Mighty, the Female Pig was so unhappy in the pigs team that she wants to quit. All the other pigs wanted her to stay and Female Pig changes her mind. In the challenge, the pigs wanted to be the mighty hoax and they tried to shot in a king size to became the pig but they failed again and the birds win because the Red Bird made its perfect shot. The birds then saw that Red Bird is lost because he went to high. The Blue Bird think Red Bird was voted out but it wasn't.In Day 5, the pigs were sad again and they have to vote out someone again. In Day 6, the pigs vote out Small Pig because he was the weakest.

Episode 3

In Winter in Total Drama, The Angry Birds and The Pigs came to try build a sled and then they have to race. The Birds went first but being caught up with the pigs. The pigs then bulid a sled but Postman Pig put lots of newspapers into the sled. They decided to make Postman Pig roll down to the ground and they followed with the sled followed by birds. The pigs and the birds attack each other during the race. But Green Bird is not looking and the birds sled crashes, causing the birds to lose and make the pigs win. In Day 9, the birds vote out Survivor Bird for being a fan bird but Green wanted to go because he was not looking, leaving Survivor Bird to stay.

Episode 4

In Go Green, Get Lucky, the birds and pigs has to jump off a cliff into the shamrock world and then they have to find the 4 shamrocks. The birds tried to find the shamrocks but ended up finding a wire. Orange Bird thinks it is a sharmock and touched it. The Orange Bird was shocked when touching the wire and he was burned for the rest of the episode.The pigs said that it is a wire and they got the shamrocks. The birds lose and they vote off Orange Bird in Day 12 because he is not a bird.

Episode 5

In Lost In Chrome, the challenge is to find 6 chrome eggs, but it was canceled because the teams get lost in Angry Birds Chrome Beta. The new challenge is to find a shortcut to chrome dimension and get to the door. The birds got the key to chrome dimension and they spotted Red Bird, which is now Super Red Bird. The pigs knocked the birds down and they raced each other. It was tied.There is no elimination but Helmet Pig was still lost in Angry Birds Chrome and it was being never found.

Episode 6

In Angry Alien Attacks,


Tribe Name Rank Episode Elimination Jury

Angry Pigs

Large Pig


The starting Of Angry Birds.

Voted Out

No Jury

Angry Birds

Red Bird

Returns (As Super Red Bird)

The King Of The Mighty

Went Too High

No Jury

Angry Pigs

Small Pig


The King Of The Mighty

Voted Out

No Jury

Angry Birds

Green Bird


Winter in Total Drama

Wanted to be Voted-Out

No Jury

Angry Birds

Servivor Bird


Go Green, Get Lucky

Voted Out

No Jury

Angry Pigs

Helmet Pig

Returns in Episode 9

Lost In Chrome

Got Lost in Chrome

No Jury

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