Angry Birds Upgrade - Red Bird Phases

An example of the red bird, from normal to maximal upgrade


Yellow Bird, from normal to Max Upgrade.

Bubbles Upgrade

Bubbles, from normal to max upgrade.

Angry Birds Upgrade - Blue Bird Phases

Blue Bird from normal, to maximal upgrade

Angry Birds Upgrade - Boomerang Bird Phases

Boomerang Bird, from normal to maximum upgrade.

Angry Birds Upgrade - Black Bird Phases

Black Bird from normal to max upgrade.

This is a new game released on May 1, 2013. You can upgrade your birds after completing 15 levels in the game.


  • First Phase → Second Phase → Third Phase (→ indicates a bird getting upgraded.)
  • Red Bird → Furious Bird → King Red
  • Blue Bird → Super Splitter Bird → Infinite Multiplier Birdie
  • Yellow Bird → Speed-o-light Harm Bird → Doom Killer Bird
  • Black Bird → Super Exploder Bird → Destucto Blaster
  • White Bird → Egg Smash Basher Bird → Infinity Egg Birdie
  • Boomerang Bird → Come-back Attack Bird → Behind-your-back Death Bird
  • Big Brother Bird → Iron and Steel Bird → Tough Guy Bird
  • Orange Bird → Super Balloon Birdie → Lava Lock Birdie
  • Ice Bird → Frosty Birdie → Blizzard King
  • Pink Bird → Bubbly Birdy → Bubble Bubble Queen
  • Matrix Bird → Bigger Binary Bird → Hypno-master Bird
  • Silver Bird → Lightning Looper Bird → Three-Sixty Trailblazbird


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • Moustache Pig
  • King Pig
  • Fat Pig
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