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This is a page for the first game about country-travelling birds. You may be looking for the second version or for the the third version

Angry Birds: World

Release Date

January 18th, 2015


iOs, Android, Holopads, PC, IMac, Ipad, Iphone, Ipod, Tablets


Singleplayer, Challenge

Created by

Stark Industries™

New Birds

Rain Bird, Sun Bird, Water Bird, Fire Bird, Sensei Bird


Puzzle, Angry Birds Seasons Style


Angry Birds Star Wars II


Bad Piggies Future
Angry Birds: A Dark Future

Angry Birds World, also known as Angry Birds Around the World is a game by Allan-Stark Industries that features several locations in the world. Just like New York, Rio de Janeiro, Tokio and much more...


Season 1: America

Season 2: Europe

Season 3: Asia and Africa

Season 4: Islands, Planets and Forgotten Areas

Vactation Package

Extra Episodes

Golden Eggs

Each chapter has golden eggs on: Level 4, Level 16, Level 29, 3 Star, Complete



Power Ups



The Plans are destroyed and King Pig is arrested. Later, It's a happy day on Piggy Island, the birds are celebrating and very happy. The eggs are safe and all of them are okay. Something falls down and they find out something strange. A portal opens in the trees and some birds and pigs show up. A different version of Red cames out of the portal and explains that in their dimension, Chef Pig is now the king.

The Birds from our dimension are scared as they enter the portal. King Pig also comes in.

The words "Coming Soon" appears on the screen.