Angry Birds $$$ is a game that was soft released on May 10, 2016 in United States and November 2017 worldwide.

Antagonist of the Game

If the word is both italic and ''bold'' indicates a boss

Freckled Pig- None

Handsome Pig- Swings his sword

Cheese Foreman Pig- Turning a bird into a block of cheese

Cheese Helmet Pig- When any bird hits a helmet, turns into cheese

Cheese King- Turns any pig into Cheese Helmet Pig

Bronze Pig- Swings his pan to attack birds(Weakness: Aluminium, Brass, Titanium and Steel)

Robber Pig- None

Silver Pig- Repels birds(Weakness: Any types of metal)

Skrail- Shoots a magic ball which can cause birds turn into hard blocks(Immune to Blues and Chuck)(Weakness: Any types of metal)


Red - Summons the Mighty Red Eagle

Blues- Splits into 3

Chuck- Speeds up

Stella- Blows bubbles(level 3-30 only)

Bomb- Shockwave

Metal Bird- Strength and Momentum

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