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Angry Birds (MMO) is a fanon game made by Pro Productions. Don't edit without his permission.

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Game Description[]

Angry Birds (MMO) is a 3d game where you will often need help from others to do some things, making it an online game. Before starting the long-awaited adventure, a story will appear what is the recent happenings in the island. A tutorial will teach you some things, and after the tutorial you could go everywhere you liked, just complete the quest as you explore places, like the castle of the grand King Pig and the blooming gardens of Matilda. You could get coins by defeating enemies, completing quests, and so on.


Costumization is a place where you can costumize yourself. You could change your appearance, wear clothes like crazy and change your form and unlocks its form's power.

  • Skin Color - You could change the color of your bird by tapping your selected color.
  • Eyes - You could change your eyes' color by tapping your selected color.
  • Makeup - You could change your makeup by tapping your selected makeup. It can be nothing, or you can change your freckles. You could also pick eye shadows for girls.
  • Clothes - You could change your clothes by tapping your selected clothes. Clothes can be bought in the shop.
  • Forms - You could change forms by tapping your selected forms. Forms can be bought in the shop. Each form has special power.


Quests may be vary, but you need to complete quests to go farther in places, like the Crash Test Lair, and the lab of Professor Pig.


Shop is where you will buy clothes, forms, extra inventory,and powerups.

  • Clothes - When you bought one, a random clothing will appear in your inventory. You are lucky when rare clothings appear in the iventory.
  • Forms - You could buy forms of the birds. When you bought one, they will show its power to help in your following quests.
  • Extra Inventory - When you bought one, extra inventory added on your backpack!
  • Powerups - Powerups can be useful also! When you bought one, a random powerup will appear in your inventory.