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Angry Birds is an animated series consisting of two shorts per episode by 789 Pictures about the pigs using new ways of trying to steal the eggs each episode.



  • Red - A simple but famous bird and the mascot of Angry Birds.
  • Blues - Triplets with a childish mind. They are obsessed with cute things and cry when something bad happens.
  • Yellow - A speedy, but unlucky bird. Most unfortunate things happen to him.
  • Black - A gangsta bird who calls himself "The Bomb" and blows up when he's angry.
  • White - A nervous bird who drops an egg and flies away when he's scared.
  • BB - Also known as Boomerang Bird. He has a normal personality.
  • Terence - Terence is Red's older brother. He is the most angry of them all.
  • Orange Bird - Lives on candy instead of worms.
  • Ice Bird - Exclusive to Space Rangers. The bird which makes the angry birds go into space.
  • Female Red Bird - Exclusive to Be My Valentine. Red's girlfriend.
  • Pink Bird - Exclusive to New Chick in town. Chuck's girlfriend.


  • Minions - Minions of the King Pig
  • Father Pig - Also known as Moustache Pig, he is the father of three children.
  • Child Pigs - Three children
  • King Pig - Leader of the Swine Troop. He is very lazy.
  • Helmet Pig - King Pig's butler servant. He hates this job.
  • Postman Pig - Delivers mail to birds and pigs. He is not part of the Swine Troop.
  • Cheif Pig - The Pig who loves cooked eggs.


  • The Blues are very interested in cute things in this series.
  • The birds and pigs can hold things without hands.
  • In Alien Attack, one of the blue birds say "Coo! We're in outer space! I'm gonna try and spot Nyan Cat!"
  • In Be My Valentine, the red bird and it's female counterpart kiss, which is censored on channels for younger audiences.
  • Chuck is very unlucky in this series.
  • In the background of the title screen, you can see the first level of Poached Eggs.
  • The Angry Birds Cartoon Kit is a parody of the Tom and Jerry short, "The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit".
  • Although usually a female called Matilda, White is male in this series.


  • Angry Birds Island

    Angry Birds Island

Season 1

  1. Episode 1
    1. Poached Eggs. The pigs manage to steal the birds eggs so the birds use a slingshot to attack the pigs forts.
    2. Blue Birds' Genie. The pigs manage to steal the birds eggs. Jay, Jake and Jim finds a magic lamp with a genie who grants them three wishes. 2 of the wishes grant bad stuff to the pigs.
  2. Episode 2
    1. The Flock of Worms. The developer birds, who are the most intelligent, find a flock of worms which distracts the birds. The pigs then steal the eggs, and it's up to the rest to get the birds back to their group.
    2. Alien Attack. The birds and pigs get abducted into space. They team up to battle the aliens for their way home.
  3. Episode 3
    1. The Mystery Of The Eggs. The eggs are stolen but the pigs are proven innocent so the birds investigate. Will they find their eggs, or are they too late?
    2. Hatched Eggs. The birds eggs are hatched so the pigs kidnap the birds instead. It's up to the siblings to save the birds.
  4. Episode 4
    1. Angry Cavebirds. Cavepigs steal some cavebirds' eggs so they invent something to use to attack the cavepigs' badly built caves.
    2. Angry Birds Cartoon Kit. This episode advertises a fake product: The Angry Birds Cartoon Kit.
  5. Episode 5
    1. Helmet Pig Resigns. Helmet Pig is tired of overworking for the King so he quits his job. But then the Swine Troop forces him to get his job back. Will he?
    2. Bad Piggies. After getting washed up on a different island, the pigs invent crazy plane-things to fly them back into Angry Birds Island.


  • Helmet Pig: Retreat! Even though we're already here! King Pig: Shut up, stupid pig! (Taken from Poached Eggs)
  • Helmet Pig: I QUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! (Taken from Helmet Pig Resigns)


The specials are long cartoons filling up both segments that are usually about holidays.

  • The Year Of The Dragon - The birds are getting ready for the Chinese New Year but the pigs steal all their chinese goods Can they rely on the Mighty Dragon?
  • Be My Valentine - The red bird's girlfriend, the female counterpart, was kidnapped by the pigs. The others didn't want to go, but they agreed later. They must attack the pigs forts to save the girl.
  • Space Rangers - The birds meet a myterious ice-looking bird and a claw from space steals the eggs so the birds follow the wormhole the claw came from and start to get slightly different...! The birds are in space and retrieve the eggs by using gravity from planets.
  • Ham'o'ween - When Jay, Jake, Jim and Bubbles go Trick-or-Treating, they find out the King Pig's new plan. His minions go out to steal candy and feed their majesty. Bubbles goes mad and tries to fight over all the candy while the Blues attack the fort with the slingshot.
  • Season's Greedings - After years of coal stockings and no presents, the pigs decide to destroy Christmas once and for all. When the birds find out the news, they team up with Santa to save the pigs from destroying the holiday.
  • New Chick in Town - Stella the Pink Bird visits piggy island. The birds don't know her at first. But then Chuck starts to fall in love with her. But will she play the pigs?
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