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Angry Birds Time to Time is a fanon game made by Pro Productions. Don't edit without his permission.

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  • Red - No special powers
  • The Blues - Splits into three when tapped
  • Chuck - Speeds up when tapped
  • Bomb - Explodes when tapped
  • Matilda - Drop an egg bomb when tapped
  • Hal - Rotates like a boomerang when tapped
  • Terence - Mass and momentum
  • Bubbles - Inflates when tapped
  • Stella - Traps objects in bubbles when tapped


  • Minion Pigs
  • Corporal Pigs
  • Foreman Pigs
  • King Pig


  • Present Age - Unlocks Red, The Blues and Chuck
  • Prehistoric Age - Unlocks Bomb and Matilda
  • Ancient Egypt Age - Unlocks Hal
  • Wild West Age - Unlocks Terence
  • Pirates Age - Unlocks Bubbles and Stella
  • Medieval Age
  • Future Age
  • Golden Eggs