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A list of all cutscenes in Angry Birds 12.

King Pig Machine[]

1-1 : Matilda and Chuck wonder where the eggs are (because the nest is empty), until Red notices King Pig in a vehicle, who stole the eggs.

1-10 : The birds beat Foreman Pig and continue chasing King Pig.

2-10 : The birds beat Fat Pig and continue pursuing King Pig.

3-10 : King Pig's machine is destroyed and explodes in his face and the birds recovered the eggs.

King Pig's Robotic Revenge[]

4-1 : Stella, Bubbles and the Blues are abducted by Corporal Pig, Professor Pig, Postman Pig and Mechanic Pig (all in flying robots) (which is the reason why they aren't playable, because they have been held hostage by the four pigs). Hal tries to save the birds but fail as the Pigs escape ... with Stella, Bubbles, The Blues AND the Eggs !

4-11 : The Pig Balloon Triplets are defeated, but King Pig escapes.

5-6 : Ice Bird and Orange Ice Bird subvene !

5-11 : Freckled Pig is defeated and Stella, Bubbles and the Blues are freed from captivity... until they get numbed by a stun bomb. Suddenly a Pig in a UFO appear and beams up Bubbles, Stella and the Blues and they are kidnapped AGAIN, but this time they have been incorporated to King Pig's space shuttle.

6-5 : Chef Pig and Chronicler Pig have been thrown off the ship and the birds decide to battle Professor Pig.

6-11 : Professor Pig has been knocked into a wall and the birds continue their pursuit.

7-2 : Corporal Pig has been defeated and his Tripod Invader Security Mecha (TISM for short) is destructed.

7-9 : The birds defeat Postman Pig and Mechanic Pig.

7-11 : King Pig is defeated. The eggs are recovered. Bubbles, Stella and The Blues woke up. King Pig decided to catch them A THIRD TIME but Hal and Orange Ice Bird stand in front of them to defend the young birds, but King Pig pushes them out of the way and capture Jay, Jake, Jim, Bubbles and Stella in a safety net but Bomb rips the under side open, causing the birds to fall out of the net. Hal pulls the safety net over King Pig's head, then squashes King Pig by throwing his robot on him. Only King Pig's nose and his tail stab out from under the robot and King Pig's crown is destroyed. The birds return to Earth and go back to Piggy Island.

More coming soon !