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Angry Birds 2: Birds Vs. Pigs now exists in the official Angry Birds series as Angry Birds 2, but this page was made before on 29 November 2013
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Angry Birds 2: Birds Vs. Pigs is the sequel to Angry Birds and the fourth installment of the Angry Birds series. The gameplay is exactly like its prequel. It was released on October 21, 2011.There are new pigs and new birds.


King Pig has a new plan to steal the eggs. This time he has nine kids and new minions. The birds go forth to defeat the evil pigs and rescue their eggs. The pigs lock up new birds in cages and when or if the birds save them, they join the flock.





Enemy Pigs[]

Boss Pigs[]

Miniboss Pigs[]

Episode Boss Pigs[]


  1. Grass Galaxy
  2. Desert Galaxy
  3. Water Galaxy
  4. Candy Galaxy
  5. Giant Galaxy
  6. City Galaxy
  7. Sky Galaxy
  8. Ice Galaxy
  9. Sewer Galaxy
  10. Dark Multiverse