Angry Birds 2: The Prince Pig Takes Over, is the new Angry Birds game. When the pigs overthrow the King Pig, Prince Pig takes over. While the birds were chasing a horsefly, the Prince Pig steals the eggs. But when the birds take back the eggs. Prince Pig loses it, so the pigs made tanks, nucular bombs, and more.


Corporal Pig (in a robot, use rocks to destroy him) Rank: Easy

Foreman Pig (throwing nucular bombs, use rocks to destroy him) Rank: Easy

Baby Pig (in the silver tank, tap on the bird tank, then aim, when shot once use bomb bird, do this three times) Rank: Mediam

Fat Pig (in the giant milatary airplane, use three bird tanks to destroy him) Rank: Mediam

Prince Pig (in giant robot, surounded by pig tanks, and milatary airplanes, take control of the them and use all of them to destroy the robot) Rank: Extreme (Hard)


This is the only game where you use tanks.

In the Prince Pig boss, the rock version of the main theme plays.

In the background, the sky is red, and burnt buildings in the background, this means it's doomsday for the birds.

King Pig does not appear as a boss.

Mighty Eagle does not appear in the game.


Helmet Pig Takedown

Nucular Situation

Baby Pig Plays With Toys

Attack From the Air

Robot Takedown


A Bird Ending


Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

White Bird

Boomerang Bird

Big Brother Bird

Orange Bird

pink bird

DoctorRoblox Bird ( Splits up into head, Torso, 2 seperate arms, 2 seperate legs )

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